Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's Your Fat Girlfriend's Fault!

Here at the College Football Guys, we used to have a saying that if you couldn't perform in the big stage, got a case of the yips, you "Coug'd it." However after Texas Tech's performance this last weekend against Texas AM it appears it isn't your fault at all. According to Red Raider's coach Mike Leach it is your "fat girlfriend's" fault that you fail.

I think it is officially time to make Coach Leach my permanent "life coach." His motivation makes me want to get off the couch, break up with my "fat girlfriend", find a REAL "hottie" and stop blogging!

Maybe the reason Coach Leach's players have "fat girlfriends" is because they are taking dating advice from coach.

I wonder how his banking advise will turn out any better for you? Don't forget Husky fans, this guy was almost yours...allegedly.

All Black for the Ducks on Halloween?

It appears that this Halloween night will be a frightful one in Autzen Stadium. The Oregon faithful are calling this Saturday's match up with USC "Fright Night." A reference to the Oct 31st date and the crowd's overwhelming ability to drowned the the opponent out with noise.

Rumors are that the team is on board as well. According to the Oregonian it seems that out of 160 uniform combinations, all black is the choice of the players this Saturday night. If you haven't figured it out by now, you should have - Black is the new Green.

Ever want to see what each 160 uniform combination looks like. Check this link out and be prepared to spend some time in front of your computer.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Week Eight Podcast is HERE!

Week Eight for college football has come and gone!

Join the College Football Guys this week as we discuss survival week of college football.

Iowa and Alabama hang on. TCU wins huge. Florida continues to get favors from officiating. A salute to WVU fans.

Who is going to step up and win the Heisman this year?

Is Sam Bradford making the right choice? Should the government tell college football they need a playoff?

All that and more is in store in this week's exciting edition. Just click here. Press play and ENJOY!

Week Nine Predictions for the College Football Guys

We had some technical difficulties and winded talk show hosts this week, so we decided to bring you a BONUS edition of the College Football Guys!

This short outtake from our regular "sixer" reveals our picks for the USC/Oregon, UGA/Florida, Texas/Okie State, and others.

There was too much great information for just one podcast! Click here. Listen and get ready for another fun week of college football.

Monday, October 26, 2009

College Football Guys' Top 25 for Oct. 25, 2009

Here is this week's top 25. Little change at the top however Miami did drop 10 spots to 17th. Also TCU has jumped over Boise State, into the top 10, to become the College Football Guys top ranked non BCS program.

1. Florida 74 (2)
2. Alabama 73 (1)
3. Texas 69
4. Cincinnati 63
5. Iowa 61
6. TCU 57
7. USC 54
7. Oregon 54
9. LSU 52
10. Boise State 51
11. Georgia Tech 50
12. Penn State 43
13. Oklahoma State 40
14. Virginia Tech 31
15. Pitt 28
16. Houston 26
17. Miami 25
17. Utah 25
19. WVU 21
20. Ohio State 20
21. Arizona 17
22. South Carolina 9
23. Notre Dame 8
23. C. Michigan 8
25. Ole Miss. 5

Others receiving votes - Wisconsin 4, BYU 4, Oklahoma 3

Falling out - Texas Tech, Kansas, USF

Falling in - Notre Dame, C. Michigan, Ole Miss

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week Seven Podcast is Here!

In this week's podcast we address why so many big games were so sloppy this week.

Which upset was the most surprising?

Is Charlie Weis coaching is last season at ND?

Which coach has the hottest seat in college football, Mike Sherman, Ron Zook, Ralph Friedgen or Steve Kragthrope?

Also a preview of TCU/BYU and this week's biggest games.

That and soo much more! Click here. Press play and ENJOY!

College Football Guys Poll for Oct. 18, 2009

1. Florida 74 (2)
2. Alabama 73 (1)
3. Texas 69
4. Cincinnati 64
5. Iowa 61
6. USC 57
7. Miami 52
7. Oregon 52
9. Boise State 50
9. LSU 50
11. TCU 49
12. Georgia Tech 46
13. Penn State 41
14. BYU 30
15. Oklahoma State 28
16. Pitt 26
17. Virginia Tech 25
18. Utah 24
19. USF 18
19. Houston 18
21. Kansas 16
21. WVU 16
23. Ohio State 15
24. Texas Tech 8
25. Arizona 6

Others receiving votes - C. Michigan 5, Wisconsin 1, Notre Dame 1, South Carolina 1

New entries - Houston, WVU, Texas Tech, Arizona
Those falling out - Nebraska, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Missouri, Wisconsin (the two were tied at 25 last week)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Red River Shoutout Gone Retarded

Just when you thought "Boomer Sooner" was the most unoriginal fight song in the country, the final destination of the Trail of Tears brings you this gem. Eat it up Texas fans!

The original youtube, posted by a Sooner, was taken down after rethinking how "cool" this is. Thankfully this helpful Longhorn fan posted it again for all to see and laugh! You can't escape the internet Sooner fan.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No Love for Tolzien

In case you haven't seen this yet, advance to the 1:12 mark and wait for the entire Wisconsin team to leave the man "hangin'." Tolzien already had one pick six in the game and another was on its way. It wouldn't surprise me if it takes awhile for team members to give Tolzien any love in the near future.

Poor guy! All he wanted was a little skin.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

College Football Guys Top 25

Here is our second poll of the season. Reflected in this poll is our continued belief that Florida is the number one team in the country and Alabama is the second. As we all know these polls are completely subjective, but given the fact that this is only our second of the year we continue to feel we do a better job judging actual performance on the field. Enjoy!

1. Florida 75 (3)
2. Alabama 72
3. Texas 67
4. Virginia Tech 60
4. Cincinnati 60
6. TCU 58
7. Iowa 56
7. Boise State 56
9. USC 51
10. Miami 47
11. Ohio State 43
12. LSU 41
12. Oregon 41
14. Kansas 36
14. USF 36
16. Penn State 34
17. Okie State 29
18. Nebraska 27
19. Georgia Tech 21
20. South Carolina 16
21. Oklahoma 14
22. BYU 12
23. Pitt 7
24. Utah 6
25. Missouri 3
25. Wisconsin 3

Others receiving votes - Auburn 2, Houston 1, Arkansas 1

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week Six Podcast is Up!

The 'Savior' returns and lives amongst us! Tim Tebow is back and it appears Florida and Alabama are headed for a collision course to the SEC championship game.

This week we discuss if there was anything we saw in this weekend's games that changed our minds about who is the number one team in the country. We also answered the question - "Outside of 'Bama and Florida, who is the best team in the country?"

Also outside of the preseason favorites who is do we think has a chance at this year's Heisman?

A full preview of the Red River Shootout as well as USC @ ND, Va Tech @ GA Tech, and Cincy @ USF.

All of this is yours simply by clicking here, pressing play and listening!

The Play of the Weekend in College Football

Since the Arizona @ Washington game ended at approximately 4:30am EST, (this is all part of the Pac Ten's plan to gain visibility for the conference) here is the play of the day in college football. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Get your Facts Straight! That Ain't True!"

It was announced on Wednesday that Oklahoma State WR Dez Bryant has been declared ineligible for the rest of the season for violating an NCAA bylaw.

According to an NCAA investigation, Dez Bryant lied about a meeting he had this summer with former NFLer Deion Sanders. Sanders admitted that the meeting did indeed take place. Bryant is expected to appeal the suspension as early as Monday. The NCAA believes that agents were involved in the meeting.

Stay tuned, Coach Mike Gundy's much anticipated press conference tirade is forthcoming.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Is it time for a real choice for Heisman?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Week Five Podcast is Up!

Another week! Another exciting podcast!

Join the College Football Guys as they answer college football's toughest questions. Is Miami really for real? Will injuries to NFL prospects like Tebow, Bradford, Gresham, and Mayes encourage other underclassman to leave school early? Should LeGarrette Blount be reinstated? (What do you think?) Are the officials getting in the way of the play on the field?

We give you a preview and our picks for LSU/Florida. Plus a picks on BC/VT, Oregon/UCLA, Ole Miss/Alabama, Michigan/Iowa, Wisconsin/Ohio State, and Nebraska/Missouri.

All this and much, much more! Click here. Press play and enjoy!

The College Football Guys First Poll of the Year!

Here is our first poll of the year!

As a reminder we have held tightly to the believe that college football polls should only be released once week five is in the books. That way we have a better idea of who teams really are and have a few weeks into the season for things to sort themselves out. Unlike most people that believe the same, we here at the College Football Guys, actually have the guts to stick to our beliefs, therefore this is our very first top 25 poll of the season.

Hope you enjoy and we would love to hear your thoughts!

1. Florida 75 (3)
2. Alabama 71
3. Texas 67
4. LSU 66
5. Cincinnati 58
6. TCU 53
6. Boise State 53
8. Virginia Tech 52
9. USC 49
10. Miami 45
11. Ohio State 39
12. Auburn 37
13. USF 36
14. Penn State 33
14. Kansas 33
16. Iowa 32
17. Oregon 30
18. Okie State 28
18. Wisconsin 28
20. Missouri 25
21. Stanford 15
22. South Carolina 11
22. Georgia Tech 11
24. Mississippi 8
25. Oklahoma 6

Others receiving votes - Nebraska 4, Pitt 3, BYU 2

Thursday, October 1, 2009

LeGarrette Blount to be Reinstated?

Rumors are surfacing tonight that Chip Kelly will address the media tomorrow about RB LeGarrette Blount's future with the team. It appears that Blount might be reinstated within the next 3 to 5 weeks.

Does Blount deserve a second chance?

This college football guy thinks so. Said so three weeks ago.

Here is his letter of apology to the Oregon student newspaper.

Here is his comment after the game.

In case you forgot what happened that crazy Thursday night in Boise...