Wednesday, December 30, 2009

BCS Picks Show is HERE!

The College Football Guys are back with their BCS Bowl game picks!

Can we pick BCS games right? Tune in and find out.

Join us as we also discuss Mike Leach's firing at Tech. Are there problems in Gator land? Was Alabama ever considered the "Boise State" of college football? Gather 'round for some Rose Bowl history and find out.

Finally the final score brings you a "Real Man of Genius" ad that you will not soon forget!

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Friday, December 18, 2009

The Highly Anticipated Bowl Preview Show is HERE!

It's that time of year AGAIN!

Time for the College Football Guys to give you their picks for the 2009 Non-BCS bowl games! This show always ends up being a bit longer than the rest, but it is fun and an enjoyable listen. So just download it and listen in between shopping and holiday madness. We Guarantee that you will ENJOY! Hopefully it will help you avoid going insane!

Click here. Press play, or download from itunes (to listen at your leisure) and enjoy!

Also - Don't forget to join us in picking the games on ESPN's Bowl Mania.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

College Bowl Mania is Here!

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Do you think you can beat the College Football Guys with your bowl picks?

Now is your chance to challenge our "greatness" in this year's College Bowl Mania. Click on this link and join our group. Who knows, we might find something REALLY cool for the winner. Maybe an autographed picture of Mo Clarett...

BCS SUX Song Debut On College Football Guys

Looks like the movement is growing against the BCS. Latest song by Eric Hutchinson lays out the way about 80% of us feel. Enjoy!

Monday, December 14, 2009

College Football Guys Top 25 for Dec. 6, 2009

Here are are most recent ratings for college football. Our apologies for not having these to you sooner. We had a voter that took awhile to give us his results. Not going to mention any names...

As you can tell, if it was up to the College Football Guys, TCU would be in the national championship game. All three of us voted the Horned Frogs number two. This result makes the college football guy scratch his head when listening to our latest podcast where both Dorf and Ethan agree that the BCS "got it right." Make of this what you will.

1. Alabama 75 (3)
2. TCU 72
3. Texas 68
4. Florida 64
4. Cincy 64
6. Boise State 59
7. Oregon 58
8. Ohio State 54
9. Georgia Tech 53
10. Virginia Tech 44
11. Iowa 40
12. Miami 37
13. Penn State 36
14. LSU 34
15. Pitt 33
16. BYU 32
17. Oregon State 24
18. Stanford 23
19. Arizona 20
20. Okie State 19
21. WVU 18
22. Nebraska 14
23. USC 13
24. Clemson 7
25. Wisconsin 6

Others receiving votes - Central Michigan 4, Utah 4

Falling out - Cal, Houston

Falling in - Arizona, Wisconsin

Monday, December 7, 2009

Championship Weekend is Under Review in New Podcast!

Welcome to the most controversial week on the college football calendar!

Did you spend all weekend screaming at the TV? Then join the college football guys as we help get you through the mind boggling decisions the BCS makes.

We make a case for TCU, Cincy, and Boise.

Also each of us gives you our Heisman picks for 2009. Who should win it and who will win it. All that and soo much more on this week's edition of the College Football Guys!

You know the drill. Click here. Press play and ENJOY!

TCU and Boise State have been relegated to the BCS Kid's Table, far away from the adults.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Civil War is Back!

Seems Oregon State has developed a response to Oregon's "I Love My Ducks" rap video. How do you think they did? Which rap song is the best?

BTW - In case you haven't caught it yet, our preview podcast for the weekend is up including our pick for the Civil War. Click here. Press Play and ENJOY!