Wednesday, December 30, 2009

BCS Picks Show is HERE!

The College Football Guys are back with their BCS Bowl game picks!

Can we pick BCS games right? Tune in and find out.

Join us as we also discuss Mike Leach's firing at Tech. Are there problems in Gator land? Was Alabama ever considered the "Boise State" of college football? Gather 'round for some Rose Bowl history and find out.

Finally the final score brings you a "Real Man of Genius" ad that you will not soon forget!

Click here. Press play and enjoy!

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Highly Anticipated Bowl Preview Show is HERE!

It's that time of year AGAIN!

Time for the College Football Guys to give you their picks for the 2009 Non-BCS bowl games! This show always ends up being a bit longer than the rest, but it is fun and an enjoyable listen. So just download it and listen in between shopping and holiday madness. We Guarantee that you will ENJOY! Hopefully it will help you avoid going insane!

Click here. Press play, or download from itunes (to listen at your leisure) and enjoy!

Also - Don't forget to join us in picking the games on ESPN's Bowl Mania.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

College Bowl Mania is Here!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Do you think you can beat the College Football Guys with your bowl picks?

Now is your chance to challenge our "greatness" in this year's College Bowl Mania. Click on this link and join our group. Who knows, we might find something REALLY cool for the winner. Maybe an autographed picture of Mo Clarett...

BCS SUX Song Debut On College Football Guys

Looks like the movement is growing against the BCS. Latest song by Eric Hutchinson lays out the way about 80% of us feel. Enjoy!

Monday, December 14, 2009

College Football Guys Top 25 for Dec. 6, 2009

Here are are most recent ratings for college football. Our apologies for not having these to you sooner. We had a voter that took awhile to give us his results. Not going to mention any names...

As you can tell, if it was up to the College Football Guys, TCU would be in the national championship game. All three of us voted the Horned Frogs number two. This result makes the college football guy scratch his head when listening to our latest podcast where both Dorf and Ethan agree that the BCS "got it right." Make of this what you will.

1. Alabama 75 (3)
2. TCU 72
3. Texas 68
4. Florida 64
4. Cincy 64
6. Boise State 59
7. Oregon 58
8. Ohio State 54
9. Georgia Tech 53
10. Virginia Tech 44
11. Iowa 40
12. Miami 37
13. Penn State 36
14. LSU 34
15. Pitt 33
16. BYU 32
17. Oregon State 24
18. Stanford 23
19. Arizona 20
20. Okie State 19
21. WVU 18
22. Nebraska 14
23. USC 13
24. Clemson 7
25. Wisconsin 6

Others receiving votes - Central Michigan 4, Utah 4

Falling out - Cal, Houston

Falling in - Arizona, Wisconsin

Monday, December 7, 2009

Championship Weekend is Under Review in New Podcast!

Welcome to the most controversial week on the college football calendar!

Did you spend all weekend screaming at the TV? Then join the college football guys as we help get you through the mind boggling decisions the BCS makes.

We make a case for TCU, Cincy, and Boise.

Also each of us gives you our Heisman picks for 2009. Who should win it and who will win it. All that and soo much more on this week's edition of the College Football Guys!

You know the drill. Click here. Press play and ENJOY!

TCU and Boise State have been relegated to the BCS Kid's Table, far away from the adults.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Civil War is Back!

Seems Oregon State has developed a response to Oregon's "I Love My Ducks" rap video. How do you think they did? Which rap song is the best?

BTW - In case you haven't caught it yet, our preview podcast for the weekend is up including our pick for the Civil War. Click here. Press Play and ENJOY!

Monday, November 30, 2009

College Football Guys Top 25 for Nov. 30, 2009

Here is our latest top 25. Not a lot of change at the top but there is some movement after about number 13. Obviously reflected in the upset losses of 6 AP Top 25 teams this weekend. Enjoy!

1. Florida 75 (3)
2. Alabama 72
3. TCU 68
4. Texas 67
5. Cincy 62
6. Boise State 59
7. Oregon 58
8. OSU - Columbus 55
9. Georgia Tech 50
10. Iowa 41
11. Pitt 40
12. VA Tech 39
13. Penn State 38
14. OSU - Corvallis 35
15. Miami 32
16. LSU 30
16. BYU 30
18. USC 28
19. Houston 17
20. OSU - Stillwater 17
21. Cal 16
22. Stanford 16
23. Nebraska 13
24. WVU 9
25. Clemson 4

Others receiving votes - Arizona 2, Utah 1, Rutgers 1

Falling out - Utah, Ole Miss

Falling in - WVU, Nebraska

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Week 13 Preview Show for College Football Guys


College football has given us a true "Rivalry Week" and just in time for Thanksgiving!

Join the College Football Guys as they pick this week's top games.

Texas/AM, Pitt/WVU, Nevada/Boise, Bama/Auburn, Clemson/USC, FSU/Florida, Miami/USF, OSU/OU, Utah/BYU, UT/UK, UGA/GT, UCLA/USC.

Of course no preview show is complete without a word from our sponsor.

Click here. Press play and Enjoy!

College Football Guys Top 25 for Nov. 23, 2009

Here is this week's top 25! A powerful debate on this week's podcast changed the position of TCU and "leapfrogged" them over Texas to the number 3 spot. Miss the debate? Check it out here. As you can tell there is a significant drop in total points after the 10th position indicating there is tremendous decent in the opinions of the College Football Guys in our thoughts about 11-25.

1. Florida 75 (3)
2. Alabama 72
3. TCU 68
4. Texas 67
5. Cincy 62
6. Georgia Tech 58
7. Boise State 57
8. Pitt 54
9. Oregon 53
10. Ohio State 49
11. Okie State 38
12. Iowa 37
13. Penn State 35
13. Virginia Tech 35
15. Oregon State 32
16. Clemson 30
17. Miami 29
18. USC 25
19. BYU 23
20. LSU 22
21. Cal 13
22. Ole' Miss 9
23. Houston 8
24. Stanford 8
25. Utah 6

Others receiving votes - North Carolina 5, Nebraska 3, Arizona 2

Falling out from last week - Arizona, Rutgers, Wisconsin

Falling in - Cal, Ole' Miss, Clemson

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Week 12 Podcast for the College Football Guys

In this week's podcast the College Football Guys raise the question, Is a backstage pass to College Gameday worth losing your job?

Speaking of jobs is Charlie done at ND? Debate about which Texas team is the best.

Does Boise State deserve an at large BCS bid?

Ethan rants on LSU and gives us all the opportunity to pile on the SEC.

All this and so much more.

Click here. Listen and enjoy.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Week 12 Preview Show for the College Football Guys

Another week of BOLD predictions for the College Football Guys!
Who picked Stanford to beat USC last week?

That's right. We did!

Now listen and learn who is going to win this week's biggest match ups. This week's show includes Oregon/Arizona, Ohio State/Michigan, Cal/Stanford, Virginia/Clemson, TCU/Wyoming, and Oklahoma/Texas Tech. Also Daisy Air Pistols was kind enough to give us a sponsorship for this week's show.

Click here. Press play. Listen and ENJOY!

Week 11 Podcast for the College Football Guys

This week the College Football Guys discuss the massacre in the Coliseum and what it means to the mighty Cardinal and USC's future.

We ponder the question - If TCU demolishes the former MWC Champ/BCS slayer, yet no one sees it, did it really happen?

We address the age old question - Can Notre Dame be relevant again?

Could Pitt end up being the Big East champ over Cincy?

We reveal our current Heisman ballot and again ask Texas AM fans what they were drinking when they thought they were for real this year.

All that and soo much more!

Click HERE. Press play and ENJOY!

First Video of Stanford Band Tribute to USC Alumnus Joe Francis

Not only did Jim Harbaugh's Cardinal football team kick the mighty Trojans "man-region" in the Coliseum on Saturday, it seems that the band also had its way with USC Alumni. During halftime of USC's homecoming game the Stanford band felt it was appropriate to honor the Trojan's finest alumnus, Joe Francis.

Francis who has served jail time for tax evasion and bribery, is probably best known for his classy Girls Gone Wild videos.

As you can tell from one of the first videos posted of the event this did not set well with the "loyal" Trojan fan base. Apparently spelling out "USC GGW" gets a negative response in USC's house. Who knew?

Stanford's band and football team did something that the NCAA has failed to do, and what everyone but USC supporters have wanted to do since Reggie Bush's folks took money from an agent. They put the screws to the University of Spoiled Children and for the first time in almost a decade the Trojans learned what it means to be vulnerable.

Doesn't feel so good, does it?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

College Football Guys' Top 25 for Nov. 15, 2009

I think most of us are trying to find a way to place TCU at the top, or at least in the BCS Championship game, but having a hard time finding a way, no matter what the argument. Maybe someone will knock off a couple of the teams ahead of them. Not impossible, strange things happen in rivalries.

1. Florida 75 (3)
2. Alabama 71
3. UT Austin 70
4. TCU 66
5. Cincy 62
6. Georgia Tech 58
7. Boise State 57
8. Pitt 55
9. Oregon 52
10. Louisiana State 47
10. OSU Columbus 47
12. OSU Stillwater 34
13. Pennsylvania State 33
14. Iowa 32
15. Stanford 29
16. Virginia Tech 26
17. Wisconsin 24
18. Brigham Young 20
19. USC (West) 19
20. OSU Corvallis 18
21. Utah 17
22. Miami (NOT of Ohio) 14
23. Zona 13
24. Univ. of Piscataway 12
25. Houston 9

Others receiving votes - Clemson 8, Nebraska 3, UNC 2, Temple 1, Navy 1

Falling out - USF

Falling in - Rutgers. Guess that was a big game on Thursday night.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Week Ten Podcast is Up!

In this week's show the College Football Guys talk about more upsets in college football.

Lions, Haweyes, Ducks, and Irishmen, oh my!

Which coach will be the first fired, Weis or Rodriguez?

Also a heated debate on if it is time to stop giving the SEC an automatic pass as the "Best Conference in ALL the Land!" Plus reaction on Urban Meyer/Brandon Spikes controversy.

That and soo much more! You know the drill. Click here. Press play and ENJOY!

Only thing that changes is the date on the calendar. Still a goat on both sidelines. Will the 300lb Irish one around for next year's game?

Week 11 Predictions for the College Football Guys

The 300th entry for the College Football Guys brings you this week's prediction show! How about a cookie to celebrate?

This week's show includes the week's biggest games, and there are a lot of them this week.

Listen as the College Football Guys give their thoughts on Utah/TCU, Iowa/Ohio State, WVU/Cincy, USF/Rutgers, Arizona/Cal, and Stanford/USC. Also, will there be any surprises in the land "Famous for Potatoes?"

Click here. Press play and find out!

College Football Guys' Top 25 for Nov. 9, 2009

Here is the College Football Guys' Top 25 for this week. Much like the 5th grade, this week's top 25 features a lot of leap frog. Texas jumps over Bama, as one college football guy finally realized how bad the 'bama QB situation is. He might be wearing #12, but Joe Namath his is not. TCU staddles over Cincinnati. Georgia Tech and Pitt take one giant "red rover" into the top ten. And of course the losers of the week drop. Behold, the College Football Guys' Top 25!

1. Florida 75 (3)
2. Texas 71
3. Alabama 70
4. TCU 64
5. Cincinnati 63
6. Georgia Tech 58
7. Boise State 56
8. Pitt 52
9. Oregon 48
10. LSU 47
11. USC 41
11. Ohio State 41
13. Iowa 37
14. Utah 35
15. Miami 32
15. Houston 32
17. Arizona 31
18. Penn State 28
19. Okie State 24
20. Virginia Tech 16
20. BYU 16
22. Wisconsin 9
22. WVU 9
24. USF 8
25. Oregon State 7

Others receiving votes - Stanford 2, Clemson 2, Temple 1

Falling Out - Oklahoma, Notre Dame

Falling In - Oregon State, WVU

Friday, November 6, 2009

Temper, Temper! - Living in New Mexico Makes People Angry!

Oh New Mexico!

Land of Opportunity! Land of Beauty! Land of Enchantment!

And if you aren't careful, the Land of Entrapment!

Welcome to the College Football Guys FIRST EVER post about lovely New Mexico! With so many nice things to say about the place unfortunately today we have to be negative.

In a state where the very symbol and flag (Zia) stands for balance and peace, there is no harmony for the Los Lobos in Albuquerque.

In September of this year it has been alleged that new New Mexico head coach Mike Locksley was caught up in a physical altercation with an assistant on the team, that only a Raider fan would be proud of. Earlier this week word leaked that the "victim" in the altercation sent Locksley a letter asking for a half a million dollars in "silence money."

Just when you thought things could get stranger in the land of Mexico's uppity step brother, a women's soccer player, Elizabeth Lambert, had the following ESPN highlight performance that makes two coaches fighting seem like a pillow fight.

Is there a violent gene, in a human, that kicks in once you have spent too much time above 6,000 ft?

Billy "The Kid's" violent escapades were made possible by the relative ease of escape that the terrain in New Mexico offers. Unfortunately for the University of New Mexico Athletic Department even their famous "Pit" isn't going to be deep enough to escape from these transgressions.

"Paul, (Paul Krebs, UNM Athletic Director) Boise State's new PR firm is holding on line one for you."

To Hell with Tradition! - More Uniform Madness!

Seems that the recent success of the University of Oregon has inspired a couple other top programs (might be a reach to refer to Florida State in such a way) to change up their uniforms for their November 21st games this year.

According to many sources on the world wide web, "The" Ohio State is going with a "throwback" uniform for its rivalry game against Michigan. The uniform is said to honor the 1954 National Title team and to include white helmets. Seems to us that the same fan base that went crazy in 2006 for the removal of a stripe from the Buckeyes home uniform will have a tough time swallowing these uniforms. Just imagine what will happen if Ohio State finds a way to lose to the Wolverines, in Ann Harbor. Columbus will be burned to the ground!

A twitpic of what these "throwbacks" are rumored to look like.

Florida State is truly on its way to becoming the University of Oregon @ Tallahassee. This link shows some VERY interesting uniform "improvements" that the Seminoles will debut against mighty FIU. The new uniform will include a BLACK HELMET!

Are these uniform changes an indication of what the future will bring, or just a desperate act to sell uniforms and gain attention?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Worst SEC Uniform of the Week!

Note to SEC schools: Leave the crazy uniform choices to Oregon, the ACC (all purple Clemson excluded) and the Big East. Keep relying on tradition, gameday experience and crazy fans to sell tickets and generate excitement.

It was apparent from this weekend's games that you know nothing about fashion. Though anyone who lives north of the Mason Dixon and knows what a seersucker suit is could have told you that already.

Is Florida's Brandon Spikes a Dirty Player?

Here is footage from Florida's game against Georgia this weekend. Do you think that Brandon Spikes is a dirty player?

Week Nine Podcast is HERE!

Just like the Oregon Ducks get better with every week that goes by, this week's edition of the College Football Guys is the best of the year!

Don't believe us?

Click HERE. Press play and enjoy!

This week we discuss the USC/Oregon game. Is Iowa really a national title contender? Was the NCAA too harsh in its punishment of Dez Bryant? Is there a problem with SEC officiating? Plus inspiration from Mike Leach.

All that and soo much more!

Week Ten Predictions for the College Football Guys

The College Football Guys have a sponsor!

Click HERE and listen to the first minute of this week's predictions show to find out who it is! If you are from West Texas and have a skinny girlfriend you definitely need to pay them a visit!

Oh yeah and we also preview and pick the biggest games of the week, LSU @'Bama and Ohio State @ Penn State.

Ethan was right last week, picking Oregon to demolish USC. Will we pull another winner this weekend? Tune in to find out!

Plus Oregon State/Cal, FSU/Clemson, OU/Nebraska, Navy/ND and many more! Listen and enjoy!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

College Football Guys' Top 25 for Nov. 1, 2009

Here is this week's Top 25 for the College Football Guys. Not a great deal of change at the top. Iowa falls to a tie with LSU for eighth, Oregon moves into a solid 6th from a tie at 7th last week, and USC falls out of the top 10.

1. Florida 74 (2)
2. Alabama 73 (1)
3. Texas 69
4. Cincinnati 63
4. TCU 63
6. Oregon 57
7. Boise State 56
8. LSU 54
8. Iowa 54
10. Georgia Tech 51
11. Penn State 41
12. Pitt 39
13. USC 38
14. Ohio State 33
15. Utah 31
15. Houston 31
17. Arizona 30
18. Miami 24
19. Notre Dame 20
20. Okie State 18
21. Virginia Tech 15
22. BYU 12
23. Wisconsin 10
24. Oklahoma 8
25. USF 5

Others receiving votes Cal - 3, Clemson - 1, Oregon State - 1, Idaho - 1

Falling out this week - South Carolina, Ole Miss, C. Michigan, WVU

Falling in - BYU, Wisconsin, OU, USF

Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's Your Fat Girlfriend's Fault!

Here at the College Football Guys, we used to have a saying that if you couldn't perform in the big stage, got a case of the yips, you "Coug'd it." However after Texas Tech's performance this last weekend against Texas AM it appears it isn't your fault at all. According to Red Raider's coach Mike Leach it is your "fat girlfriend's" fault that you fail.

I think it is officially time to make Coach Leach my permanent "life coach." His motivation makes me want to get off the couch, break up with my "fat girlfriend", find a REAL "hottie" and stop blogging!

Maybe the reason Coach Leach's players have "fat girlfriends" is because they are taking dating advice from coach.

I wonder how his banking advise will turn out any better for you? Don't forget Husky fans, this guy was almost yours...allegedly.

All Black for the Ducks on Halloween?

It appears that this Halloween night will be a frightful one in Autzen Stadium. The Oregon faithful are calling this Saturday's match up with USC "Fright Night." A reference to the Oct 31st date and the crowd's overwhelming ability to drowned the the opponent out with noise.

Rumors are that the team is on board as well. According to the Oregonian it seems that out of 160 uniform combinations, all black is the choice of the players this Saturday night. If you haven't figured it out by now, you should have - Black is the new Green.

Ever want to see what each 160 uniform combination looks like. Check this link out and be prepared to spend some time in front of your computer.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Week Eight Podcast is HERE!

Week Eight for college football has come and gone!

Join the College Football Guys this week as we discuss survival week of college football.

Iowa and Alabama hang on. TCU wins huge. Florida continues to get favors from officiating. A salute to WVU fans.

Who is going to step up and win the Heisman this year?

Is Sam Bradford making the right choice? Should the government tell college football they need a playoff?

All that and more is in store in this week's exciting edition. Just click here. Press play and ENJOY!

Week Nine Predictions for the College Football Guys

We had some technical difficulties and winded talk show hosts this week, so we decided to bring you a BONUS edition of the College Football Guys!

This short outtake from our regular "sixer" reveals our picks for the USC/Oregon, UGA/Florida, Texas/Okie State, and others.

There was too much great information for just one podcast! Click here. Listen and get ready for another fun week of college football.

Monday, October 26, 2009

College Football Guys' Top 25 for Oct. 25, 2009

Here is this week's top 25. Little change at the top however Miami did drop 10 spots to 17th. Also TCU has jumped over Boise State, into the top 10, to become the College Football Guys top ranked non BCS program.

1. Florida 74 (2)
2. Alabama 73 (1)
3. Texas 69
4. Cincinnati 63
5. Iowa 61
6. TCU 57
7. USC 54
7. Oregon 54
9. LSU 52
10. Boise State 51
11. Georgia Tech 50
12. Penn State 43
13. Oklahoma State 40
14. Virginia Tech 31
15. Pitt 28
16. Houston 26
17. Miami 25
17. Utah 25
19. WVU 21
20. Ohio State 20
21. Arizona 17
22. South Carolina 9
23. Notre Dame 8
23. C. Michigan 8
25. Ole Miss. 5

Others receiving votes - Wisconsin 4, BYU 4, Oklahoma 3

Falling out - Texas Tech, Kansas, USF

Falling in - Notre Dame, C. Michigan, Ole Miss

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week Seven Podcast is Here!

In this week's podcast we address why so many big games were so sloppy this week.

Which upset was the most surprising?

Is Charlie Weis coaching is last season at ND?

Which coach has the hottest seat in college football, Mike Sherman, Ron Zook, Ralph Friedgen or Steve Kragthrope?

Also a preview of TCU/BYU and this week's biggest games.

That and soo much more! Click here. Press play and ENJOY!

College Football Guys Poll for Oct. 18, 2009

1. Florida 74 (2)
2. Alabama 73 (1)
3. Texas 69
4. Cincinnati 64
5. Iowa 61
6. USC 57
7. Miami 52
7. Oregon 52
9. Boise State 50
9. LSU 50
11. TCU 49
12. Georgia Tech 46
13. Penn State 41
14. BYU 30
15. Oklahoma State 28
16. Pitt 26
17. Virginia Tech 25
18. Utah 24
19. USF 18
19. Houston 18
21. Kansas 16
21. WVU 16
23. Ohio State 15
24. Texas Tech 8
25. Arizona 6

Others receiving votes - C. Michigan 5, Wisconsin 1, Notre Dame 1, South Carolina 1

New entries - Houston, WVU, Texas Tech, Arizona
Those falling out - Nebraska, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Missouri, Wisconsin (the two were tied at 25 last week)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Red River Shoutout Gone Retarded

Just when you thought "Boomer Sooner" was the most unoriginal fight song in the country, the final destination of the Trail of Tears brings you this gem. Eat it up Texas fans!

The original youtube, posted by a Sooner, was taken down after rethinking how "cool" this is. Thankfully this helpful Longhorn fan posted it again for all to see and laugh! You can't escape the internet Sooner fan.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No Love for Tolzien

In case you haven't seen this yet, advance to the 1:12 mark and wait for the entire Wisconsin team to leave the man "hangin'." Tolzien already had one pick six in the game and another was on its way. It wouldn't surprise me if it takes awhile for team members to give Tolzien any love in the near future.

Poor guy! All he wanted was a little skin.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

College Football Guys Top 25

Here is our second poll of the season. Reflected in this poll is our continued belief that Florida is the number one team in the country and Alabama is the second. As we all know these polls are completely subjective, but given the fact that this is only our second of the year we continue to feel we do a better job judging actual performance on the field. Enjoy!

1. Florida 75 (3)
2. Alabama 72
3. Texas 67
4. Virginia Tech 60
4. Cincinnati 60
6. TCU 58
7. Iowa 56
7. Boise State 56
9. USC 51
10. Miami 47
11. Ohio State 43
12. LSU 41
12. Oregon 41
14. Kansas 36
14. USF 36
16. Penn State 34
17. Okie State 29
18. Nebraska 27
19. Georgia Tech 21
20. South Carolina 16
21. Oklahoma 14
22. BYU 12
23. Pitt 7
24. Utah 6
25. Missouri 3
25. Wisconsin 3

Others receiving votes - Auburn 2, Houston 1, Arkansas 1

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week Six Podcast is Up!

The 'Savior' returns and lives amongst us! Tim Tebow is back and it appears Florida and Alabama are headed for a collision course to the SEC championship game.

This week we discuss if there was anything we saw in this weekend's games that changed our minds about who is the number one team in the country. We also answered the question - "Outside of 'Bama and Florida, who is the best team in the country?"

Also outside of the preseason favorites who is do we think has a chance at this year's Heisman?

A full preview of the Red River Shootout as well as USC @ ND, Va Tech @ GA Tech, and Cincy @ USF.

All of this is yours simply by clicking here, pressing play and listening!

The Play of the Weekend in College Football

Since the Arizona @ Washington game ended at approximately 4:30am EST, (this is all part of the Pac Ten's plan to gain visibility for the conference) here is the play of the day in college football. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Get your Facts Straight! That Ain't True!"

It was announced on Wednesday that Oklahoma State WR Dez Bryant has been declared ineligible for the rest of the season for violating an NCAA bylaw.

According to an NCAA investigation, Dez Bryant lied about a meeting he had this summer with former NFLer Deion Sanders. Sanders admitted that the meeting did indeed take place. Bryant is expected to appeal the suspension as early as Monday. The NCAA believes that agents were involved in the meeting.

Stay tuned, Coach Mike Gundy's much anticipated press conference tirade is forthcoming.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Is it time for a real choice for Heisman?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Week Five Podcast is Up!

Another week! Another exciting podcast!

Join the College Football Guys as they answer college football's toughest questions. Is Miami really for real? Will injuries to NFL prospects like Tebow, Bradford, Gresham, and Mayes encourage other underclassman to leave school early? Should LeGarrette Blount be reinstated? (What do you think?) Are the officials getting in the way of the play on the field?

We give you a preview and our picks for LSU/Florida. Plus a picks on BC/VT, Oregon/UCLA, Ole Miss/Alabama, Michigan/Iowa, Wisconsin/Ohio State, and Nebraska/Missouri.

All this and much, much more! Click here. Press play and enjoy!

The College Football Guys First Poll of the Year!

Here is our first poll of the year!

As a reminder we have held tightly to the believe that college football polls should only be released once week five is in the books. That way we have a better idea of who teams really are and have a few weeks into the season for things to sort themselves out. Unlike most people that believe the same, we here at the College Football Guys, actually have the guts to stick to our beliefs, therefore this is our very first top 25 poll of the season.

Hope you enjoy and we would love to hear your thoughts!

1. Florida 75 (3)
2. Alabama 71
3. Texas 67
4. LSU 66
5. Cincinnati 58
6. TCU 53
6. Boise State 53
8. Virginia Tech 52
9. USC 49
10. Miami 45
11. Ohio State 39
12. Auburn 37
13. USF 36
14. Penn State 33
14. Kansas 33
16. Iowa 32
17. Oregon 30
18. Okie State 28
18. Wisconsin 28
20. Missouri 25
21. Stanford 15
22. South Carolina 11
22. Georgia Tech 11
24. Mississippi 8
25. Oklahoma 6

Others receiving votes - Nebraska 4, Pitt 3, BYU 2

Thursday, October 1, 2009

LeGarrette Blount to be Reinstated?

Rumors are surfacing tonight that Chip Kelly will address the media tomorrow about RB LeGarrette Blount's future with the team. It appears that Blount might be reinstated within the next 3 to 5 weeks.

Does Blount deserve a second chance?

This college football guy thinks so. Said so three weeks ago.

Here is his letter of apology to the Oregon student newspaper.

Here is his comment after the game.

In case you forgot what happened that crazy Thursday night in Boise...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Week Four Podcast is Here!

ANOTHER week of upsets!?

Join the college football guys as they attempt to explain why these upsets keep happening and which one surprised them the most. Also, the game you have all been waiting for it - Real or Silicone is back! Find out what we think about Kansas, Wisconsin, UCLA, Texas A&M, Michigan, Auburn, and LSU.

Plus is it time to be done with Florida State? Can Miami rebound this week? Is Iowa a BCS contender? Will Cal now fall off a cliff? That and soo much more!

You know what to do! Click here. Press play and ENJOY!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Week Three Podcast for the College Football Guys!

Week three is here for the College Football Guys!

This week we discuss the upset in Seattle, the thriller in Blacksburg, and the throttling in Provo. We will also attempt to answer the questions:

- Can anyone figure out the ACC?

- Why does the SEC suddenly look like the Big 12?

- Is revenge served warm still as nice?

Also a preview Miami/Virginia Tech and this week's other big games!

Plus much, much more! Just click here, press play and enjoy!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Week Two Podcast for the College Football Guys!

The College Football Guys are back with their weekly podcast!

Find out what the CFG's think about USC/OSU, ND/Mich, Houston/Okie State, UCLA/Tenn. How does the outcome of Notre Dame/Michigan affect the two programs going forward? Does Houston have what it takes to make it to a BCS Bowl game? Can any non-BCS program make it to the title game? What is going on with the Almost College football Conference?

Finally, which crazy CFG thinks Tennessee will beat Florida this weekend?

All that and more! You know the drill, click here, press play and enjoy!

Don't forget to check us out on Twitter,

Saturday, September 12, 2009

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Preseason Podcast for the College Football Guys!


The college football season is finally upon us! Join the College Football Guys as they discuss who will be playing in the BCS National Championship Game, Heisman trophy winners, and sleeper teams. Also will Florida finish the season number one? Are Lou Holtz and Beno Cook crazy for picking ND to go undefeated?

Also a preview of Bama/Va Tech, Georgia/Okie State, Oregon/Boise State, Miami/Florida State, and BYU/Oklahoma. Included is a little friendly wager between LSU boy Ethan and Washington kid Cas for this weekend's LSU/U Dub game.

Plus "What Would Tim Tebow Do if he were here right now?"

Packed episode and worth every minute!

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Mt. Rainier Awaits!

For those of you that follow our podcast and the blog this College Football Guy wanted to make you aware of a challenge I have accepted and about to carry out. On Tuesday September 1st, I will be headed up the most glaciated peak in the lower 48 - 14,411 foot Mt. Rainier.

All of us have a "bucket list" of items that we wish to accomplish before we pass and this one is on that list for me. From everything I have read and been told, it is an amazing and difficult experience. I am looking forward to the experience.

Part of my desire to accomplish this goal is to raise money for cancer research. Within the last year my aunt and grandfather passed away from cancer and my grandmother was diagnosed this spring. It has been a challenge for the family to deal with and something that I don't want anyone else to go through.

Therefore I have teamed up with the Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research to used this climb as an opportunity to raise funds to make sure that fewer people have to suffer from this disease. So far over 100 people have helped me raise over $5,000! If you are interested in helping the cause and helping us find an end to cancer you too can give. Just go to for complete information about the climb, cause and how to give. Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for listening to the show and wish me luck!

Monday, August 10, 2009

August Podcast for the College Football Guys

Join the College Football Guys as they discuss the release of the USA Today Top 25 poll.

Our thoughts are on Orrin Hatch and the BCS. Plus how hip are the CFG's on urban slang. The Princeton Review's top 10 party schools. When will the NCAA FINALLY crack down on USC? Is Steve Spurrier jealous of Tim Tebow? Plus, Joe Paterno explains his knowledge of Twitter.

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USC Explains Why they are Above the NCAA.

Here is USC's lame attempt to explain away USC's athletic misgivings. Watch and enjoy! Believe what you will.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June Podcast for the College Football Guys!

The College Football Guys are back to knock a little dust and rust off our voices and help cure your football hangover.

This month's edition includes talk on: the coaches decision to make their votes private after 2009, SEC mandates a maximum 28 scholarship offers, PAC Ten is making half the money the Big Ten is making, Phil Steele's Bible is out and would you like to be buried next to your favorite college football stadium?

Just click here, press play and enjoy!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dr. Lou Responds to America for His Thoughts on Global Warming

Last weekend Lou Holtz was a member of a guest panel on Fox New's Hannity show in which the topic of global warming was brought up. Similar to the other program Dr. Lou is a guest panel member of, he proved to be the dimmest fluorescent light bulb at the table. His performance earned him "Worst person of the world" status on Countdown with Keith Olbermann.

(In case you missed all of this, click here to get caught up.)

Today Lou issued the following statement about his remarks. Well not really, but if he had the following is probably what they would have looked like.

"Many people have asth me this week, 'What qualifications do you have to speak on global warming?' To them I say, I graduated in the lower half of my high school class - and it was a rather stupid class overall. I have written three New York Times Best Sellers - the only person in the world that has written more books than he has read. I coached for New York Jets for a whole 13 games - the same number of games the great Bobby Petrino coached for the Atlanta Falcons. I have four honorary doctorate degrees and my mother loves me.

Now about global warming, the good Lord put eyesth in the front of your head instead of the back so you can see where you are going and not where you have been. Therefore if I see it snowing today in New York, there is no chance of the existhence of global warming.

There is a rule in life, your either growin' or your dyin'. A tree'th grown' or it'th dyin'. The world's growin' or it's dyin'. It has everything to do with, are you content where you are or are you trying to get better? Ladies and gentlemen, I'd say we are content with where we are.

Global warming isth alot like the bubble bee. Everyone says the bubble bee can't fly. By all aeronautical principles it can't because it'sth body is too big and it'sth wing span isth too short. But fortunately the bubble bee can't read, so it flies all over. People are saying that global warming is real and it'sth happening here on earth, but fortunately I don't read so I know that global warming doesn'th exist.

Friends, don't listhen to the hypocrites! How do we know they are hypocrites? Because a hypocrite is someone that complains about the amount of sex and violence on their VCR.

And now my closing thought for you. If you want some great advise, don't ask Dr. Lou. Ask your spouse. Maybe that is what Hannity should have done. Because, there is no one that loves you more, wants to see you succeed anymore, or will be more honest with you. Remember that behind every successful person stands a very surprised mother-in-law."

A surprised mother-in-law indeed! But in all fairness should we really be that surprised since our most relevant voice for global warming is a man that claimed he "invented the internet?"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our February Podcast is Here!

A-Rod and Steroid free the February podcast is here!

Find out what the College Football Guys think about this year's National Letter of Intent Day. Included on the show is the CFG's thoughts on Lane Kiffin's outbursts. Will Mike Leach continue to be the coach of the Red Raiders? Should the NCAA continue to be worried about excessive celebrations?

Finally have you bought your loved one a "Snuggie" yet?

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

BCS Final Review Podcast


I bet you never thought this day would come. Our BCS Championship review show is here!

Join the College Football Guys as we discuss the outcome of the BCS Championship game. Who should be the number one team in the country? Is it time for the Mountain West to become a BCS Conference? Finally, Pete Carroll gives us some meaningful words of inspiration. Sounds like a Final Score to me.

Click here. Press play and enjoy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A College Quarterback Who Dares Us To Dream

All the news in college football last week was focused on one quarterback and one coach. At a press conference in Los Angeles, Pete Carroll looked like the coach of the University of Spoiled Children after his stud quarterback Mark Sanchez announced his departure to the NFL.

Sanchez's decision was the last of several highly publicized announcements of quarterbacks staying and leaving college football.

The publicity and fanfare of these decisions drown out a decision that was made in Baton Rouge, LA Thursday. Andrew Hatch, the man that entered this year as LSU's starting quarterback chose to transfer back to Harvard and finish his degree in Cambridge.

Why is this news of any significance?

Lets start with a couple questions for you.

Have you ever had a dream that you never achieved, or better yet, you never even tried?

Is there something that you want to accomplish today but fear of failure is keeping you from acting?

Andrew Hatch had a dream and now he leaves Baton Rouge behind with no regrets, no "what-if's," or "could I have's?"

He accomplished his dream. To play quarterback at a Division I-A program. He now leaves to accomplish another goal. To earn a degree from Harvard.

Sure Hatch may have underestimated the impact of the hits he would receive in the SEC. He may not have led the Tigers to an SEC Championship, or even complete an entire season. He wasn't on the podium with Bradford, Tebow and McCoy. He didn't have a press conference to declare himself eligible for the NFL draft. But he was still a success. He started at quarterback for a SEC program! The defending National Champions none the less!

What about you?

Do you sleep well at night knowing you have at least tried to accomplish your goals and dreams?

Andrew Hatch has no problem sleeping tonight. He achieved the improbable.

Yesterday, an African American officially become President of the United States. A few months ago, a skinny, Morman, Harvard quarterback -from Utah!, started for the LSU Tigers!

What steps will you take today to sleep better tonight?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Final Top 25 for CFGs

We know! We know! It has been FOREVER since we have posted on the blog. Our apologies. We have been in the middle of Christmas, job search, travel and sickness. We are BACK! You might think that we are slow with this post, however you might reconsider once you find out that Salt Lake City had their parade for the undefeated Utes today, 15 days after they toppled "mighty" Alabama!

You might think we are still under the weather with the unveiling of our final Top 25, but so be it! Let the debate continue!

1. Utah 74 (2)
2. Florida 73 (1)
3. USC 69
4. Texas 66
5. Oklahoma 63
6. TCU 60
7. Oregon 53
8. Alabama 51
8. Mississippi 51
10. Georgia 50
11. Penn State 49
12. Texas Tech 38
13. Boise State 36
14. Virginia Tech 35
15. Ohio State 32
16. Iowa 31
17. Oklahoma State 25
18. Missouri 24
19. Cincinnati 21
20. West Virginia 18
21. Florida State 16
22. LSU 11
23. Oregon State 10
24. Rice 6
25. Northwestern 5

Others receiving votes: Georgia Tech 4, Nebraska 3, Kansas 1.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Big 12 South: Best Division in College Football - Oops!

They had us fooled.

It seemed to true to be a lie.

How could high scoring offenses and great quarterback duels be wrong?

The Big 12 South HAD to be the best division in college football! Most of us thought the Big 12 North should be abandoned and Texas and OU should rematch for the Big 12 title.

You might be reading this and saying out loud, "But Texas won last night!"

You would be correct. The score in the paper this morning and on the University of Phoenix Stadium scoreboard clearly show UT the winner, however the game didn't. It took an early missed field goal and a last second touchdown for Texas to defeat an Ohio State team that has been destroyed in every big game it has played since the last time the Buckeyes played in Glendale.

Still claiming to be the best team in the land it is obvious that Longhorn players, coaches, and fans didn't get a chance to check out the other bowl games this year or even their own game. Texas' "#2 Rush Defense" allowed the Buckeyes to scamper for 203 yards.

The rest of the amazing Big 12 South has fared even worse this bowl season. Texas Tech and Oklahoma State ran into buzz saws from the number three team in the SEC and the second best team in the Pac Ten!

So just how good was the Big 12 South this year? Who really knows?

The top four teams in the division have defeated exactly TWO top twenty-five schools and both of those schools happen to be on OU's schedule, Cincinnati and TCU. A selection of the other powerhouse schools these "vaunted Big 12 programs" have defeated - Washington State, Washington, UTEP, UMASS, SMU, FAU, Eastern Washington, Chattanooga, and Houston.

Don't feel too bad. We have been fooled in college football before.

In fact it wasn't that long ago.

Think back with me if you will.

The year was 2006.

The day, November 18th.

The place Ohio Stadium, Columbus, OH.

Is it all starting to come back to you? Remember on that day when we thought Ohio State and Michigan were the #1 and #2 teams in the country? When we still thought the Big Ten was a great conference? Heck, Wisconsin was a top eight team! People were yelling for a Michigan/Ohio State BCS Championship rematch.

You remember now don't you? Do you remember what happened after that day? Of course you do! Wolverine and Buckeye fans paid me too much to repeat what happened in the weeks, months, and years that followed that fateful evening. However some of the mess had something to do with Urban Myer's Florida Gators.

Is the Big 12 South the best "conference" in college football? Doesn't look like it.

Maybe in the future we shouldn't be so quick to pass judgement and someone should warn the Sooners!