Friday, October 31, 2008

Revenge of the Readers!

Halloween is here and in the spirit of Trick or Treat we have let the readers take over the blog! Yeah you read right, we have placed the fate of our blog into your hands for a day. SCARY!!!

"Call the fire department, this one's outta control!"

A UT fan sent us this list of his top concerns fellow Longhorn fans should have this weekend in Lubbock. He seems fairly confident with an impending victory. We'll soon see if he should have legitimate concern...

Ten Reason's Texas Tech Will Beat The Longhorns

Looks like someone is ready for Halloween!

10. If that kicker (Matt Williams) can hit a 30 yard field goal for free rent with no pass rush I am sure he can make a game winner.

9. Colt McCoy and the Texas offense will get shut down against that juggernaut Red Raider D.

8. Texas will be overwhelmed by the size of that crowd in Lubbock having not played in a stadium of that magnitude since high school.

7. UT should always fear the flying tortillas.

6. If Tech can beat an unranked Nebraska team in overtime and win big against a 23 ranked Kansas surely they can manhandle the #1 team in the nation.

5. All that winning experience of Big 12 titles Tech has could be the difference maker in a close game.

4. Gram Harrell after all he is the QB that UT and Oklahoma both passed on.

3. Colt McCoy gets knocked out of a game not by a crushing blow from the Defensive End, but from a D size battery thrown from the whiskey bent fan sitting 4 rows up in the student section.

2. Every program in the nation would rather have a Mike Leach instead of a Mac Brown!

1. Longhorns won’t be able to recover from the cloud of marijuana smoke surrounding the stadium.

If you want deliverance scary, an LSU fan revealed to us this Alabama fan. Boy does he make Arkansas fans look normal. Someone should definitely give this guy a show!

Your right, your right, Jerry Springer did in the nineties.

Have something you think is worthy of a post? Email us at and you too could become a blogging STAR!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

We've Got Spirit, How 'Bout You!

This weekend is "The World's Largest Cocktail Party," which means it is time for "The World's Largest Dance Party - Part Deux." I bet CBS would have never guessed they were getting a piece of the Dancing with the Stars action.

We've got spirit, yes we do
We've got spirit, how bout you?
1-2-3-4 we've got more than you can score
5-6-7-8 we've got more than you can take
9-10-11-12 we've got more than you can spell

Hey Hi Howdie, Dawgs get rowdy
Hey Hi Ho, Dawgs lets go!!

The Gators are dynamite, Don't mess with dynamite
Cause if you mess with dynamite it goes
Tick, tick, tick, tick,

Boom Dynamite

Boom Boom Dynamite

In all seriousness, in the beauty contest that is the BCS Rankings, it might just come down to who has the best dancing skills. These Gators and Dawgs have a lot of work to do this weekend in order to impress the latest Harris Interactive Poll voters, Len Goodman, Carrie Ann Inaba, and Bruno Tonioli. (They will let ANYONE vote in that silly poll.)

Penn State and Texas already have very impressive resumes.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Colt McCoy - Texas Ranger

Since we have learned that Tim Tebow wears Colt McCoy Pajamas to bed, it does indeed appear that the torch of "awesomeness" has been passed. Here are some facts we found out about Colt McCoy and we don't believe any of these are Chuck Norris rip offs. If you think of any we might have missed, please let us know.

Tim Tebow wears Colt McCoy Crocs.

Colt McCoy sure the hell doesn't wear jorts.

When Colt McCoy was born the Hatfield's surrendered.

Everything is bigger in Colt McCoy!

Colt McCoy dug the Red River with his bare hands to keep the riffraff out of the "Republic."

If Colt McCoy had been in San Antonio in 1836 there would be no Alamo.

Colt McCoy has not only solved every puzzle on the caps of Lone Star beer, but he has also created the last 114 riddles.

Chuck Norris and Mr. T’s fists collided once in the mid 80's, resulting in the birth of Colt McCoy.

From here on out the month of October will known in the Gregorian calendar as Coltober. The Eras shall be named the same, BC (Before Colt) and AD (Anno Domini - The year of our Colt), however they will now be adjusted to reflect the year of Colt's birth. Today's date: Coltober 29, 22 AD.

On the second weekend of Coltober, from here on out, the Oklahoma Sooners will walk from Norman, Oklahoma to Hobbs, New Mexico, the birthplace of our Colt, and then sprint to Dallas for the Red River Shootout. Any Sooner starter who cannot cover the distance in the same time it takes Colt himself to cover it (one hour, 12 minutes, 12 seconds) will be benched.

The draft from Colt's passing arm has been the cause of two of every three trailer destroying tornadoes that have torn through Norman. With his other arm he writes novels and signs treaties.

Colt McCoy put the Bock in Shiner.

Texas Toast was Colt McCoy’s creation.

Colt McCoy convinced the Aggies that the thumbs up sign means Gig em'.

It was Colt McCoy's decision to declare Tim Tebow "the Chosen One."

"Don't Mess with Texas!" were Colt's first words.

Colt McCoy's sweat cures gout, crohn's disease, avian flu, and the children of Indonesia, saving Tim Tebow's Cancun spring break plans.

At Whataburger the sandwiches are now referred to as the Coltburger and the Bradfordchicken.

Colt McCoy wasn't named after the gun, the Colt .45 was modeled after his arm.

In order to make things fair and exhibit good sportsmanship, Colt McCoy gives the Texas playbook to Texas A&M every year before the game between the two schools. He also teaches a free reading class to the A&M coaches so that they understand it. Unfortunately for A&M, this olive branch of humanitarianism doesn't always work.

Colt McCoy created Lubbock to place the prisoners of the "Republic of Texas." He left one pirate crazed coach and another who loves chair throwing to run the asylum.

Fiesta Bowl is Spanish for Colt McCoy which is why the Oklahoma Sooners are destined to lose every time they play in University of Phoenix Stadium.

Colt McCoy knows how to find and capture Osama Bin Laden.

Colt McCoy is the reason a bridge in Alaska goes to nowhere.

Colt tried out for the Olympic track & field team, but was disqualified because he threw the shot-put ball out of the stadium. Not having a tape measure long enough to measure his throw he could not qualify. Upset, he then took a second shot-put ball and through an out route to himself spiking the ball on the judge's foot. He then crumbled pieces of the earth in his hands and made his own gold medal that read "There Can Only Be One."

Indeed there can be only one Colt McCoy.

Know any other interesting facts about Colt McCoy? Comment below, or email us at and we will post them later this week!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Week Ten Podcast for TCFGs

Has it really been over 400 days since Mike Gundy gave us a quality tirade?

Join The College Football Guys for our latest podcast! This week we discuss the outcome of two great games, Texas/Oklahoma State and Penn State/Ohio State. Who do we think will beat Alabama or Penn State this year? Can anyone make sense of the Big East or ACC? How bad did the SEC stub its toe this weekend?

Plus we preview of this weekend's biggest games. "The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party" - Florida/Georgia and has Lubbock, TX EVER seen a bigger game than when Colt McCoy's Longhorns come to town on Saturday?

Check it out and see for yourself why The College Football Guys are becoming the most popular podcast on the web!

Click here. Press Play!

Monday, October 27, 2008

What We Learned Week Nine

We learned a great deal about college football this weekend so without further ado here are our findings.

This week Tim Tebow gave his full endorsement of Colt McCoy for the Heisman trophy. Which raises the obvious question, "If Superman wears Tim Tebow Pajama's to bed, does Tim Tebow wears Colt McCoy PJ's to bed?" Next task: finding Colt a cape.

Seems No. 1 Texas vs. No. 6 Oklahoma State was only good enough for regional coverage. Nice work ABC/ESPN. The whole west coast enjoyed the thrilling UCLA/Cal game. Can't get enough of that Rick Neuheisel...

For those who were lucky enough to get the top ten match up, you missed the first quarter trying to adjust your TV screen. Even with the new HD TV's it is still hard to translate THAT much orange!

While Georgia piled 52 on LSU, the Bayou Bengals realized how much they REALLY missed their 12th man this weekend.

Vanderbilt's Cinderella season officially came to an end with a 10-7 loss to Duke. The loss combined with Auburn's embarrassing effort at WVU, on Thursday night, gives the SEC a 5-6 record against non-conference BCS schools with 4 match ups remaining. In case you were wondering, the Mountain West is 8-5 vs. non-conference BCS programs.

Went to watch the Ohio State/Penn State game this weekend and a SEC game broke out.

ESPN's College Gameday once again brought us crazy Buckeye fans. Apparently Ohio State's new mantra is "If you can't beat 'em, Boo 'em," as a chorus of boos filled the air every time LSU, Florida, or USC were mentioned on the program. We here at The College Football Guys did a little research and discovered three embarrassing losses by the Buckeyes to these particular programs in the last three years. We were given this advise once and thought we would pass it on to Buckeye fans, "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt." Just food for thought.

Scholarships for college kickers are overrated. Matt Williams was a normal college kid when he started school this year, but that was before the Red Raiders played the mighty Minutemen of U Mass. During halftime of that game Matt hit a 30 yard field goal for a year of free rent. Mike Leach was in need of a kicker and thought to himself, "I wonder if this kid likes pirates?" Four weeks later Matt connected on 9 of 9 extra point attempts against Kansas. We will soon see if the kid can do it in a clutch.

June Jones brought the "Run and Shoot" to SMU. Unfortunately for the Mustangs all Navy needed was the run. Navy ran the ball 77 times for 404 yards without even attempting a pass for a 34-7 victory! The Midshipman's quarterback carried the ball 41 times for 224 yards and four touchdowns. We are still trying to calculate his QB rating. Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson is soo jealous.

If you think the BCS is confusing try figuring out the ACC. Maybe instead of a championship game that they can't sell out, the ACC should implement an 8 team playoff. Maybe it will be the model for a real playoff.

Just when we thought Oregon had exhausted their ability to look ugly they found this combination from their 384 possible uniform choices. And you thought your girlfriend had a lot of clothes.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

TCFG's Fifth Poll of 2008 (10/26/08)

Hot off the presses!

Here is our fifth poll of the season for your viewing and arguing pleasure. Texas is entrenched at number one. Alabama has made a move to a solid three. USC moved down to 9th. Utah is still getting a lot of love...we will see if they handle their business in Las Vegas this weekend. Minnesota, Oregon, West Virginia and Cal make their first entrance. Northwestern, Georgia Tech, Kansas, BC, and Pitt exit.

1. Texas 75 (3)
2. Penn State 71
3. Alabama 68
4. Texas Tech 61
5. Florida 60
6. Oklahoma 58
7. Utah 54
8. Georgia 53
9. USC 52
10. Boise State 51
11. Oklahoma State 47
12. Tulsa 42 (Pending a victory this evening)
13. Ball State 39
14. TCU 35
15. Missouri 32
16. LSU 29
16. Ohio State 29
18. Minnesota 26
19. BYU 22
20. Florida State 21
21. USF 10
22. Oregon 9
23. Michigan State 7
23. WVU 7
25. Cal 6

Others receiving votes - Georgia Tech 5, Notre Dame 3, Maryland 3

Friday, October 24, 2008

Can A Cowboy Ride A Longhorn?

Apparently there is more to the Texas/Oklahoma State match up than just No. 1 vs. No. 6.

Seems there is a battle over who has the best commercials.

There is the famous parody of one suddenly mellow coach Mike Gundy...

Versus what seems to be an early Heisman campaign for Colt McCoy.

On Saturday 3:30pm EST, 11:30am Alaska, the contest will reveal which pitchman prevails on the field.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

USC - Don't Say We Didn't Warn You!

Penn State heeded the warning of The College Football Guys. Twice.

Missouri and Texas avoided the trap we warned of.

USC we know that everyday is sunshine and babes in Hollywood, but you must take the time to read and heed The College Football Guys' warnings.

On Thursday morning, September 25th, if the Trojans would have taken the time to just type in they would have seen the warning and avoided ANOTHER upset in Corvallis.

We take the time now to issue yet ANOTHER warning for you. Quit looking at those Song Girls and pay attention! We have even included fantastic grainy youtube footage to prove it is actually possible.

Since Mike Stoops was hired as head football coach for the Arizona Wildcats he has made his living slaying top ten giants, in Arizona Stadium. When I say made his living, I really mean it. Each year, when November comes, he has saved his job and paycheck accomplishing the impossible.

November 6, 2005 - For homecoming a 2-6 Wildcat team annihilates No. 7 UCLA, 52-14!

November 11, 2006 - A late interception by Antoine Cason gives the 4-5 'Cats a 24-20 homecoming victory over No. 8 Cal.

November 15, 2007 - On an ESPN Thursday night the 4-6 Wildcats plucked the No. 2, Dennis Dixon free, Oregon Ducks. Antoine Cason returned a punt 56 yards and an interception 42 yards for a pair of touchdowns.

We know it isn't November yet and Antoine Cason is gone, but it is homecoming and this year the stakes are even higher. Arizona has its sights set on a Pac Ten title.

USC, you can't say we didn't warn you!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ty vs. Chuck 2008 style!

This weekend of college football brings us several games that will go a long way to decide who will play in the BCS Championship game this January. Hidden in these games is a little ol' show down in Seattle, WA. Charlie Weis brings his Fightin' Irish to Husky Stadium to face former Notre Dame coach Tyrone Willingham.

As Notre Dame continued their historic slide in 2007, the national media, blogs, and fans of ND and U Dub made comparisons of Ty and Charlie's records in their first three years as Notre Dame's coach.

What a difference a year makes! Today that conversation is null and void. Tyrone's 0-6 Huskies have continued to disappoint fans while Notre Dame has begun, very slightly, to show signs of improvement.

While last year's popular comparison is moot, the relationship between the coaches first four years at their respective institutions still merits discussion. Not for their specific records on the field, but for the joys and heartache each have brought to their fans. With this in mind we have created a graph to relate visually the roller coaster ride Husky and Irish Fans have faced. Enjoy your ride!

Charlie Weis

Coach Weis was welcomed with open arms by Notre Dame fans in 2005! Finally someone from the "Irish family" was taking over the reigns of the fledgling program! Notre Dame had snagged themselves the next Bill Parcells! South Bend erupts!

a. Notre Dame is soo giddy with Weis' performance that after ONLY seven games into the 2005 season they ink Chuck to a 10 year contract worth $30-40 million, through the 2015 season. Charlie is quoted as saying he will be at Notre Dame until his son graduates from South Bend.

b. The Irish go 9-2 in Charlie's first season and earn a trip to a BCS Bowl. Even though they lost the Fiesta Bowl to Ohio State, 35-20, they still finish 2005 ranked #9 in the AP and #11 in the Coaches' Poll. Charlie is named Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year. Catholics rejoice!

c. April, 2006 - Showing up in a limo, sporting a great looking suit, and spiked hair, the number one recruit in the country, QB Jimmy Clausen, officially commits to Charlie and ND. Fans begin talk of "Christ in Cleats Part II."

d. 2006 brings ND an easy schedule, a 10-2 record, and a second consecutive BCS Bowl game.

e. The Irish are outmatched by a faster, stronger and more athletic LSU Tiger team in the Sugar Bowl resulting in 41-14 blow out. Eyebrows are raised at the fact the Irish haven't won a bowl game since 1994.

f. Notre Dame's season is summed up with an overtime loss to Navy. First since the days of Staubach. Notre Dame faces first 9 loss season in their history. Irish fans are so embarrassed they volunteer themselves to be buried at sea!

g. Good news from 2007? The Irish beat 1-11 Duke and 4-8 Stanford to avoid the worst season in the history of Notre Dame football. Even with these victories the BCS still doesn't find a bowl spot for the 3-9 team. America laughs, and laughs, and laughs, and...

h. Another top ten recruiting class and a new season brings back limited optimism.

Bringing us to present day. Though Charlie has been knocked down this year, he has managed to negotiate an easier schedule and the program is showing signs of improvement. Fans are currently content.

Tyrone Willingham

Ty was hired in much different circumstances. Hired to do two jobs, improve and clean up a 1-10 team. Washington was still paying for two coaches and was looking to buy low and no one was cheaper than the media bashed, ex-Notre Dame coach.

t. Season ends a disappointing 2-9, however it is twice as many wins as 2004!

u. In 2006 the Dawgs get off to a 4-1 start their only loss was a close one to #15 OU, in Norman. Bowl arrangements are beginning to be made!

v. Washington lose starting QB, blow 6 in a row, and end with an embarrassing 20-3 loss to Ty's former team, Stanford. The Cardinal's first victory in one calendar year and first in Seattle since 1975.

w. Quarterback "Montlake Jake" Locker, the "Tim Tebow of the West," makes his much anticipated Husky debut as the Dawgs race out to a 2-0 start including a win against BCS spoiler #22 Boise State. Tickets sales are through the roof!

x. Season finishes 4-9 when a last second drive to tie Hawaii falls short. Half the fans want Ty gone, half want him to stay. A $100,000 bounty is placed on Ty's head. After promising president "team would be more competitive" in 2008 president allows him to stay. Fans take a collective groan/sigh.

y. Best recruiting class in years. Young talented team with a stud at QB brings more optimism to fans. It is amazing how a long off season heals wounds.

z. An excessive celebration penalty at the end of regulation against BYU aids a Cougar block of tieing extra point attempt. Jake breaks thumb and season spirals out of control. Willingham's remaining time at Washington is about as useless as W's final months in DC.

It has been a long, turbulent four years for both programs. It appears obvious now that Notre Dame made the right move in 2005 and Washington made the wrong one. On Saturday, Ty has at least one opportunity to have a last word.

Unfortunately it will only be for pride, as a victory won't do much to change the coarse of this roller coaster for either side.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Week Nine Podcast for TCFGs

In this week's podcast The College Football Guys talk about Texas' big win over Missouri. We address our Heisman hopefuls. Is Washington State the worst team in college football history? How good is Alabama and Penn State? Who is really number one in the ACC?

A heated debate breaks out as we give our thoughts on the year's first BCS standings and how it compares to our own top 25.

We look ahead to next weeks games, including Okie State/Texas, Penn State/Ohio State, LSU/Georgia, Kansas/Texas Tech, USC/Arizona, Va Tech/Florida State and many more!

Plus the answer to the all important question, "What is 'The Battle for the Mitten?'"

Click here. Press play and enjoy!

More Fun with Referees

It seems that Columbia, SC wasn't the only place where crazy things were happening with college officiating. Ever had the urge to throw your own, homemade, penalty flag on an obvious pass interference call? This fan at the Boston College/Va Tech game thought it would be a good idea to vigilantly justice during the game Saturday night in Boston.

I am sure that by now EVERYONE has seen how one SEC ref took the LSU/South Carolina game into his own hands. It didn't take long for one creative person to correlate the act with a famous Bud Light Commercial. Enjoy!

Monday, October 20, 2008

What We Learned Week Eight

Another week, another dominating performance from Texas.

Another week of hearing "The Eyes of Texas." That thrilling song set to the tune of "I've been working on the railroad" and whose lyrics are a play on words from a saying Robert E. Lee had "The eyes of the south are upon you." Therefore it is in honor of this lack of originality that we bring you this equally creative blog entry.

Who says Texas A&M is the only program with a 12th man? LSU just strategically places them on the field in spiffy pin striped suits.

Texas Tech coach Mike Leach didn't feel 36 points against A&M was enough to impress voters this week, so he had QB Graham Harrell sneak it in with 20 seconds left. This is about as classy as Red Raider fans. Think we are being a little hard? Then you haven't seen this video yet.

Virginia Tech might want to rethink its future travel plans to Boston College. Since joining the ACC the Hokies have won EVERY conference road game, EXCEPT the two against the Eagles in Boston.

Rece Davis, we get it! Pittsburgh's LeSean "Shady" McCoy is the real Slim Shady and all other Slim Shady's are just imitating. McCoy has stood up this season and carried the Panthers to a top 20 BCS ranking even after being embarrassed by Bowling Green week one.

According to one strategically placed sign, that was up for about 10 seconds on ESPN College Gameday before black clothed security swooped in and confiscated it - Chase Daniel has a FUPA. Who knew?

Tulsa's football team created a bit of Midnight Madness themselves hanging 77 on UTEP Saturday night. Practice should be interesting this week in El Paso with Mike Price carrying around that crazy pick axe of his. If we played on the Miner's D we would be a little scared...

At least Mike Price has one thing to be thankful for, he is no longer coaching at Washington State! The Cougars could possibly be the worst team in the HISTORY of NCAA Division 1-A football. Of the Cougars four Pac Ten games they have played this year, their opponents have scored no less than 63 points. Three of those loses have come at home. Never has this feat been accomplished in NCAA history. Two weeks ago the program held open tryouts for a quarterback! The student body might want to concider changing their mascot to the Pinatas.

Rubbing Howard's Rock and "the most exciting 25 seconds in college football" is no longer enough for Clemson's new coach Dabo Swinney. He added the "Tiger Walk" with players in suits and ties walking to the locker room and "All In", a team walk from the 50 yard line in. Even with these recently minted traditions the Tigers couldn't get out of their way against the "Ramblin' Wreck" of GT. It is going to take more than just new traditions to convince some die hard fans the move was right.

Go to about the :47 mark. Well worth it!

Dr. Lou is wishing he acted a little differently last week when he talked about Colt McCoy's chances of winning the Heisman. Think he has changed his mind after Saturday night's 29-32, 337 yds, 2 passing/2 rushing touchdown performance?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

TCFG's Fourth Poll of 2008 (10/20/08)

Just in time for the release of the BCS poll, The College Football Guys bring you our fourth poll of the season.

After their performance this weekend, Texas is now the unanimous number one. You might notice a curious logjam at the number 4 position as we have some major differences about where Oklahoma State, Alabama, Texas Tech, and USC should be ranked. This argument is covered more in depth in our latest podcast.

1. Texas 75 (3)
2. Penn State 72
3. Oklahoma State 62
4. Alabama 59
4. Texas Tech 59
4. USC 59
7. Florida 57
8. Oklahoma 56
9. Georgia 49
10. Utah 47
11. LSU 46
12. Boise State 43
13. Ohio State 40
14. Tulsa 37
15. USF 35
15. Ball State 35
17. TCU 29
18. Pittsburgh 21
19. BYU 16
20. Missouri 15
20. Georgia Tech 15
22. Florida State 11
23. Kansas 10
24. Northwestern 8
25. Boston College 6

Others receiving votes Minnesota 4, Michigan State 4, Vanderbilt 3, Cincinnati 2

As always if you disagree with the poll comment below!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Can a Wolverine Trap a Lion?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the word trap is defined as "something by which one is caught or stopped unawares."

Who will fall into a trap unawares this weekend?

According to everyone over at "The World Wide Leader" Ohio State will be "trapped" by Michigan State while looking ahead to Penn State next weekend. However everyone seems to be unaware of a potential trap being set for Penn State.

This weekend, the other team from Michigan, travels to white-washed Happy Valley looking for some semblance of respect after losing to a MAC team for the first time in its illustrious history. Now they go head to head with a team they are very comfortable facing as they have dominated the series against Joe Pa's Lions winning 10 of their 13 meetings, including the last NINE in a row!

Are the Lions of the Nittany variety overlooking Rodriguez's rolling wreck? Their fans sure hope not. Has the media's love affair with the "Spread HD" offense and continued praise of the team forced Penn State players to find larger pearly white helmets to fit over their enormous heads?

I guess on Saturday we will see if the Wolverines still have some pride left in them and can still set a successful trap.

Oh, by the way, if Ohio State loses this weekend it will be because Michigan State has a better team, not because they got trapped.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

BCS Politics

Watching the third, and thankfully final, presidential debate last night, I was thinking about this Sunday's unveiling of the first BCS ranking of the season. One singular thought went through my mind. If I was a fan of a non-BCS program, which coach would I want to plead my case in front of the voters?

We all know that in order for a non-BCS team to get their shot at money and fame a top 12 in the final BCS standings is required. We also know that the majority of the BCS is now driven by the results of the coaches' poll and the Harris poll. Much like the American voting public both polls are chalked full of voters that have limited knowledge of each individual game played on Saturday. For the most part their opinions are based off of team records, ESPN highlights and soundbites from each program.

Not only is it a necessity for a non-BCS program to finish the season undefeated it is imperative to have a coach that can promote the program to the voters. In a season where it is possible that there will be more than one option for that final BCS spot, it is critical to have a leader that can get those extra votes.

So we ask YOU the question. Which coach would you want to plead your BCS case in front of the voters this fall?

Below are the choices, complete with video footage, so even "Joe the Plumber" can figure it out.

Chris Peterson, Boise State University.

Kyle Whittingham, University of Utah. This video is not as clever as the Utes' Rap this year, but very strong, non-attack ad.

Bronco Mendenhall, BYU. After this video you might want to make this man your next president.

Brady Hoke, Ball State. He can sure get the blood going before a big bed race!

Maybe Ball State should go with alumnus, Brian Collins. Seems his first job was the same as Sara Palin's.

Todd Graham, Tulsa.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Week Eight Podcast for TCFGs

Another GREAT week of college football. Another GREAT podcast from The College Football Guys!

Join us as we discuss this weekend's three HUGE Big 12 games. Is Texas really number one? Is it good for a program to fire their head coach half way through the season like Clemson did to Tommy Bowden? Whose blow out performance impressed us the most this weekend, Penn State of Florida? Who will win this weekend's marque match ups? Missouri/Texas, BYU/TCU, Kansas/OU, Ohio State/Michigan State.

That and so much more, including the answer to the question: Which rivalry is referred to as "The Oldest Rivalry in the South?"

All you have to do is click this here and press play!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

TCFG's Third Poll of 2008 (10/14/08)

After a big week in college football things have changed a bit at the top. Seems that we now have two voters that are following the "undefeated should be at the top" formula therefore those teams with undefeated records are inching higher in the polls. Also between the three of us, two feel that Alabama should be rannked number one. The reason they aren't, one of us has them 6th.

1. Texas 73 (1)
2. Penn State 70
3. Alabama 62 (2)
3. Oklahoma State 62
5. USC 60
6. BYU 57
7. Florida 55
8. Oklahoma 54
8. Texas Tech 54
10. Utah 46
11. Georgia 43
11. Boise State 43
13. Missouri 40
14. LSU 38
15. Ohio State 34
16. Ball State 28
17. USF 27
18. Tulsa 24
19. Kansas 23
20. UNC 22
21. Michigan State 20
22. Wake Forest 14
23. Va Tech 13
24. Pitt 4
24. Vanderbilt 4

Also receiving votes - Cal (3), TCU (2)

As always, if you disagree, fire away!

Monday, October 13, 2008

What We Learned Week Seven

What an EXCITING weekend of college football! For those of us who are college football fans it doesn't get much better than the deep fried treat we were served all day Saturday. Games that actually lived up to their billing and the upsets that make the game great. Oh and we also learned some things along the way.

The NBA season is back. Never was that more evident than in the Red River Rivalry. We saw Colt McCoy take the flop twice on the Texas sideline and OU's punter earn a yellow card and a running into the kicker penalty with a couple of well timed flops.

Red River Rivalry is way harder to say than Red River Shootout.

Texas might be number one right now, however the Longhorn's remaining opponents will have something to say about that as they are a combined 53-4.

For those of you that enjoyed the end of the UNC/Notre Dame game you know that the Big East referees wanted you to learn that there is indeed 3,600 seconds in a college football game, not 3,598 seconds.

The Bayou Bengals of LSU may have lost their chance to be number one in the football polls, but at least their band has the best Indiana Jones rendition in the nation!

Speaking of bands, the Badgers proved against Penn State that indeed it wasn't just the band that was missing from Camp Randall last week. Seems there is more to the problem in Madison. Maybe "three yards and a cloud of dust" is about as outdated as Georgia Tech's option offense.

Speaking of GT's vaunted offense, coach Paul Johnson must have scooped up Auburn's former offensive coordinator Tony Franklin to run their offense this weekend. The Yellow Jackets had a scoring fest in their 10-7 victory over Division I-AA Gardner Webb. Who? Gardner Webb.

Speaking of Auburn, maybe Tommy Tuberville should have fired his defensive coordinator instead of his offensive coordinator. The Razorbacks 25 points in Saturday's victory over the Tigers was just 6 points less than the 31 total they scored in their last 3 games.

Speaking of great offenses, you want to know how to stop the "high octane" spread offense? Run, run, run and run the ball some more. Stanford had the ball over 35 minutes and rushed for 286 yards in their 24-23 victory over the "Airzona" offense. Nebraska held the ball for over 40 minutes in their bid to upset Texas Tech. The Husker's mistake; they gave the Red Raiders extra time.

Instead of remodeling maybe Michigan should just rebuild the "Big House." The same end zone goal posts that gave App State their incredible victory also produced a favorable bounce for the mighty Rockets of Toledo.

Or, maybe it is time for a Coach Kevin Borseth intervention?

Adrian Grenier, Entourage's Vincent Chase = Mark Sanchez.

LSU defensive lineman Ricky Jean-Francois finds it easier to talk a big game than actually play in a big game. His words didn't seem to have much affect of Tim Tebow's Gators as they easily rolled to a 51-21 victory over the Bayou Bengals.

Speaking of a purple and gold loss, poor, poor, poor ECU. The Pirates have been beaten to a purple and gold pulp.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Final ACC "Little Sister of the Poor" (10/11/08)

The ACC has saved their best "Little Sister of the Poor" for last. This weekend Georgia Tech will play their SECOND FCS school and that program is...wait for it...Gardner Webb.


Gardner Webb.

Don't know anything about them? We didn't either and one of the main reasons we started this thread of blog entries. We hope you enjoyed and thank you Almost College football Conference for giving America such solid entertainment. Fourteen FCS schools! Into the future don't be afraid to pick on someone your own size. On second thought maybe you already are...

Gardner Webb University

Location: Boiling Springs, NC. Boiling Springs? Who says there isn't global warming?
Founded: 1905
Mascot: Runnin' Bulldogs. I guess just plain Bulldog wasn't cool enough.
Size: 4,000
Conference: Big South
Famous Alumni: The "Man in Black" Johnny Cash received an honorary degree from the school. The "A-Train" Artis Gilmore - ABA and NBA great.
Interesting facts: The school was chartered as Boiling Springs High School in 1905. It became an accredited four year college in 1971. In 2000 the Runnin' Bulldogs earned a bid to the College World Series. In November of 2007 Gardner Webbs men's basketball program dealt 22nd ranked Kentucky an 84-68 loss in Rupp arena in Coach Billy Gillespie's second game as head coach of the Wildcats.
Who says the Bulldogs can't run with the big boys?: In 2002 the NCAA placed Gardner Webb on five years probation for "lack of institutional control." Apparently ordained minister and then president, Dr. Christopher White decided it would be OK to have a star basketball player's "F" changed to a passing grade in order to keep him eligible. Jealous Florida State?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

What We Will Learn This Weekend

I know that we missed our weekly lesson on college football this Monday so we are going to make it up to you and provide a preview of this week's action. In honor of Ball State's 6-0 record and first stop into the AP top 25, we will give you our top 10 list of things that you will learn and see this weekend in college football.

10. Clemson will further muddy the ACC water's tonight by continuing the Thursday night upset theme and defeating Wake Forest on a last second field goal.

9. Who would have thought that this weekend's Arizona and Stanford game would be a match up of the ONLY remaining Pac Ten schools that still have healthy starting QB? Oregon has used four after losing their starter before the season even began. As of today it appears that ASU's Rudy Carpenter will miss his first start in 37 games.

8. Coach Tuberville picked a convenient week to fire his offensive coordinator. Arkansas has been outscored 139 to 31 in the last three games. By taking over the offensive play calling before this weekend's home game against the Razorbacks, Tommy will look like a play calling genius!

7. The scoring will be so fast and furious at the Missouri/Oklahoma State game that there will be no need to waste time lowering the nets behind the goal posts. Next week the NCAA will collect an extra sponsor check from Allstate for the additional advertising.

6. Oklahoma will trail for the first time this year.

5. This will be one more week that Big Ten referees don't have to worry about Joe Paterno running them down to give them an earful. At least the bathrooms are closer in the press box.

4. The only malfunction this weekend in UNC's Kenan Stadium will be the Jimmy Clausen and the Notre Dame offense. No more lighting fires in the PA system, light delays, falling concrete, broken elevators, or parachutists descending on the wrong stadium.

3. Tim Tebow has been praying this week for the safety of LSU defensive end Ricky Jean-Francois.

2. In a game that will ultimately cost Ty Willingham his job, Washington will struggle with their match up against BYE.

And the number one thing we will learn this weekend...

1. The College Football Guys will officially announce that they are running for President of the United States. It's true! This link says so!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Week Seven Podcast for TCFGs

Here we are! Week seven of the college football season and another podcast for your enjoyment!

In the spirit of election day, we debate which game was more exciting this weekend, Wisconsin/Ohio State or Vandy/Auburn. Also on the show we discuss UNC's rise to prominence in the ACC, Kansas' 35 point second half comeback, Pitt's upset of USF, and a top ten list from Ball State's own David Letterman.

Included is a preview of a couple huge Big 12 games, OU/Texas and Oklahoma State/Missouri and an SEC battle between Florida and LSU.

Just click here. Press PLAY and enjoy!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

TCFG's Second Poll of 2008 (10/07/08)

We are still alive!

Here is our second poll of the year. Not a whole lot of change at the top other then the fact that there is a lot of love out there for Vanderbilt and a great deal of love lost for USF. U Conn, Auburn and Wisconsin were all bounced from the top 25 after their loses this weekend.

1. Oklahoma 73 points (2)
2. LSU 71 (1)
3. Alabama 70
4. Missouri 68
5. Texas 61
6. Penn State 60
7. Texas Tech 51
8. BYU 49
9. Vanderbilt 47
10. USC 45
11. Oklahoma State 43
12. Florida 40
12. Utah 40
14. Georgia 39
15. Boise State 33
16. Ohio State 32
17. Northwestern 27
18. USF 22
19. Kansas 20
20. Ball State 20
21. Tulsa 19
22. Virginia Tech 14
23. Michigan State 11
24. UNC 10
25. Wake Forest 4

Others receiving votes - Wisconsin 2, Pittsburgh 2, Auburn 1, Notre Dame 1

Stay tuned, Podcast will be up tomorrow! Plenty of info on the Red River Shootout this week as well!

Friday, October 3, 2008

This Weekend's ACC Cupcake (10/04/08)

While this is not officially one of the 14 FCS schools the ACC has on its schedule this year, it is close enough.

Western Kentucky is on the path to Division I-A, but they still aren't a member of a conference and are not eligible for post season play until next year. WKU was obviously not a Division I-A when this game was scheduled so we are including it as yet another cupcake (this would make 15) the ACC plays this year.

Western Kentucky University

Location: Bowling Green, KY
Founded: 1906
Nickname: Hilltoppers. Why? The school is set on a hill over a river, so any student that traverses the hill would of coarse be a "Hilltopper." Makes sense to us!
Mascot: Big Red. This red Grimace was created by student Ralph Carey in 1979 to help reflect the spirit of WKU students. We think it worked!
Conference: Just left the Missouri Valley, currently Independent and headed into the Sun Belt.
Size: 15,000 undergrads
Well known alumni: Rod "He Hate Me" Smart - Famous XFL football player who found a home in the NFL. Romeo Crennel - Cleveland Browns' Head Coach.
How you might know this school: If you've ever watch ESPN you've seen WKU's Big Red. "He" is in just about every This is Sportscenter commercial.

And don't forget the 2006 Capital One Mascot of the Year Award!

Also, Jack Harbaugh, father of Stanford head coach Jim and Raven's head coach John, coached the 'Toppers from 1989-2002. He left with a 91-68 record and a 2002 Division I-AA National Title.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Warning! Trap Ahead!

It is that time of year again! The time when one's favorite college football team should be overly careful avoiding a well laid trap.

What kind of trap you ask? The kind that jumps right out and kills you while you are looking ahead to next week's "bigger and better" opponent. You know like how the Emperor lured Luke's friends into a carefully thought out trap in Return of the Jedi.

Ever wonder how that sequence would have turned out if it was in other movies...?

As we saw last week when 19, 20, and 21 year olds are told they are the greatest thing since sliced bread they tend to believe it. Once they believe it the trap is half set, all that is missing is a road game verse an "inferior" opponent and a game the kids can't wait to play around the corner.

With these thoughts in mind here are some possible trap games to look for this weekend.

Penn State @ Purdue - First off we need to know if Joe Pa has even seen the Star Wars series. We believe that 1977 (the year Episode III came out) was the same year Paterno purchased the glasses he wears today. Anyway lets get to the game! After beating up on their first quality opponent of the year, Illinois, on national television, the spot light is back on in State College. This weekend they travel to a Big Ten team with a great quarterback and wounded pride from a loss to Notre Dame. With a match up at Wisconsin looming for the Lions they should be careful they don't overlook the Boilermakers early Saturday.

Texas @ Colorado - This is the first trip outside of the state of Texas for the Longhorns this year. Colt McCoy and the UT offense have been unstoppable so far this season. However with the Red River Shootout next weekend in Dallas, don't be surprised if the Buffs give Texas fits. Let us not forget what happened last year when Oklahoma visited Boulder the weekend before Red River.

Missouri @ Nebraska - Missouri is probably not looking ahead to Okie State next weekend, but don't be too surprised if they aren't thinking about playing in Austin on the 18th. Chase Daniel will find it hard to focus the next two weeks as he finally gets the chance to go home to Texas and show everyone what they have missed. Not only is this Missouri's first conference game, it is also their first true road game. The Tigers have lost 15 straight in Lincoln and need to make sure that streak stops this weekend, or else it is bye, bye title hopes!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Week Six Podcast for TCFGs

We know it is a day late, but you will still love it! Our Week Six podcast is here! (Just click the link and press play.)

Join us as we discuss the making of an upset. Why is it that even when higher ranked teams see an upset Thursday night, on national TV, they STILL fall prey to being the victim?

What else happened this weekend that might have been overshadowed by all the upset talk? Plus each co-host unveils their top 10 for the first time this season.

If you have followed our podcast you know that we have been tracking the rivalry games played this year. This week is no exception, however when we noticed it was Miami/FSU week, we saw there is NO nickname for the storied matchup! After you listen and hear our thoughts on suggested nicknames for the big game help us choose which one you think is best suited.
Don't like the ones we chose? You know what to do. Comment below for the world to see!