Monday, November 30, 2009

College Football Guys Top 25 for Nov. 30, 2009

Here is our latest top 25. Not a lot of change at the top but there is some movement after about number 13. Obviously reflected in the upset losses of 6 AP Top 25 teams this weekend. Enjoy!

1. Florida 75 (3)
2. Alabama 72
3. TCU 68
4. Texas 67
5. Cincy 62
6. Boise State 59
7. Oregon 58
8. OSU - Columbus 55
9. Georgia Tech 50
10. Iowa 41
11. Pitt 40
12. VA Tech 39
13. Penn State 38
14. OSU - Corvallis 35
15. Miami 32
16. LSU 30
16. BYU 30
18. USC 28
19. Houston 17
20. OSU - Stillwater 17
21. Cal 16
22. Stanford 16
23. Nebraska 13
24. WVU 9
25. Clemson 4

Others receiving votes - Arizona 2, Utah 1, Rutgers 1

Falling out - Utah, Ole Miss

Falling in - WVU, Nebraska

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Week 13 Preview Show for College Football Guys


College football has given us a true "Rivalry Week" and just in time for Thanksgiving!

Join the College Football Guys as they pick this week's top games.

Texas/AM, Pitt/WVU, Nevada/Boise, Bama/Auburn, Clemson/USC, FSU/Florida, Miami/USF, OSU/OU, Utah/BYU, UT/UK, UGA/GT, UCLA/USC.

Of course no preview show is complete without a word from our sponsor.

Click here. Press play and Enjoy!

College Football Guys Top 25 for Nov. 23, 2009

Here is this week's top 25! A powerful debate on this week's podcast changed the position of TCU and "leapfrogged" them over Texas to the number 3 spot. Miss the debate? Check it out here. As you can tell there is a significant drop in total points after the 10th position indicating there is tremendous decent in the opinions of the College Football Guys in our thoughts about 11-25.

1. Florida 75 (3)
2. Alabama 72
3. TCU 68
4. Texas 67
5. Cincy 62
6. Georgia Tech 58
7. Boise State 57
8. Pitt 54
9. Oregon 53
10. Ohio State 49
11. Okie State 38
12. Iowa 37
13. Penn State 35
13. Virginia Tech 35
15. Oregon State 32
16. Clemson 30
17. Miami 29
18. USC 25
19. BYU 23
20. LSU 22
21. Cal 13
22. Ole' Miss 9
23. Houston 8
24. Stanford 8
25. Utah 6

Others receiving votes - North Carolina 5, Nebraska 3, Arizona 2

Falling out from last week - Arizona, Rutgers, Wisconsin

Falling in - Cal, Ole' Miss, Clemson

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Week 12 Podcast for the College Football Guys

In this week's podcast the College Football Guys raise the question, Is a backstage pass to College Gameday worth losing your job?

Speaking of jobs is Charlie done at ND? Debate about which Texas team is the best.

Does Boise State deserve an at large BCS bid?

Ethan rants on LSU and gives us all the opportunity to pile on the SEC.

All this and so much more.

Click here. Listen and enjoy.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Week 12 Preview Show for the College Football Guys

Another week of BOLD predictions for the College Football Guys!
Who picked Stanford to beat USC last week?

That's right. We did!

Now listen and learn who is going to win this week's biggest match ups. This week's show includes Oregon/Arizona, Ohio State/Michigan, Cal/Stanford, Virginia/Clemson, TCU/Wyoming, and Oklahoma/Texas Tech. Also Daisy Air Pistols was kind enough to give us a sponsorship for this week's show.

Click here. Press play. Listen and ENJOY!

Week 11 Podcast for the College Football Guys

This week the College Football Guys discuss the massacre in the Coliseum and what it means to the mighty Cardinal and USC's future.

We ponder the question - If TCU demolishes the former MWC Champ/BCS slayer, yet no one sees it, did it really happen?

We address the age old question - Can Notre Dame be relevant again?

Could Pitt end up being the Big East champ over Cincy?

We reveal our current Heisman ballot and again ask Texas AM fans what they were drinking when they thought they were for real this year.

All that and soo much more!

Click HERE. Press play and ENJOY!

First Video of Stanford Band Tribute to USC Alumnus Joe Francis

Not only did Jim Harbaugh's Cardinal football team kick the mighty Trojans "man-region" in the Coliseum on Saturday, it seems that the band also had its way with USC Alumni. During halftime of USC's homecoming game the Stanford band felt it was appropriate to honor the Trojan's finest alumnus, Joe Francis.

Francis who has served jail time for tax evasion and bribery, is probably best known for his classy Girls Gone Wild videos.

As you can tell from one of the first videos posted of the event this did not set well with the "loyal" Trojan fan base. Apparently spelling out "USC GGW" gets a negative response in USC's house. Who knew?

Stanford's band and football team did something that the NCAA has failed to do, and what everyone but USC supporters have wanted to do since Reggie Bush's folks took money from an agent. They put the screws to the University of Spoiled Children and for the first time in almost a decade the Trojans learned what it means to be vulnerable.

Doesn't feel so good, does it?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

College Football Guys' Top 25 for Nov. 15, 2009

I think most of us are trying to find a way to place TCU at the top, or at least in the BCS Championship game, but having a hard time finding a way, no matter what the argument. Maybe someone will knock off a couple of the teams ahead of them. Not impossible, strange things happen in rivalries.

1. Florida 75 (3)
2. Alabama 71
3. UT Austin 70
4. TCU 66
5. Cincy 62
6. Georgia Tech 58
7. Boise State 57
8. Pitt 55
9. Oregon 52
10. Louisiana State 47
10. OSU Columbus 47
12. OSU Stillwater 34
13. Pennsylvania State 33
14. Iowa 32
15. Stanford 29
16. Virginia Tech 26
17. Wisconsin 24
18. Brigham Young 20
19. USC (West) 19
20. OSU Corvallis 18
21. Utah 17
22. Miami (NOT of Ohio) 14
23. Zona 13
24. Univ. of Piscataway 12
25. Houston 9

Others receiving votes - Clemson 8, Nebraska 3, UNC 2, Temple 1, Navy 1

Falling out - USF

Falling in - Rutgers. Guess that was a big game on Thursday night.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Week Ten Podcast is Up!

In this week's show the College Football Guys talk about more upsets in college football.

Lions, Haweyes, Ducks, and Irishmen, oh my!

Which coach will be the first fired, Weis or Rodriguez?

Also a heated debate on if it is time to stop giving the SEC an automatic pass as the "Best Conference in ALL the Land!" Plus reaction on Urban Meyer/Brandon Spikes controversy.

That and soo much more! You know the drill. Click here. Press play and ENJOY!

Only thing that changes is the date on the calendar. Still a goat on both sidelines. Will the 300lb Irish one around for next year's game?

Week 11 Predictions for the College Football Guys

The 300th entry for the College Football Guys brings you this week's prediction show! How about a cookie to celebrate?

This week's show includes the week's biggest games, and there are a lot of them this week.

Listen as the College Football Guys give their thoughts on Utah/TCU, Iowa/Ohio State, WVU/Cincy, USF/Rutgers, Arizona/Cal, and Stanford/USC. Also, will there be any surprises in the land "Famous for Potatoes?"

Click here. Press play and find out!

College Football Guys' Top 25 for Nov. 9, 2009

Here is the College Football Guys' Top 25 for this week. Much like the 5th grade, this week's top 25 features a lot of leap frog. Texas jumps over Bama, as one college football guy finally realized how bad the 'bama QB situation is. He might be wearing #12, but Joe Namath his is not. TCU staddles over Cincinnati. Georgia Tech and Pitt take one giant "red rover" into the top ten. And of course the losers of the week drop. Behold, the College Football Guys' Top 25!

1. Florida 75 (3)
2. Texas 71
3. Alabama 70
4. TCU 64
5. Cincinnati 63
6. Georgia Tech 58
7. Boise State 56
8. Pitt 52
9. Oregon 48
10. LSU 47
11. USC 41
11. Ohio State 41
13. Iowa 37
14. Utah 35
15. Miami 32
15. Houston 32
17. Arizona 31
18. Penn State 28
19. Okie State 24
20. Virginia Tech 16
20. BYU 16
22. Wisconsin 9
22. WVU 9
24. USF 8
25. Oregon State 7

Others receiving votes - Stanford 2, Clemson 2, Temple 1

Falling Out - Oklahoma, Notre Dame

Falling In - Oregon State, WVU

Friday, November 6, 2009

Temper, Temper! - Living in New Mexico Makes People Angry!

Oh New Mexico!

Land of Opportunity! Land of Beauty! Land of Enchantment!

And if you aren't careful, the Land of Entrapment!

Welcome to the College Football Guys FIRST EVER post about lovely New Mexico! With so many nice things to say about the place unfortunately today we have to be negative.

In a state where the very symbol and flag (Zia) stands for balance and peace, there is no harmony for the Los Lobos in Albuquerque.

In September of this year it has been alleged that new New Mexico head coach Mike Locksley was caught up in a physical altercation with an assistant on the team, that only a Raider fan would be proud of. Earlier this week word leaked that the "victim" in the altercation sent Locksley a letter asking for a half a million dollars in "silence money."

Just when you thought things could get stranger in the land of Mexico's uppity step brother, a women's soccer player, Elizabeth Lambert, had the following ESPN highlight performance that makes two coaches fighting seem like a pillow fight.

Is there a violent gene, in a human, that kicks in once you have spent too much time above 6,000 ft?

Billy "The Kid's" violent escapades were made possible by the relative ease of escape that the terrain in New Mexico offers. Unfortunately for the University of New Mexico Athletic Department even their famous "Pit" isn't going to be deep enough to escape from these transgressions.

"Paul, (Paul Krebs, UNM Athletic Director) Boise State's new PR firm is holding on line one for you."

To Hell with Tradition! - More Uniform Madness!

Seems that the recent success of the University of Oregon has inspired a couple other top programs (might be a reach to refer to Florida State in such a way) to change up their uniforms for their November 21st games this year.

According to many sources on the world wide web, "The" Ohio State is going with a "throwback" uniform for its rivalry game against Michigan. The uniform is said to honor the 1954 National Title team and to include white helmets. Seems to us that the same fan base that went crazy in 2006 for the removal of a stripe from the Buckeyes home uniform will have a tough time swallowing these uniforms. Just imagine what will happen if Ohio State finds a way to lose to the Wolverines, in Ann Harbor. Columbus will be burned to the ground!

A twitpic of what these "throwbacks" are rumored to look like.

Florida State is truly on its way to becoming the University of Oregon @ Tallahassee. This link shows some VERY interesting uniform "improvements" that the Seminoles will debut against mighty FIU. The new uniform will include a BLACK HELMET!

Are these uniform changes an indication of what the future will bring, or just a desperate act to sell uniforms and gain attention?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Worst SEC Uniform of the Week!

Note to SEC schools: Leave the crazy uniform choices to Oregon, the ACC (all purple Clemson excluded) and the Big East. Keep relying on tradition, gameday experience and crazy fans to sell tickets and generate excitement.

It was apparent from this weekend's games that you know nothing about fashion. Though anyone who lives north of the Mason Dixon and knows what a seersucker suit is could have told you that already.

Is Florida's Brandon Spikes a Dirty Player?

Here is footage from Florida's game against Georgia this weekend. Do you think that Brandon Spikes is a dirty player?

Week Nine Podcast is HERE!

Just like the Oregon Ducks get better with every week that goes by, this week's edition of the College Football Guys is the best of the year!

Don't believe us?

Click HERE. Press play and enjoy!

This week we discuss the USC/Oregon game. Is Iowa really a national title contender? Was the NCAA too harsh in its punishment of Dez Bryant? Is there a problem with SEC officiating? Plus inspiration from Mike Leach.

All that and soo much more!

Week Ten Predictions for the College Football Guys

The College Football Guys have a sponsor!

Click HERE and listen to the first minute of this week's predictions show to find out who it is! If you are from West Texas and have a skinny girlfriend you definitely need to pay them a visit!

Oh yeah and we also preview and pick the biggest games of the week, LSU @'Bama and Ohio State @ Penn State.

Ethan was right last week, picking Oregon to demolish USC. Will we pull another winner this weekend? Tune in to find out!

Plus Oregon State/Cal, FSU/Clemson, OU/Nebraska, Navy/ND and many more! Listen and enjoy!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

College Football Guys' Top 25 for Nov. 1, 2009

Here is this week's Top 25 for the College Football Guys. Not a great deal of change at the top. Iowa falls to a tie with LSU for eighth, Oregon moves into a solid 6th from a tie at 7th last week, and USC falls out of the top 10.

1. Florida 74 (2)
2. Alabama 73 (1)
3. Texas 69
4. Cincinnati 63
4. TCU 63
6. Oregon 57
7. Boise State 56
8. LSU 54
8. Iowa 54
10. Georgia Tech 51
11. Penn State 41
12. Pitt 39
13. USC 38
14. Ohio State 33
15. Utah 31
15. Houston 31
17. Arizona 30
18. Miami 24
19. Notre Dame 20
20. Okie State 18
21. Virginia Tech 15
22. BYU 12
23. Wisconsin 10
24. Oklahoma 8
25. USF 5

Others receiving votes Cal - 3, Clemson - 1, Oregon State - 1, Idaho - 1

Falling out this week - South Carolina, Ole Miss, C. Michigan, WVU

Falling in - BYU, Wisconsin, OU, USF