Saturday, December 27, 2008

Emerald Bowl Preview

Its here!

Today is the day!

The Emerald Nuts Bowl is tonight! While Cal and Miami might be playing football in a baseball stadium on a field that is only big enough for one side line, the real excitement lies in the EN commercials. Just to get you in the mood for tonight's festivities we thought we would give you a taste of some of the EN classics.

Enjoy the game. Enjoy the commercials more!


Unlike (Berkeley)

Oh and we can't forget this one. It's an ad for ACC football and Lemon Lime Gatorade shot the last time Cal played a Big East team. (Good stuff at 1:00)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gifts for Everyone!

The holidays are here and with it brings goodwill, gifts, and well wishes! With this in mind we here at the College Football Guys wish to give a load of gifts away this season.

We extend the following gifts and wishes to these college football programs.

Texas and freshman safety Blake Gideon - A second chance at an interception that would have ended the "Miracle in Lubbock" and given the 'Horns a January trip to Miami over Glendale.

Miami of Ohio - Mike Haywood without his great offensive play calling skills.

Arizona Wildcat Fans- The three year extension you just gave Mike Stoops back. Trust us you will want it back after next year. Seems Wildcat fans have forgotten this Stoops isn't Bob.

USC and Pete Carroll - Independence from the Pac Ten. As an independent the Trojans would enjoy a schedule without 0-12 Washington and 2-10 WAZZU.

The State of Washington - A victory against a FBS school located outside the borders of the Evergreen State.

Ohio State - A BCS game against a team outside of the SEC. Done! Maybe you won't have to change the locker room combination this year.

Auburn - Like the sibling that can't compete for his parent's affection our gift to the Tigers is self confidence, not a new coach. Just because your brother isn't sick anymore and is starting to beat you up again doesn't mean you suck! Just means you were never as good as him.

Michigan - A historic season. Wait that WAS 2008! OK, how about a Sheraton Hawaii Bowl invitation for '09 and a QB that can run the spread option.

Baylor - A transfer from the Big 12 South to the Big 12 North. The Bears will shine with freshman QB Robert Griffin but not as brightly as they would playing the foes in the Big 12's northland.

Texas A&M - A formation that allows an eligible 12th man. Maybe they can sneak one in on the Piedmont A 11 offense.

Arizona State - An offensive line that can protect a QB and the ability to win ANY big game. Littl' Elway better have pop's legs.

Indiana - A 2009 schedule packed full of Northwestern and FCS programs.

UCLA and Rick Neuheisel - About 14, 15, maybe 16 less interceptions from a starting quarterback.

Vanderbilt - Knowledge that the season is 12 games long, not six. Season ending losses to Miss. State, Tennessee, and Duke left a gash on a great start to the season.

Kansas State - A spring recruiting class full of freshmen. Ron Prince's experiment to sign 19 JC transfers this year reeked of desperation and didn't turn out so well.

West Virginia - 4 more years of Pat White.

Notre Dame - A victory in a bowl for the first time since 1993.

Merry Christmas to all...

...and to the Irish a good night.

Monday, December 22, 2008

BCS Preview Podcast for TCFGs

The College Football Guys BCS Picks show is here and just in time for Christmas!

Join the College Football Guys as they preview and pick this year's BCS games. Also find out how the 2007 Capital One Bowl means anything to this years BCS slate!

Click here! Press play and enjoy!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Bowl Picks Podcast is HERE!

It is indeed the MOST wonderful time of the year!

Bowl season is here!

Our College Football Bowl Picks Show is here too!

Listen to our latest podcast to find out who we picked in this year's bowl games.

Click here. Press play and enjoy. We know this one is long, but once you press play we guarantee you won't want to push stop!

REMEMBER, if your think our picks are crazy you can challenge us in the College Football Guys ESPN Bowl Mania group!

How? Easy. 1.) Create an entry. 2.) Go to our group here and add your entry. 3.) Sit back and enjoy the games.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Saturday with No Football

We knew August 28th, the day the season started, that this day would come.

Alas it is on the horizon. A Saturday with no football!

No more tailgates. No ESPN College Gameday. No beautiful co-eds. No band playing our favorite song! It is all gone.

What to do? It has been over three months since we have been without. We are all at a bit of a loss here. How is a man to fill his Saturday without college football?

Let us help you out and offer a few suggestions.

First and most important, if you value your companionship with your significant other, do something with your wife, girlfriend, fiance! Who is that you ask? That is the cute little thing (way to cute for you we might add) that has been patiently waiting to get you back on Saturdays.

She has listened to you yell at the TV. Put up with your drunkenness at all the tailgates. Limited her comments when she caught you drooling over a young co-ed and even fixed you dinner a time or two.


Now if you don't have a "significant other" and you:

a. Don't have finals to study for.
b. Live in an area of the country where it is too cold to do anything outside.
c. Believe the only joy that comes from the holiday season is shopping on Christmas Eve.
d. Have already defended your favorite program's NCAA '09 National Title 10 times.
e. Live in a spotlessly clean home.


f. Are hopelessly addicted to your 47" flat screen HDTV.

Here is some TV programing that might cure your withdrawal symptoms. Please check your local listings for times in your area.

Are you an ACC fan? Now is your chance to scout next year's schedule. This weekend is the semi finals for the FCS championship. Richmond plays at Northern Iowa, 4pm EST on ESPN. Just in case you are lost Friday night, Montana plays at JMU, 8pm EST on the "Deuce."

Big 12 fans - Storm Chasers; Sean and Reed bring their teams closer to tornadoes than ever before, 2pm CST on Discovery and we must never forget King of the Hill, 3pm CST on FX.

For SEC fans, CMT has you covered with the 12 Days of Redneck Christmas, 5pm EST.

CMT is also helping West Virginia fans with Larry the Cable Guy's Star-Studded Christmas Extravaganza at 9:30pm EST. It is rumored that Mountaineer head coach Bill Stewart is co-hosting.

Bill Dance Outdoors on Versus at 1pm EST gives us a nice review of the 2008 Tennessee football season. In case you don't get a chance to catch it, we have posted it below.

Kind of reminds you of Ol' Fulmer, don't it?

Layla Kiffin says goodbye on Bravo's 7pm PST airing of Real Housewives of Orange County.

Auburn boosters call in to CNBC's 8pm EST showing of the Suze Orman Show to ask if paying $5.1 million to buy out one of the most successful coaches in the SEC is a sound financial decision. Suze's reaction is priceless.

Cal fans will find An Inconvenient Truth airing on Discovery at 1pm PST.

For those Notre Dame, Washington, WAZZU, Syracuse, Iowa State, Michigan, SMU, and North Texas fans, Trainwrecks is on Spike at noon EST. If you need something in prime time Mission Impossible III is on TNT at 11pm EST.

For Oregon, Cal, Missouri, Army, Central Michigan and every other programs that donned ugly uni's this year, What Not To Wear is on TLC at 4, 5, and 6pm EST.

Bottom line: Whatever you do, don't forget the Heisman Trophy Presentation is at 8pm EST on (where do you think?) ESPN.

Don't worry. This weekend is just a practice for January as Bowl Season begins bright and early at 11am EST, Saturday, December 20th!

Free Swag!

The formula is fairly easy. 68 FBS programs figured it out in 2008.

Go 6-6 or better. Accept bowl invite and get free goodies!

The list of goodies that players are getting to attend bowl games this year came out this week and can be found here.

Best reward for going 7-5 on the season: Insight Bowl is giving players a 26" Vizio LCDs and Bulova watches.

Worst gift package: Watch from the Cotton Bowl. Really? That's it? To think this bowl wants to be a BCS bowl.

Most interesting gift: How about a "custom-woven" afghan from the EagleBank Bowl, or a "commemorative belt buckle" from the Texas Bowl.

You think this stuff is good, remember that each program is allowed to match the gifts in dollar value and the athletes get to pick those!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Playoffs for Worst College Bowl Game!

It's that time of year again!

Bowl season is upon us! Thirty-four bowl games have been slated and 68 teams begin preparations for the postseason. Athletic departments are busy buying "gifts" for their players, fans are excitedly booking trips and packing for vacation hot spots of El Paso, Boise and Shreveport!

Excitement is in the air!

However we here at the College Football Guys objectively looked at the slate of bowl games and notice that there are a lot of games that you should probably avoid watching. The advent of two MORE bowl games this year gives teams that are 2-5 in conference (USF) a chance to go bowling and also brings us some terrible and unappealing match ups.

Since we all clamor for a playoff in college football, we have devised our own "Worst College Bowl Playoff Bracket" to determine the worst bowl in college football this postseason.

We have decided to break this down into four regions with four games each. The "Sleeper Sixteen of College Bowls."

Join us as we set our brackets up and take the time to vote for which match up/bowl you find the least attractive, in each reagion. Next week we will narrow it down to the final four!

West Region:

Texas Bowl - Rice vs. Western Michigan. Luckily this match up is on the NFL Network so it won't interrupt actual sports programing on your basic cable provider.

New Mexico Bowl - Nothing says excitement more than #5 WAC, Colorado State vs. #5 MWC, Fresno State in cold Albuquerque, NM. Could be worse. Imagine New Mexico/New Mexico State.

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl - Rematch of a Hurricane Ike displaced game played Sept. 13th between Air Force and Houston in rainy Dallas. A game that included ZERO pass completions for Air Force. Bowl - (7-5) Kansas vs. (7-5) Minnesota. The Golden Gophers finished the season 0 for 4 including embarrassing home losses to Michigan (29-6) and Iowa (55-0).

South Region:

R + L Carriers New Orleans Bowl: (6-6) Southern Miss. vs. (8-4) Troy. The victor gets the "Best SEC Cupcake Trophy."

Independence Bowl: (6-6) Northern Illinois vs. (7-5) La Tech in Shreveport, LA. Writing more would be a waste of characters. Definitely the number one seed in our books. Bowl: (6-6) NC State vs. (7-5) Rutgers. The Bracket's sixteen seed. Birmingham, AL gave this one a line.

Autozone Liberty Bowl: No matter how much Autozone and the Liberty Bowl Committee have paid "The Worldwide Leader" to shill the game this year, (6-6) Kentucky isn't turning on any dials outside of Lexington.

North Region:

EagleBank Bowl: The Nation's Capital kicks off bowl season at 11:00am EST on the 20th. That's right 11am! That is 8am PST! Whoever talked Navy into trading sunny San Diego for this bowl tie-in should be given the award for "Salesman of the Year."

Motor City Bowl: FAU vs. Central Michigan. Since when did a 6-6 record in the Sunbelt become good enough to be bowl eligible?

International Bowl: Buffalo vs. U Conn. Yeah Buffalo is a cute story this year, but who cares about a bowl played in Canada, AFTER New Year's Day.

Roady's Humanitarian Bowl: (7-5) Maryland vs. (7-5) Nevada. Four words: Boise. December. Smurf Turf. Plus we guess the selection committee forgot that Maryland lost to Middle Tenn State and Nevada was defeated by the Aggies of New Mexico State.

East Region:

majicJack St. Petersburg Bowl: (6-6) Memphis vs. (7-5) USF. Does anyone know anyone who plays for Memphis? USF is an impressive 2-5 in Big East play.

Outback Bowl: South Carolina vs. Iowa. Doesn't quite scream Tennessee/Wisconsin of years past.

Champs Sports Bowl: It took Wisconsin three missed extra point tries and overtime to defeat FCS Cal Poly at home. Florida State is 6-4 without its two FCS victories.

Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl: Boston College vs. (6-6) Vanderbilt. This is interesting if you like to watch Vanderbilt continue to drive its season off a cliff. The Commodores are 0-2 vs. the ACC. BC should present a bigger challenge than Duke and Wake.

Editor's note: The Sheraton Hawaii and Pioneer Las Vegas Bowls just missed this list and only because they are played in actual tourist destinations. Look for NBC to make a run at ESPN for broadcast rights to another Notre Dame defeat.

Bowl Mania Is HERE!

For those who wish to match college football wits with the West Coast Kid and the other College Football Guys, we have created a group on ESPN's College Football Bowl Mania!

Click here to submit your entry and join our group!

Don't forget, Monday, December 15th we will reveal our Bowl Predictions Show!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Week 16 Podcast for TCFGs

The regular season has come to an end and the BCS games have been slated!

In this week's podcast find out what the College Football Guys think about the BCS lineup. Did the BCS get the championship right? Why does "Dr. Dorf" think Utah and Boise State should play for the national title? What are TCFGs thoughts on the coaching moves throughout the country? Unlike the shows on TV we will give you our Heisman Trophy selections.

All this and much more on this week's edition! Click here. Press play and enjoy!

Don't forget! Next week will be our annual Bowl Preview Show!

What We Learned Week Fifteen

This weekend we learned that the BCS has deemed Florida and Oklahoma good enough to play in the BCS Championship Game. There was a couple other nuggets of knowledge that the College Football Guys picked up this weekend and we wish to pass them on to you.

The ACC should find a Florida high school football stadium to host their championship game in. The game's move from Jacksonville to Tampa this year produced an attendance that only a minor league baseball team would be proud of. Which is pretty handy considering they might want to consult some minor league teams for promotional ideas to attract more fans through the gates. Here are our thoughts:

10. Dollar beer.
9. Free Frank Beamer bobble head dolls to the first 8,000 fans.
8. "Michael Vick, Bring Your Dog to the Game Day."
7. Schedule an FCS program.
6. Collectible "Bowden Bowl" T-shirts from the early 2000's. Limited quantity. When there gone there gone!
5. Option to buy 2 tickets to the ACC Basketball Championship Game to the fan that wears the best Mike K. costume to the game.
4. Chance for a fan to win a $100,000 scholarship from Dr. Pepper. Wait. Scratch that. Already tried it.
3. Parachutists that land in Orlando instead of Raymond James Stadium.
2. Doug Flutie #22 Rosaries given to the first 2,222 fans.
1. Winning team splits the ACC conference's share of the $17 million BCS payout with any fan that turns in their used ticket stub.

Auburn showed the world this week how much of an attention seeking, step-brother they are to Alabama. Why would you fire a coach with 8 winning seasons, one 13-0 season, and six straight victories against your rival? The decision seems obvious. Auburn fans don't want the world to think that Arkansas has the SEC's most juvenile and obnoxious fans. It looks as though the lunacy of two programs is Mississippi's gain.

Alabama coach Nick Saban spoke of loyalty this week. Yes, you read that right! Nick Saban, "The King of Loyalty" criticized SEC football programs for being too quick to jump ship. Don't believe us? Here (at 1:35) is the video to prove it.
Nick Saban press conference 12-03-08

Rudy Carpenter taught us that getting thrown out of a girl's high school basketball game is no way to prepare for a rivalry game. However Rudy's lack of focus may have allowed Mike Stoops to take his home off the market.

Steve Sarkisian was named the next coach of the University of Washington. We will see if Husky fans find him an offensive genius when calling the plays for a team that had no player find the end zone more than four times this year.

Best use of a white out: West Virginia players and fans choice to honor Pat White with a "White Out" showed the nation what college football should be about.

Best revival of a uniform tradition: Pete Carroll's decision to bring the crimson uniforms to Pasadena for a UCLA home game. While some schools try soo hard to find the next "hot" thing (Oregon), sometimes all you have to do is reach back in the closet.

Worst new uniform of the weekend: One advantage to the new camouflage and black uniforms Army broke out this weekend is that dirt and grass stains are less obvious. The equipment managers for Army found this particularly helpful this weekend after Navy plowed the field with the Black Knights.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

TCFGs' Eleventh Poll of Year

1. Florida 72 (1)
2. Oklahoma 70 (1)
3. Texas 67
4. USC 64
5. Alabama 62
6. Utah 61 (1)
7. Penn State 58
7. Boise State 58
9. Texas Tech 55
10. Ohio State 48
11. TCU 43
12. Cincinnati 42
13. Oklahoma State 35
13. BYU 35
15. Oregon 31
16. Georgia Tech 29
17. Georgia 28
18. Pittsburgh 21
19. Virginia Tech 19
20. Mississippi 18
20. Michigan State 18
22. Ball State 13
23. WVU 7
23. Missouri 7

Others receiving votes: Northwestern - 5, Boston College - 5, Buffalo - 2, ECU - 2

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Why Not USC?

Its that time of year again! Time to start stumping for your favorite team to make it into the BCS Championship.

This year it seems the decision has already been made. The reservations booked. The BCS will select Oklahoma (provided they take care of the Tigers this weekend in cold KC) to play the winner of the SEC Championship Game to play in their title game.

Is this the correct decision?

Last we checked there are three other one loss BCS programs that have been left out of the equation here.

Texas and coach Mack Brown have used every media outlet they could find to plead their case to the nation and the voters. Big Mack has been on every sports show on the "World Wide Leader." A banner, provided by Texas boosters, was flown around the campus of Oklahoma State on Saturday. Texas has done everything short of interviewing with "60 Minutes" and making a guest appearance on "The View." (It is rumored that Elizabeth Hasselbeck has a HUGE crush on Colt McCoy.)

While we recognize that we do not possibly carry the same influence, it is time that someone attempts to make a case for USC.

Today we will look at why the University of Southern California (every time I read that I break into a Keith Jackson voice) deserves a shot at the BCS Championship Game.

The Trojans are a team built to make any SEC fan proud. Their defense first mentality this season has made them THE defense in college football. The Trojans defense has first round NFL talent in nearly every position and might just shut out Daunte Culpepper and the mighty Detroit Lions.

The Trojans rank number one in every major statistical defensive category. They have allowed only 10 touchdowns all season! Seven of which were scored in 2 games. USC has held nine opponents to 10 points or less including three shut outs. They are giving up a mere 3.4 yards a play.

The Men of Troy traveled over 2200 miles to hand Virginia a 52-7 home opening whoopin'. The Trojan's turned around and dominated, now 10-2 Ohio State, 35-3. A Buckeye program that returned 19 starters from a team that played in the 2008 BCS Championship Game. USC's annual rivalry game against Notre Dame resulted in a complete embarrassment for a once proud Irish program. USC held ND without a first down until the final play of the third quarter.

USC's collection of non conference victories is more impressive than Alabama's Clemson, Tulane, Arkansas State, and Western Kentucky. SEC fans will scream, "The Tide defeated Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, and LSU all on the road!" How great was that home advantage this year? Lets not forget that Wyoming and Georgia Tech took care of business in Knoxville and Athens and it took LSU the largest comeback in school history to overcome Troy in Baton Rouge. Remember, the mighty SEC is only 6-10 against BCS programs this year.

Finally lets look at everyone's favorite barometer when judging the beauty pageant that is college football, "Who did you lose to?"

Everyone knows this answer. We even warned of it! USC lost at Oregon State 27-21. A game where the Trojans were listless and outplayed in the first half, taking a 21-0 deficit to the locker room. They outscored the Beavers 21-6 in the second half but it wasn't enough. Oregon State used this victory as a spring board to their season as they came one game shy of reaching the Rose Bowl and a Pac Ten Championship. Are college football teams allowed to have bad days?


Ask Florida if they played their best, at home, against Ol' Miss this year. Their complete third quarter meltdown led to a Rebel victory, yet the Gators still play on.

USC did what it could to make it to the BCS Championship Game. If not for a first half meltdown in Corvalis, USC would be smelling more than roses this year.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Week Fifteen Podcast for TCFGs

Bedlam. - "A place, scene, or state of uproar and confusion."

Oklahoma State may not have brought true bedlam to college football, but the Cowboys sure helped contribute to the opening of Pandora's box on the BCS.

This week's podcast by the College Football Guys answers the question everyone has been talking about: Did the BCS get it right between Texas and OU?

Plus: What is up with the SEC this year? Preview of the SEC, Big 12, ACC, Conference USA, and MAC Championships. TCFGs Heisman favorites. Notre Dame in crisis. How are OU and Ohio State the same?

All that and more on this controversial edition of the College Football Guys. Just click here. Press play and ENJOY!

What We Learned Week Fourteen

While the College Football Guys may not have figured out if the BCS got the Big 12 South tie breaker right (find out what we think in this week's podcast tonight!). We still learned an awful lot this weekend in college football. Below is just a sample.

It is no wonder the Big 12 conference is getting so much love this year. Watching the end of a Big 12 game is like watching the end of a March Madness game. Both Kansas/Missouri and Nebraska/Colorado games were decided in the final minute. Kansas with a play from Todd Reesing that would make Flutie proud and Nebraska with a 57 yard field goal! One can only hope the Dr. Pepper Big 12 Championship Game brings as much excitement.

How fast has the luster faded from the MIGHTY SEC? With a victory over rival FSU, Florida avoided an Almost College football Conference weekend sweep of the SEC. South Carolina, Georgia and the former darlings of Vanderbilt each lost their regular season finales. Their defeats brought the SEC's record to 6-10 vs. BCS programs this year and 4-6 vs. the ACC. Before Florida's victory on Saturday night the last BCS program the SEC defeated was at Arizona State on September 20th! Since that game the SEC has lost to Texas, Wake (twice), West Virginia, Duke, Georgia Tech, Clemson as well as non-BCS "powerhouse" Wyoming.

Notre Dame found out Saturday night who the true five star athletes are. USC's dominance of the Irish was not defined enough in the 38-3 score. The true stat is the 91 yards of total offense the Trojans held ND to. The Irish could muster only 9 yards in the first half and achieved their first, first down on the last play of the third quarter. NO ONE can argue that recruiting web sites and magazines have been inflating Notre Dame classes for years in an attempt to sell subscriptions and memberships. There isn't a single player on ND's roster that would start for USC.

The "Mad Hatter," Les Miles at LSU, was out "Hatted" this weekend by Arkansas. Razorback QB Casey Dicks threw a 24 yard TD pass with 22 seconds remaining to win the game for the Hogs. It is safe to say that the luck, er "great calls," of 2007 just weren't there for the Tigers in 2008.

Who says that Houston Nutt is the only "Right Reverend" in the SEC? Georgia coach Mark Richt sure looked like he was doing plenty of preaching on Saturday when he made his teamtake a knee and gather 'round after the third quarter. We all know the only reason teams go into the locker room at halftime is so the band can use the field.

Rick Neuheisel will start winning at UCLA when he finds a QB that throws more touchdowns to players in powder blue and gold than the opposition. Arizona State returned three Kevin Craft interceptions for touchdowns on Friday night (Craft's 17th, 18th, and 19th INT for the year to 7 TD's). Add the 71 yard fumble return for a touchdown you have an NCAA record for four defensive scores in one game. Remove the mistakes? UCLA wins 9-6.

Several uniform issues that came up this weekend. Since when did it become popular for kickers to color coordinate their shoes with their uniforms? Just goes to show that flipping through Eastbay catalogs takes up a majority of a kicker's practice/film study time. We wonder if these kickers ever get jealous of their girlfriends' shoe collection.

Seems that University of Missouri/Columbia researcher, David Brunsma findings were true in "that student uniforms have no direct effect on substance use, behavioral problems, or attendance." While he was talking about uniforms in the classroom of K-12 students he could have easily done his research on the results of college football programs wearing alternative uniforms. Especially ones that are piss yellow.