Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ode to Gatorville II

In case you haven't seen it yet, the Princeton Review came out this week with its rankings of the top 20 party schools in the nation and number one on the list...The University of Florida.

Can anything go wrong for the Gators? This is proof that life truly isn't fair. Remember the days when your football program sucked and you could still take solace in the hope that you could at least become the number one party school? No longer.

Florida has young, energetic coaches in basketball and football. Back-to-back basketball championships. Football and basketball champs in 2006. Kept their basketball coach from escaping to the pros. The "Chosen One" walks on water looking for back-to-back Heisman's. ESPN Gameday goes to spring practice. Contender for another football championship. It is indeed a good time to be a Gator.

When will this hot streak end and bring order back to the universe?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2008 Preseason All-Jackass Team Update

It appears that The College Football Guys 2008 Preseason All-Jackass Team just got some depth in the interior defensive line. Penn State's projected starting defensive tackles Phillip Taylor and Chris Baker were dismissed from the team today. Both were involved in two separate fights.

Since 2002, 46 players on the Penn State roster have been charged with a crime and 27 have either plead guilty or been convicted. It was just a matter of time before the Nittany Lions made their appearance on our team.

Interesting timing of the suspensions. Think this is a response to ESPN's "Outside the Lines" report? Does Joe Pa still have control of his team? Doesn't really feel like it from this report.

2008 Preseason All-Jackass Team

The preseason all-everything teams are out.

ESPN released this week, its "Outside the Lines" report on Penn State's criminal issues the past couple years.

Every day there is a new report of football player's getting in trouble.

All of these issues has caused us to ask, "If we were wardens for a state prison system, or a football coach with low morals at a division III program, what is the best team we could build with 2008's suspended/dismissed players?" So that brings us to The College Football Guys', First Annual, Preseason All-Jackass Team.


QB Ryan Perrilloux - LSU. This was an obvious choice. Destined to be the athletic QB to take the helm of the defending champs only to throw it all away with academic issues, numerous accusations, giving Les no choice but to say goodbye. Dismissed and transferred to Jacksonville State

RB Brandon Ore - Virginia Tech. This star runningback's poor attitude was deemed detrimental to the team by coach Beamer. I guess he finally got tired of suspending him for just one quarter or half a game. Why not just go for it all? Dismissed from program.

RB Lance Smith - Wisconsin. Had the chance this year to compete as PJ Hill's backup and plenty of playing time. Now attending court hearings. Suspended off and on last year. Failed certain requirements of the first offender program for assaulting his girlfriend; suspended indefinitely just last week.

WR Preston Parker - FSU. Because many athletes on the Tallahassee campus enjoy cheating on tests Parker is not the only player missing early season contests. Called by many the most talented player on the Seminole roster, Parker was charged with a misdemeanor for carrying a concealed weapon and marijuana. Suspended for the team's first two games.

KR/WR Harold Howell - Minnesota. Promising 2007 recruit that played in 10 games last year, averaging 23.1 yards per kick return. Harold violated academic and team guidelines; dismissed from team.

OG Andy Christensen - Nebraska. Three game starter in '07 before season ending injury. Thought it would be OK to reach up a woman's dress at a local bar. Sexual assault charges have been filed against him. Maybe he should have taken this test The College Football Guys learned of earlier this year. Might have kept him out of trouble... Suspended indefinitely.

OT Michael Brown - Mississippi State. The Bulldogs best returning offensive lineman, starting 18 of the 19 games since being eligible, after transferring from Florida. Possible NFL prospect who was pictured on MSU's spring training, media guide. Brown and teammate Quinton Wesley were involved in an altercation that began off campus, but ended up with them firing guns in the air around the dorms. Charge and convicted of felony possession of a handgun and aggravated assault. Dismissed from team.

Defense - Where all the crazies play!

DE Michael Lemon - UGA. Played in 8 games for UGA last year as a sophomore. Planned to have a greater role with the defense this year until he punched a fellow student. Well actually punched him over 5 times, in the eye. Enough to give him a blowout fracture. All resulting from an altercation at a summer BBQ in an off campus apartment complex. Dismissed from team.

DT Justin Francis - Rutgers. Robbed a man for his cell phone in a university parking lot and then threatened student with an air pistol. "You'll shot your eye out!" Suspended indefinitely.

CB Jerrard Tarrant - Georgia Tech. Highly touted recruit out of Georgia and expected to start as a red shirt frosh this year. Charged for an on campus rape. Dismissed from team.

LB Jimmy Johns - Alabama. Though not as famous as the sandwich shop that carries the same name, Jimmy is one of many off the field issues at Alabama this off season. Arrested on 5 felony drug distribution charges and a 6th for possession when cocaine and ecstasy was found at his home. Allegedly breeding pit bulls to sell and possibly fight. This web site, is as popular now as "Bad Newz Kennels." Dismissed from team.

LB Kevin Garrett - Oregon. Penciled in as the Duck's starting weak side linebacker, Kevin was pulled over and cited for the following; failure to obey a traffic control device, making an improper right turn, driving with a suspended license, driving uninsured and failure to carry registration. Officers then found open containers of alcohol in vehicle and cited the 19 year old for minor in possession and a DUI. Suspended indefinitely for violation of team rules.

S De Andre McDaniel - Clemson. Accused of assaulting his girlfriend by throwing her down a flight of stairs and attempting to choke her with a comforter. The accuser is not backing down. Appears he too should have taken our little test. His status for August 30th's season opener against Alabama is still up in the air.

S Brett Lockett - UCLA. This article wouldn't be complete without a mention of a "Slick Rick" player. Lockett is the Bruins starting safty and has been suspended from the team for at least their Sept 1st season opener against Tennesse. Violations of team policy regarding academics.

Dishonorable Mention

S Xavier Hicks - Washington State. Pulled over by police and cited for driving on a suspended license on his way home from spending 45 days in jail. Had just concluded his sentence for stealing a debit card and putting rubbing alcohol in his roommate's contact-lens case. Suspended for the first three games of the season.

Linemen Will Barker and Dave Roberts - Virginia. Stealing beer from a gay bar over the weekend!

WR Marques Wade - Arkansas. Marques' arrest for drunk driving marked the 5th arrest by an Arkansas player this off season, however the events leading up to this arrest may have been the most entertaining. Marques sped through a parking lot, slid through a turn and nearly hit another police car. The report doesn't say what type of car he was driving, but this college football guy isn't ruling out the possibility of an orange, 1969 Dodge Charger. He will be suspended for the first two games of the season.

Did we miss anyone? Let us know. There were MANY to choose from.

Decision '08 (Arkansas @ Texas)

In The College Football Guys' continued quest to find out who is going to win this year's most interesting non conference games we take a look at Arkansas' Sept. 13th trip to Austin, TX. Which school has the best looking women? Only your vote can help decide this year's winner. Take advantage of it now as Arkansas has decided it would rather beat up on A&M for the next couple of years putting its series with Texas on hold.













Monday, July 28, 2008

Phil's Proposal

Well we all know by now that University of Tennessee coach Phil Fulmer was subpoenaed at SEC Media Days last week. Lawyers for former Alabama booster Wendell Smith are suing the NCAA and want Fulmer to sit down for a deposition on Sept. 25, as they believe he was a secret witness in an investigation of Alabama.

Well SEC, it won't be too long before your circus includes this fine little thing...

Now we're talking!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sharks of College Football

Just in time for Sunday's start of the Discovery Channel's Shark Week, The College Football Guys bring you the Top Sharks of College Football.

Sharks are slick, spineless, sneaky and cunning. They have little regard for manners and often leave behind a mess for a family or "school" to clean up. Misunderstood by most, they are crucial to maintaining the balance of the ocean's fragile ecosystem by weeding out weaker or injured creatures.

Like the mysterious creatures of the seas these college football coaches contain many of the same attributes. You might enjoy their success in the short term, as they chow down on weaker opponents. However, what makes you think they won't latch on to the next piece of meat that falls into the ocean leaving you, the program, school and fan, to clean up the mess? Caveat Emptor, let the buyer be aware of the following play callers.

Dennis Erickson - Denny has a history of making promises he can't keep. In just his second NCAA head coaching job at Wyoming he promised a long tenure, yet left after one season to coach Washington State. He spent a mere two seasons at WAZZU before bolting to "The U." After six seasons there he left the program with two national titles and facing 3 years probation. Erickson jumped ship again in 2006, after telling Vandal fans he was going to be around for the long term, he left again, after just one year.

Rich Rodriguez - Initially appeared to be the good guy when he told Alabama no and said he would stay and coach his alma mater for years to come. This might have been true if Michigan had figured out a way to beat a I-AA team from Boone, NC. Rich Rod left for Michigan in the middle of bowl preparations and refused to pay agreed upon buyout.

Evidently collecting keys is not part of a WVU's exit interview, so he snuck back into the office and started shredding notes on players. The balls on Rodriguez and the blades on that shredder where bigger and sharper than any shark we have ever seen.

Rick Neuheisel - With a law degree from UCLA and a member of the Arizona State and DC Bar Associations, Rick already has the necessary qualifications of a shark. "Slick Rick" slipped out of Colorado to become one of the top five paid coaches in the country at Washington leaving CU with 51 NCAA rules violations. After four years at U-DUB Neuheisel lied to the administration about interviews for the 49er's position and then had that "little" incident involving an NCAA "pool." The program STILL hasn't recovered. Maybe time away and coaching for alma mater will change his ways.

Does an alcoholic ever lose his addition? Don't think so...

Nick Saban - This shark will sneak right up on you and attack when you least expect. The "Savior" of Michigan State football, Saban used the program as a nice stepping stone to go coach an LSU team that needed some saving itself. If the story stopped here we might consider him an older, more popular Urban Meyer. However his thirst for blood and money left him with no choice but to seek out the challenge of a bigger "fish." After two years he showed his teeth again and followed the Crimson blood leaving a destroyed Dolphin's team in the wake. 'Bama fans could only say, "We done caught ourselves a big'en!"

Bobby Petrino - Where to begin? Bobby pulled the biggest sneak attack of them all! How do you leave a team in the middle of the season, with a Dear John letter? "Dear Team, I have been doing some thinking and this just isn't working out. I really think we should see other people." It's like breaking up with your girlfriend with a text message on Christmas Day! Only a great shark pulls a stunt like that.

Coaches that might be confussed as sharks:

Houston Nutt - While Arkansas fans are just plain nuts, there is usually a truth somewhere in the middle of two completely different stories. Houston, just tell us, "Did you have relations with Ms. Bragg?"

Mike Price - Vilified in the "southland" for enjoying strippers. The state that brings the world Wesley's Booby Trap was offended by Price's actions. Who is really the hypocrite here?

Mike Gundy - Much like a whale shark, his actions and words are worse than his bite. Enjoys plankton and reporters.

Steve Spurrier - Proves every year at South Carolina he is no longer harmful. He would rather be playing golf with another "Shark."

Enjoy Shark Week everyone! Soon there will be something better to watch on Saturdays!

Leach the Comedian

Mike Leach, head coach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders, complained at Big 12 Media Day this week about how confusing the Dallas Fort Worth airport is. (For what it is worth this college football guy happens to agree with Coach Leach 100 percent.) Airport officials have responded and are offering the "Pirate of Lubbock" a guided tour at whatever time is convenient for him.

Perhaps there's a future for the coach in comedy?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Is the AntiChrist Lurking?

It has been played to the hilt the past 48 hours. Tim Tebow will NOT accept a nomination, or a spot on the Playboy All-American Team claiming he cannot endorse a magazine that has naked women in it. This is the latest off season news story portraying the life of a perfect human being. Causing more and more people to really question "Is Tim Tebow indeed the Second Coming of Christ?"

We here at The College Football Guys have asked that very same question on a variety of different occasions and are ready to break it down for you. Lets find out once and for all how "The Chosen One" stacks up to the Almighty One.

Wears sandals - Check. "The Favored One's" ugly orange and blue Crocs would constitute as today's sandals. Honestly it is too bad he can't get paid to promote the struggling company. He is single handily making them solvent.

Heals the sink and the poor - Check. Tebow has been on 3 mission trips this summer and everyone knows by now that he performed circumcisions in the Philippines over spring break.

Gave "The Heisman" stiff arm to Satan three times in the desert - Check. While Tim didn't exactly spend time in the desert, he did defy Satan by choosing a missionary trip over scantly clad and loose college women on Spring Break. He told Hef he wasn't interested in his "evil" mag.

Little known fact - he resists the temptation of Wal-Mart's low prices, choosing not to support the "evil empire." He also hates Darth Vader and encourages children to use "the force" that only the Almighty can give.

Reaches out to societies worst - Check. Tebow spoke to two Florida prisons this off season and has been asked to speak to prisons in 5 other states!

Christ had 12 disciples - Check. This one is EASY! TT has more than 12 internet fan clubs! Each with their own "official president" and droves of devote followers. Included in the hysteria is a site he might want to talk to the owner about If Hef ain't good enough, I doubt that pun is.

Gave the Sermon on the Mount to thousands - Check. Tebow plays every Saturday in front of crowds that Christ himself would be jealous of.

Turned water into wine - Check. Everyone knows the power of #15's legs when a play breaks down.

Celibate - Jury's Out. While there are SEVERAL pictures on the web of "The Chosen One," with many beautiful women, according to this article he currently has no time for a girlfriend.

From the evidence above it appears that indeed the Second Coming of Christ walks and talks amongst us. This leaves us with one question, "Who is the AntiChrist Tim Tebow has come to save us from?" The one professed to bring the world into total darkness?

Maybe you can help us find him, before it is too late! Need help spotting he/she/it, here are the characteristics it is professed to possess. We are relying on you to put together your own creative juices and let us know who you think the "AntiChrist" is.

Contribute below or email us at


Rutgers Athletic Department announced yesterday just how much of a "made guy" Coach Greg Schiano is. Reported was new information stating how Schiano is compensated with monies from outside the state funds. According to this article the coach gets a $250,000 payment from an outside marketing firm, TJ Nelligan Sports Marketing.

When asked why this hadn't been brought up before, university president Richard McCormick said "I'm not sure why we didn't, but I regret it." Neither Schiano nor university athletic director Robert Mulcahy, who negotiated the deal, responded to requests for comment.

Seems to this College Football Guy that someone beefed and the boss TJ Nelligan (aka - Al Delucci) didn't want word of this on the street. Its no wonder coach ('Heavy Load' Gino) and the AD (Guido Santoro) didn't comment, they are too busy trying to find the beefer before a wise guy goes potzo and whacks someone.

If you want to find out how cool your mob name would be click here.

Decision '08 (Alabama vs. Clemson)

Here is the final installment in our attempt to help decide who will win Alabama/Clemson. Don't forget to vote today! Alabama fans, you better rally the troops! They better have that Georgia Dome AC on high August 30th!







Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Convenient for Who?

Good news for gamblers! The ACC is releasing NFL style injury reports!

In case you had no interest in betting on Furman@VT, The Citadel@Clemson, Gardner Webb@GT, South Carolina State@Clemson, and other EXCITING ACC non conference match ups, now you have something that might bring you to the table!

The ACC announced at their media day this week that ACC training staffs will release twice-weekly injury reports. The coaches claim that this is an easier way to get the information out to the media, or as Al Groh puts it, "I don't have to answer those stupid questions during the week."

Sorry to bother you Al, but we all just wanted to know which way to lay the money...

Is this process really for the coach's convenience, or is it a way to encourage betting on the games? What do you think? Conspiracy crazies - enjoy!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Media Circus is Here!

It is almost that time again! Time to suit it up and start practices across the country and work to get ready for Labor Day Weekend's opening games! But first coaches and players must suffer through media day.

On our podcast and on this blog we try to point out some interesting and humorous differences between the North, South and West and no where is this more evident than in how these regions treat their college football media day(s). Let us take a look at these schedules and see if you can tell the difference.

PAC TEN Media Day - Thursday, July 24th Los Angeles, CA

9:35 am - Tyrone Willingham/QB Jake Locker - Washington
9:50 am - Jim Harbaugh/C Alex Fletcher - Stanford
10:05 am - Paul Wulff/FL Brandon Gibson - Washington State
10:20 am - Jeff Tedford/C Alex Mack - California
10:35 am - Mike Stoops/QB Willie Tuitama - Arizona
10:50 am - Mike Bellotti/DB Patrick Chung - Oregon
11:05 am - Break(Oh good! I thought we were going to go straight through! These 15 minute segments are TOO much!)
11:15 am - Rick Neuheisel/DT Brigham Harwell - UCLA
11:30 am - Mike Riley/DB Brandon Hughes - Oregon State
11:45 am - Dennis Erickson/QB Rudy Carpenter - Arizona State
12:00 noon - Pete Carroll/LB Brian Cushing - USC

12:15 pm - "Sushi for lunch anyone?" I hear there is a great place in Burbank!
1:08 pm - Surf's up Brah! See you on the field in September!

BIG TEN Media Day - Thursday, July 24th, Chicago, IL

11:30 a.m. – Ron Zook (Illinois)
11:45 a.m. – Pat Fitzgerald (Northwestern)
Noon – Bret Bielema (Wisconsin)
12:15 p.m. – Joe Tiller (Purdue)

What no break?! Oh wait it's almost time to ask Jim when Ohio State is going to beat an SEC team...

12:30 p.m. – Jim Tressel (Ohio State)
12:45 p.m. – Bill Lynch (Indiana)
1:30 p.m. – Mark Dantonio (Michigan State)
1:45 p.m. – Tim Brewster (Minnesota)
2 p.m. – Joe Paterno (Penn State)
2:15 p.m. – Kirk Ferentz (Iowa)
2:30 p.m. – Rich Rodriguez (Michigan)
3 p.m. – James E. Delany (Big Ten)

3:15pm - If we hurry we might be able to catch the end of the Cubs game!

SEC Media Days July 23rd to 25th Birmingham, AL

1:10 - 3:10 pm - Urban Meyer, QB Tim Tebow, OT Phil Trautwein - Florida
1:10 - 3:10 pm - Sylvester Croom, QB Wesley Carroll, LB Jamar Chaney - MSU
3:10 - 5:10 pm - Les Miles, C Brett Helms, DE Tyson Jackson - LSU
3:10 - 5:10 pm - Bobby Johnson, S Reshard Langford, WR George Smith - Vandy

5:10 pm - Break until tomorrow morning. BBQ Ribs, fried mashed potatoes, fried okra (have to eat those veggies!), cornbread for dinner. Fried Twinkies for desert. Kentucky Bourbon to wash it all down.

7:30 am - Huddle Hut for breakfast. Fried chicken and waffles, one pound bacon, pint of syrup, and 2 liters of coffee.

8:40 - 10:40 am - Mark Richt, WR M. Massaquoi, DT Jeff Owens - Georgia
8:40 - 10:40 am - Nick Saban, OL Antoine Caldwell, S Rashad Johnson - Alabama

Short recess - Use this time to take a Purell bath.

10:40 am - 12:30 pm - Phillip Fulmer, RB Arian Foster, DE Robert Ayers - Tennessee
10:40 am - 12:30 pm - Houston Nutt, DT Peria Jerry, OT Michael Oher - Ole' Miss

12:45 pm - Houston Nutt private interview with Donna Bragg of KHOG News Channel 40/29, Fayetteville, AR.

12:45 pm - BBQ pork & coleslaw sandwich, served on buttered "Texas" Toast.

1:45 pm -4:35 pm - Sleep. What else is there to do in the metropolis of Birmingham, AL?

5:30pm - 8:30pm - BBQ ribs, cornbread....rinse and repeat.

7:30 am - Waffle House breakfast. Two "Awful Waffles," Hash browns scattered, smothered, and covered.

8:40 - 10:40 am - Tommy Tuberville, C Jason Bosley, DE Sen'derrick Marks - Auburn
8:40 - 10:40 am - Rich Brooks, DE Jeremy Jarmon, WR Dicky Lyons, Jr. - Kentucky
10:40 am - 12:30 pm - Bobby Petrino, LB Elston Forte, C Jonathan Luigs - Arkansas

12:25 pm - Bobby is scheduled to end his press conference with a "Hog Call."

10:40 am - Whenever pm - Steve Spurrier, LB Jasper Brinkley, WR Kenny McKinley - South Carolina

Who are we kidding? This is the highlight of the days. What crazy thing will Spurrier say next?

BIG 12 Media Days - July 23rd-25th Kansas City.

If you think SEC Media Days are crazy, check this out!

Monday, July 21, 2008

New Intramural Sport?

Bored today at work?

I mean really bored?

According to this video so are 4000 people every summer in Lind, WA. Everything you wanted to know and more about the great sport of Combine Demolition Derby is below!

How much longer until K-State and Iowa State, or any Big 12 school for that matter, put together a team? I can see Bobby Knight as a guest announcer. Maybe throwing some chairs in the parking lot before the event to warm the crowd up.

Decision '08 (Alabama vs. Clemson)

Here we go again! The latest chance to "break down" this year's top non conference games by having YOU vote for which school has the best looking women.

This week the vote is between Alabama/Clemson. The College Football Guys can't wait to see all the beautiful people in the Georgia Dome September 6th, 2008!

Vote now, or wait until Thursday for more pics!









Friday, July 18, 2008

July Podcast is here!

July is here and we are on fire! Listen to our newest podcast. We have been looking at all the players that have recently been arrested for DUI, and we wanted to help them out. In this episode we play the newest game that will soon sweep the nation, Is this the name of a DUI Attorney or College Football Stadium? Listen and see how you do!

We also address the Rich Rodriguez buy out. Which teams are beating Vegas' over/under win totals this year. How many starters in the NFL are from SEC schools. What is with random Nebraska fan pulling a stunt on OU fans and who is to blame? All this and more on this episode of The College Football Guys!

Just click here and push play!

Easy as pie!


Superheroes and the ACC

With the release of The Dark Knight today we wanted to take a moment to use superheroes to introduce you to the ACC. Currently the ACC stands for Almost College football Conference, however with the power and recognition of these heroes we hope that this conference becomes relevant once more.

Florida State - Superman. Once the gold standard in college football and in the hearts of all children. The use of kryptonite by their arch rival makes them blow it in the last minute. Every super hero dies eventually. Seminole fans hope that new coach will revive program as new technology revived hero.

Miami - Lex Luther. Both wear classic trademark characteristics on their heads, baldness and "the U." Successful and hated by many. Serves as Superman's arch enemy. It is rumored that his kryptonite made Superman's kicker go "wide right," even "wide left."

NC State - Planet Krypton. Much like the terrestrial sphere once Superman, or Philip Rivers, left they exploded and now cease to exist! Not even the squeaky voice of "offensive genius" Chuck Amato could elevate this program to real superhero status.

UNC - Hancock. A team so terrible and disrespected that they had to go out and find someone to right the ship. We will see if Butch Davis will be this program's Ray Embrey.

Boston College - Spiderman. Without a uniform this program, school and hero is overlooked in its own town. This smart, nerdy, small kid has proven himself with some Herculean, dare we say, "Heavenly" achievements. Hail Flutie anyone?

Duke - Invisible Woman. Have an affinity for the color blue. Just as the super hero, Duke football is invisible on a campus that has other "fantastic four" members - men's basketball, lacrosse, and women's basketball. It would take a brilliant Duke grad to truly figure out the depth of their powers. Unfortunately Cutcliffe went to 'Bama.

Wake Forest - Daredevil. Disabled by a lack of tradition, small student population and living in basketball country, yet they still found a way to win the ACC championship and a BCS bid. Just proves the old saying true, "even a blind squirrel, or superhero, finds a nut every once in a while."

Maryland - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We recognize that this is not a traditional superhero, however is Maryland really a traditional football school? New coach/movie have tried desperately to revive program. Just take a moment out of your day and think about what Ralph "The Fridge" Friedgen would look like in a turtle costume.

Virginia Tech - X-Men. Like the X-Men, "Hokie Nation" have their own professor in Frank Beamer. It is rumored he has an extra brain. A brain so powerful and telepathic that it can predict the offenses' next move. Success lies in capitalizing on the strength of their defense.

Clemson - Two Face. The fan favorite to win at the beginning of the year, but in the end they come up bad. When faced with a difficult opponent it seems they flip a coin to determine how well they are going to play.

Virginia - Ironman. Educated, rich, well dressed. What else would you expect from Jefferson's school? Spend copious dollars on equipment, coaches and facilities, but just can't get it put all together to become THE superstar.

Georgia Tech - Underdog. Not as popular as the real "Dawgs" in GA, but at least they have TV "redneck" Earl as their voice over. Paul Johnson's option offense is taking the team back to a time when they were both once relevant.

Army - Captain America. Rooting for them makes you feel patriotic. Extremely relevant in the 40's and 50's, now nonexistent. Out of date attacks (throwing a shield/option offense) don't work against this eras opponents. Captain America, "Where is your movie?"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Don't Give Up!

Today is a great day to give to a great cause. One out of every two males and one out of every three females will have cancer in their lifetime. Everyone knows someone that has been affected by this terrible affliction.

You can help!

By calling 1-800-4-JIMMY-V and giving $5, $20, $100, $1000, any amount. 100% of your money will go to cancer research and help find a cure for cancer. Take a moment and do what you can today.

This speech is one of my favorites. Enjoy!

Don't give up, don't ever give up!

Decision '08 (Ohio State @ USC) Final Day!

Here is the last entry comparing Ohio State women to USC women. If you haven't voted, do! It is our little way of helping decide how these great non conference match ups are going to shake out this year.

Get ready for the biggest game of the year in Memorial Coliseum, September 13, 2008!


Ohio State?


Ohio State?

Ohio State? We are REALLY trying to help you out Buckeye fans!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Big East and Our Favorite Shows

Since the Hurricanes, Hokies, and Eagles left the Big East for the "greener pastures" of the ACC the Big East has been fighting for respect and recognition. The College Football Guys are here to help. We have made it easy for you to get to know the Big East by pairing them with famous TV shows that we have all come to enjoy.

WVU - "Survivor." The first relevant show in the Big East. Recent drama and changes in format reek of desperation, which continues to make it fun to watch, but for how much longer? Will Bill Stewart and the program "survive" without Rodriguez? Might be destined for syndication in the near future.

Rutgers - "Biggest Loser." Was once a loser with low self esteem. Now healthy, hip and ready to be a winner the rest of their lives. We will see if they can keep their head "trainer" as ratings suffer without.

UConn - "Big Brother." Has origins in another league (England/Division I-AA). Desire to be an elite program. Voyeur nature makes it a guilty pleasure. Unfortunately the program serves as filler until the real season begins (basketball & fall viewing).

USF - "American Idol." New. Sexy. Every one's favorite. It is unbelievable how far this program has gone in such a short time. Randy Jackson could pull off the "Mohawk" but I can't see Paula in one. However, we would like to see Simon Cowell challenge Coach Leavitt.

Pitt - "Deadliest Catch." Blue collar; salt of the earth program. They hope that their "catch" against WVU wasn't a fluke. Will interest and captivate viewers if they can pull in enough wins to compete for the Big East title.

Syracuse - "Who Want’s to be a Millionaire?" Has done well with good hosts - Jim Brown/Donovan McNabb/Regis. Without, they are stuck in syndication on the 4 o'clock hour making them relevant only to old alumni in Florida. "Ready for the early bird special Earl?"

Cincy - “Dancing with the Stars.” Show exploded on the scene last year with big wins thanks to nifty moves and great QB play. Can they make it a tradition moving forward or will their game be canceled?

Louisville - "Real World." Always a juicy story whether it’s Petrino or new head coach Kragthorpe. Alumni continue to fight and bicker about what might have been! Makes you wish Puck would come back to your TV.



It is a day we have been waiting for since about a month after EA Sports released NCAA '08! A day that college students, pizza delivery drivers, out of work real estate agents, Blockbuster night managers, and a couple paperboys wait in line for the first copy of NCAA '09. Even though Toledo's Rocky the Rocket didn't make the cover we are happy this day has arrived!

National productivity just took a hit. There will be more than a couple lawns that go unmowed this weekend and your pizza might arrive in closer to 45 minutes, instead of 30.

For those of you that haven't gotten there's yet, enjoy this preview!

Monday, July 14, 2008

2008's Season Win Totals

Colin Cowherd released on his show this morning the Vegas Sports Consultant's over/under, season win totals, for the 2008 college football season. The complete list is here (scroll down past the odds of winning the national title).

The following are some of the most interesting:

USC - 10.5
Georgia - 9
Ohio State - 10
Michigan - 8
Penn State - 8.5
West Virginia - 9.5
Florida - 10
Kansas - 8
Notre Dame - 7

UNLV is 1000 to 1, and Nevada 400 to 1 odds to win it all. Vegas REALLY doesn't want to touch ANY local money!

Good News for Notre Dame

Seems these days people can't help but heap bad news and press towards Notre Dame. We here at The College Football Guys believe that all things negative bring a positive so lets take time and reflect on the good that has come out of all this negative.

Bad News: ND lost 9 games in 2007.

Good News: They won 3 games!

Bad News: No BCS bowl, or any bowl game for the Irish in 2007.

Good News: It was the first time since 1992 that ND finished the season with 2 straight wins! They "beat up" on Duke and Stanford missed 4 field goals to hand a 21-14 victory to the mighty Irish.

The Irish also dodged the opportunity to add another loss to their amazing 13-15 all time bowl record!

Bad News: The New England Patriots were found guilty of video taping defensive signals that gave them a competitive advantage and made their offense coordinators look like geniuses.

Good News: Notre Dame has one of those offensive "geniuses" locked up trough 2015! Do you think additional "coach" cameras were required to complete the NBC deal?

Bad News: The offensive line allowed 58 sacks in 2007.

Good New: They lead the NCAA and it beat a school record by 20! The previous record was only 38 in 2002!

Bad News: Lost to Navy, 44-46 in 3 OT


Bad News: TV ratings on NBC were the lowest since the network started broadcasting the games in 1992.

Good News: Dick Ebersol, chairman of NBC sports, still thinks the XFL is cool and gave Notre Dame an extension through 2015.

Which contract will actually survive until 2015? Charlie's, or NBC's?

Bad News: Only 75 rushing yards per game in 2007.

Good News: ANOTHER school record. They beat 2006's record by 51 ypg!

Bad News: Last time Notre Dame won a bowl game was 1994.

Good News: 89 different teams have won a bowl game since then! (source: Phil Steele 2008)

Bad News: The pope came to the states and held mass in Yankee Stadium instead of making the trip to South Bend to bless Notre Dame Stadium.

Good News: Regis Philbin still loves you and loyal alumni will believe ANY story!

Will Sept. 6th game against San Diego State bring Notre Dame fans more good news? Only time will tell...

Decision '08 (Ohio State @ USC)

Here we go again...

Another installment of which college nonconference matchup has the hottest women? USC or Ohio State? This is the biggest nonconference game of the year and your vote will help decide the final outcome! Vote now, or wait until the final installment on Thursday!

Ohio State?


Ohio State?


Ohio State?