Tuesday, September 30, 2008

TCFGs First Poll of 2008 (09/30/08)

If you are a listener of our podcast and fan of the blog you know that we here at The College Football Guys believe that polls should not be released until after week 5.

I think that last weekend's events proved our rational on this matter. We want to actually see these teams play before we rush to a judgement on them. That being said we still really haven't seen the Big 12 play ANYONE however here is our first top 25 of the season. Enjoy!

1. Oklahoma 73 points (2)
2. LSU 71 (1)
3. Alabama 70
4. Missouri 66
5. Texas 62
6. Penn State 60
7. USF 57
8. Texas Tech 49
9. BYU 47
10. USC 45
11. Florida 41
12. Georgia 39
13. Auburn 35
14. Ohio State 33
14. Utah 33
16. U Conn 32
17. Vanderbilt 31
18. Oklahoma State 29
19. Boise State 27
20. Kansas 21
21. Wisconsin 14
22. Michigan State 8
23. Northwestern 7
24. Kentucky 6
25. Ball State 5

Other receiving votes - Tulsa 4, Virginia Tech 4, Fresno State 3, Oregon 2, Wake Forest 1.

This poll in a combination of our podcast host's three opinions on the strength of college footballs top teams. The rankings receive points 25-1 and are added together to get the final ranking. From this first poll you can tell that there is a still a great deal of uncertainty once you go outside the top seven spots. The poll takes an eight point drop, proving that it is STILL early in the year and opinions, even amongst three of us vary greatly.

The hosts will explore this issue more in tomorrow's weekly podcast.

Disagree with our rankings? You know what to do. Post your comments below!

Monday, September 29, 2008

What We Learned Week Five

"I don't believe what I just saw!"

This weekend still got you rubbing your eyes? Maybe pinching yourself to see if this is all just a dream? Have you been left a confused mess on the couch crying out, "Why! Why!" Well to be frank we are still scratching our collective brains as well. However we did learn a couple of things this weekend.

Note to SEC fans. Writing off the Florida loss to an Ol' Miss team that hadn't won an SEC game on the road in the last 14 tries to "depth of conference" sounds as ridiculous as the following:
  • Oregon State's victory over USC definitely shows how strong the Pac Ten is.
  • Even though Maryland lost to Middle Tennessee State their victory over ACC power house Clemson demonstrates the depth and power of the ACC from top to bottom.
  • Michigan's 19 point comeback to upset #9 Wisconsin shows how much resolve and power the Big Ten conference has.
  • Houston's victory over BCS Cinderella ECU shows that top to bottom, it doesn't matter who you play in Conference USA, you better be careful!

Upsets in conference play happen SEC fans! Get over yourselves.

Maybe Forbes Magazine knew what they were talking about when they named Nick Saban "The Most Powerful Coach in Sports."

The practice of wearing black should be reserved ONLY for funerals. Here is the now famous You Tube footage. Advance to 1:05 so you don't waste your entire morning.

While it seems UGA was confused on the purpose of wearing black, Oregon State had an "orange out," Penn State had a "white out" and Miami called Stanford to find out some more information about their "Satisfaction Guarantee." With an attendance on only 35,830 in Dolphin Stadium it appeared they were doing a "walk out." Maybe Hurricane fans were just protesting Butch Davis' return.

Penn State offense looks much better in HD. It is amazing what the Lion's can do when Anthony Morelli isn't on the field to throw interceptions every other possession.

Iowa is still paying Kirk Ferentz too much to lose at home to Northwestern.

Congratulations Duke! You finally made someone else the red-headed step-child of the ACC!

Even though visiting Pac Ten teams have to take a flight several hours long to Spokane, jump on a bus down a dirt road to Pullman, WA to stay the night at a Best Western in Moscow, ID, it doesn't seem to stop them from hanging 60+ on WAZZU, even on homecoming weekend.

While the spirit of David was alive and well in most college stadiums throughout the land, it seems the Palouse of Eastern Washington just might be a bit too remote for the littl' fella.

Friday, September 26, 2008

ACC "Little Sister of the Poor" (9/27/08)

This weekend it is Boston College's turn to pick on the little ones with their one and only Division I-AA school on the 2008 schedule.

Rhode Island

Location: Kingston, RI
Founded: 1892
Nickname: Rams
Mascot: Rhody the Ram
Conference: Colonial Athletic Association
Size: 14,500 undergrads
Well known alumni: Lamar Odom, NBA play with the LA Lakers.
Interesting facts: Their student newspaper is entitled The Good 5 Cent Cigar.

They also have one of the most devout fight songs we've ever heard.

We're Rhode Island born
We're Rhode Island bred
And when we die
We'll be Rhode Island dead

Pretty intense! If BC has their way the Rams will be Rhode Kill.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Careful USC...

...Corvallis can be a scary place.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Datin' Advice from the "Pirate of Lubbock"

Where was this clip earlier this year when we were suggesting classes for coaches to teach on campus?

Dating 101? Coach Leach NEVER ceases to amaze us!

Speaking from personal experience, the drive-in is always a nice spot for a first date, especially the ones in Cody, WY. Plus, we ALL know how much women love conversatin' with food in their mouths.

Looking for more dating advice? Pat Forde looks at advice from other coaches in this weeks Forde Yard Dash.

Oh and there is more in the Mike Leach archive. We definitely see acting in this man's future.

Who Da Ho?

I Da Ho!

"Cover up young ladies!" Explanation here. There has NEVER been this much excitment in the Kibbie Dome, EVER! Not even in John Frieze and Mark Schlereth's days.

I just hope someone on the campaign trail will ask Vandal alumna Sarah Palin what her opinion is on this matter, that is if reporters will ever be allowed to ask her questions...

Maybe these are the girls Coach Mike Leach had in mind for that first date.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Week Five for TCFGs

Time for some southern cookin' on The College Football Guys!

Listen to this week's podcast as we talk about SEC football. What is up with the Pac Ten this year? Who is this weekend's favorite to be a BCS Buster? A look ahead to Alabama/Georgia. Who's going to win this year's "Friends of Coal Bowl?"

More importantly we play our most favorite game "Real or Silicon?"

This and SO much more!

Just click here. Press play and Enjoy!

Monday, September 22, 2008

What We Learned Week Four

Here is what The College Football Guys learned in week four of college football.

Thursday night confirmed what we knew all along, long time assistants don't make good head coaches. Coach Luther Van Damn made a great assistant to Hayden Fox at Minnesota State, but imagine him with the head post of the "Screaming Eagles." Wait, you don't even have to imagine, it unveiled itself Thursday night in Boulder. Some one might want to ask Mr. Heat Miser what he was thinking when he gave good ol' boy Stewart a six year contract extension after only 2 victories...

Skip Holtz's phone stopped ringing with job offers from other schools at precisely 3:17pm EST on Saturday. The same time the final whistle blew in Raleigh. He might coach a team in purple and gold, but he doesn't have the athletes to back up gutsy calls like Les Miles does. If they'd kicked the field goal on 4th and goal from the one, instead of going for the touchdown, ECU would still be up by three, be a BCS contender and a have a busy secretary.

Wake Forest players must have bet the under as they tried SO hard to make sure their game with Florida State didn't get out of hand. We're guessing they read our blog about how entertaining 12-3 games are.

Perhaps another Heisman highlight? That kid's got hops!

Andrew Hatch, QB/LSU, learned that hits in the SEC are just a bit harder than those from Division I-AA, or even the Sun Belt for that matter. He was knocked out of Saturday night's game, at Auburn, with a concussion. He was later seen on the sideline enjoying a Snickers and convincing everyone he was batman.

Arkansas fans were right. Life with Bobby Patrino and his "high powered" offense is WAY better than life with that no good, wife cheatin' bastard Houston Nutt. It's OK. Bama fans have some sympathy since they once thought life with a real "Tide man" (Shula) was better than life with a strip club lovin' west coast wacko (Price).

Those of you not fans of the SEC, we hope you get to liken' southern cookin', cause that's awl ESPN and dem other media outlets are gonna be given' us a fine helpin' of for awhile!

No matter how long the mighty Jimmy Clausen grows his hair, he still isn't Samson. Also, is anyone else tired of people trying to legitimize Notre Dame's chances of a BCS bowl by bringing up the schedule? "Well Tim, if you look at the Irish's schedule this year, there are at least 8 games they should win..." They AREN'T going to a BCS bowl this year!

True freshman Terrelle Pryor had 10 completions this weekend, in his much anticipated college debut, however only four of them were for touchdowns. Slacker! Six completions that didn't go for a score? No wonder Ohio State fans didn't pack The Shoe and began the boo birds this weekend. "You Suck!" The future looks SO dim for those Buckeyes!

Oregon is thankful this weekend that they have their own regional TV network (OSN) so the nation didn't get the opportunity to watch Boise State earn their first road victory vs a BCS opponent live. At least their was some coverage available so we can catch the highlights.

Oh and the last thing we learned this week is that John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High" is way better than his "Take Me Home, Country Roads." Don't believe us? Just ask CU alum Chris Fowler.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Nice Vespa! Dork!

It seems with the cost of gas pushing the $4/gal mark this year, college students have become even more efficient on how to save money when commuting to class.

More and more students are resorting to bicycles and actually using the university provided bus. Still others, particularly those whose expenses are subsidized by the university, football players perhaps, are finding it hip to get around on mopeds. However even though the two wheeled beast is too cool for words, it appears that mopeds are indeed governed by the same rules as any other automobile.

Who knew?

Jonathan Casillas, senior linebacker for the Wisconsin Badgers is finding this truth out the hard way. One crisp and beautiful, August Wisconsin evening he was pulled over by campus police. Jonathan had been drinking that night and after blowing a 0.15 was sited for driving under the influence.

This got us at The College Football Guys to thinking that since these mopeds are such a new phenomena to college campuses that some education is in order.

The following is a public service announcement to all students out there, and those thinking of making the switch to a scooter as your primary means of transportation. With the aid of youtube and a few drunken idiots we bring you some signs to let you definitively know you are too drunk to safely operate such a fine piece of machinery.

The inability to drive in a straight line.

You feel a loss of control.

You pretend to be Kellen Winslow.

You think that your girl's undies make a sufficient substitute for wearing a helmet.

You keep telling the guy you just met at the party how it would be so cool to race mopeds on a professional circuit.

You convince that same guy that scooter skiing is a killer adrenaline rush, brah!

You think Naked Moped Joust is a new Olympic sport. (Why wouldn't it be? Makes sense to us.)

ACC Cupcake of the Week (9/20/08)

After suffering a humiliating loss in week one to Saban's Crimson Tide, Clemson has spent the last three weeks in Memorial Stadium licking their wounds. Their path to healthiness has included NC State and TWO Division I-AA programs including this weekend's South Carolina State Bulldogs. So here we are again to help you become better acquainted with the 14 FCS programs the Almost College football Conference is playing this year.

South Carolina State

Location: Orangeburg, SC (about 30 minutes southeast of Columbia, SC)
Founded: 1896
Nickname: Bulldogs
Conference: Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference
Size: 4,500
Well known alumni: Harry Carson - Hall of Fame Linebacker for the NY Giants. Deacon Jones - "The Secretary of Defense," Hall of Fame Defensive Lineman for the LA Rams.
How you might have heard of them: This one is a serious one. We promise not to do it too often. During the Civil Rights Movement an altercation arose on campus resulting in the death of 3 people, 2 of which were students. What is now known as the "Orangeburg Massacre" predated the Kent State shootings and Jacksonville State Killings. This was the first incident of its kind and was highlighted by the film Black Magic that debuted on ESPN in March.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Pac Smacked

This pretty much wraps up the "beat down" the Pac Ten received last weekend. I hope someone got the plates on the truck that ran over running back Jahvid Best in College Park.

If you are a Pac Ten fan you might want to revert your eyes, but you have to watch the surprise at the end.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Southern Snore

As witnessed in Auburn's stimulating 3-2 victory over Mississippi State, the thrilling SEC conference schedule is upon us whether we like it or not. A schedule chalked full of match ups so short on offense it makes even the most die hard fan reach for the remote to find Premier League or Australian Rules Football on the telly.

It's times like these I wish they would invent a TV alarm for the sports viewer.

Wouldn't it be great if an alarm sounded on your TV during those late, ESPN prime time, SEC games? One loud enough to awaken you from your slumber and let you know an SEC offensive juggernaut just broke into the red zone and is looking to score.

Maybe the red zone is a bit premature. We all know the AMAZING defenses of the SEC might just stall the drive into a missed/botched field goal attempt. What if the alarm sounded one play before a score? This way we wouldn't miss a thing and not feel guilty dozing off during the game.

If they can place a yellow line at the first down marker, record "live" television and institute instant replay in "America's pastime" then we definitely have the technology and the capability to make this happen!

I know! I know! I hear all of ya'll in the south, yelling at your collective computers. Trumpeting what you have been brain washed to believe. That 12-6 is truly a GREAT defensive battle! For you there may be no hope. But I would wager to guess that when you were watching the Auburn/MSU game, you wished there was a better way.

Here is hoping this weekend's LSU/Auburn game is not a waste of a good night's rest and more exciting than the last two played in Auburn's Jordan-Hare Stadium. Those results were hair raising 10 to 9 and 7 to 3 matches won by Auburn.

In a world without a TV sports alarm, hope is all we have.

More Fun with Auburn/MSU

Every Day Should Be Saturday brings us this great montage of the high...we mean low-lights of last Saturday's "contest" in Starkville, MS.

It is definitely good to see that ESPN is getting every penny of entertainment value out of their $2.25 billion, 15 year deal with the SEC. Walt Disney, must be rolling in his grave. I can hear him now, "You call this crap good, clean, family fun?! You idiots! My final words were 'Let's finish Disney World,' not 'Purchase The World-Wide Leader!'"

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Week Four for TCFGs

Week Four is already upon us! Time for another great podcast!

Join The College Football Guys this week as we recap USC/OSU and all the other games this week! What did we think about last weekend in the Pac Ten? A preview of this weekend's big games in the SEC, LSU/Auburn and Florida/Tennessee.

Find out who plays this week for the "Silver Spade" and "Iron Skillet" and we aren't talking about dinner options at the local Denny's.

Click here. Press Play and Enjoy!

Irish Minute Second Addition

Here is a classy reenactment of Charlie's sideline "incident" this weekend.

Monday, September 15, 2008

What We Learned Week Three

After putting our collective heads back on straight, here are some things we, The College Football Guys, learned this weekend in college football.

Even though USC dominated The Ohio State the rest of the PAC looked more like the WAC going a collective 3-7 for the weekend, including 0-2 vs. the Big 12 and 0-4 vs. the MWC!

One would have thought ASU would have been 3-0 heading into the Georgia game this week, however it appears that they watched too much coverage of the BYU/Washington game last week as they too could not keep a 35 yard field goal from being blocked.

Not only did UNLV walk away from Tempe with the biggest win in program history, they also received a tidy $400,000 for their, um, troubles? The school immediately placed their money on USC to win the BCS Title.

It is obvious that the emotional stress the Cal football team suffered due to the removal of their most devoted and avid fans from the Oak Grove this week affected their play on the field vs Maryland. Trust me it wasn't "jet lag," it was emotional trauma.

Virginia Tech finally played a home game that carried some significance, allowing us the opportunity to learn that the Hokies have found a new way to make "Chicago Maroon" and Burnt Orange look terrible together.

So far it seems that when it comes to winners for major non-conference games the schools with the best looking women are winning...

Could Texas Tech play someone, ANYONE, so we could have some idea how good their offense is? U Mass coming to town this weekend. That makes two Division I-AA schools this year! Maybe they should just join the ACC! At least Mike Leach continues to bring us quality entertainment.

16 Major League Baseball teams outscored the "newfangled" spread offense of the mighty Auburn Tigers on Saturday. Auburn got the 3-2 victory, however Ohio State's 3 points only got them embarrassed again on national TV. BTW - UCLA would have lost to all but two MLB teams on Saturday.

Speaking of UCLA, Provo wants former BYU 0ffensive coordinator Norm Chow to know that they are thankful for the memories, but they are doing just fine with out him. UCLA also needs to rethink scheduling a week three games in Utah. Mike Stoops of Arizona might want to do the same with New Mexico.

Middle Tennessee State reminded us this week that football is indeed a game of inches.

Husky fans learned Saturday that "Boomer Sooner" is every bit as annoying as the Trojan's "Victory." At this point in the season it seems that the nation will get the opportunity to decide for themselves on January 8th 2009 in Miami. Maybe FOX can get Ryan Seacrest to come to Miami and encourage fans to vote. Heck we can't wait that long, lets just decide today.

Friday, September 12, 2008

ACC "Little Sister of the Poor" (09/13/08)

After a week one bye Florida State opened its 2008 season last week with a victory over Division I-AA opponent Western Carolina. This week it is time for them to play their SECOND consecutive FCS school, UT-Chattanooga. At the same time the NFL is talking about cutting back on preseason games it appears that Bowden is moving in the opposite direction.

UT - Chattanooga

Location: Chattanooga, TN
Founded: 1886
Nickname: Mocs
Mascot: Scrappy. You are probably as confused as we were about the nickname and mascot. Here is the scoop! The school's nickname was the Moccasins and their mascot was Cheif Moccanooga until 1996 when political correctness made its way to the south. The school decided to change its nickname to the Mocs. Now their Mascot is Skippy the Mocking Bird who rides the "Chattanooga Choo Choo." Everyone knows there is nothing worse than a mocking bird tauting you all game long. We are checking to see if this violates any NCAA "excessive celebration" rules.
Conference: Southern Conference
Size: about 9,000 undergrads
Most well known alumni: Dennis Haskins - Principle on Saved by the Bell. Terrell Owens, aka TO - NFL receiver who wants you to "Get yo' popcorn ready!" Irvine W. Grote - Chemist and inventor of our favorite medicine, Rolaids.
Why you might have heard of them: In 1997 the Mocs' made it to the "Sweet Sixteen" in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. No word yet if their victories over Georgia and Illinois busted Neuheisel's bracket that year.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Trash Talk Anyone?

Just in case you forgot about this little quote. Enjoy! The big game is only two days away!

BTW - USC isn't the only one talking trash.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

BEWARE the "Ides of September!"

According to the Roman calendar the term ides was used for the 15th day of March, April, May and October and also the 13th day of the other 8 months of the year.

In modern times we recognize the "Ides of March" as a time to beware of your surroundings, as it was on the 15th of March that Julius Caesar was assassinated.

On this year's "Ides of September" (13th of September) OU is headed once again to Pac Ten country, as they line up to play the University of Washington in Seattle. The circumstances surrounding OU's history with Washington and Pac Ten referees, combined with the events that took place in Husky Stadium this last week, leads one to conclude that perhaps the Sooners should BEWARE the "Ides of September."

Remember two years ago when OU played another team in the Pacific Northwest? During OU's 2006 game against Oregon, in Eugene, the Ducks were awarded an onside kick attempt that replays showed clearly possession should have gone to OU. The Sooners ended up losing the game 33-34 and OU coach Bob Stoops promised never to travel to a Pac Ten school again unless they used neutral refs.

No one has yet forgotten what happened during the BYU/Washington game last week in Husky Stadium.

However this warning would not exist if it wasn't for another "excessive celebration" call in the first ever OU/Washington match-up.

During the 1985 Orange Bowl the RUF/NEKS road the "Sooner Schooner" onto the field to celebrate what they thought was a successful 22 yard field goal attempt. Turns out there was an illegal procedure call and when the refs saw the Schooner they added another 15 yards for what we might now call "excessive celebration." After the penalties were assessed the 42 yard kick was blocked (sound familiar?). A successful attempt would have made it 17-14 OU, however it left the game tied and Washington ended up winning.

Is all of this a coincidence?

Maybe, but is Oklahoma ready to take that chance?

Washington hopes so, because the "Ides of September" is the only chance they have on Saturday.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Week Three Podcast for TCFGs

Another week, another great podcast!

The Ohio State @ USC game is upon us! Join The College Football Guys as they recap last weeks games, debate excessive celebration and preview ALL the big games going on this week. We also answer these burning questions:

Is ECU a possible "BCS Buster?"

What does the future hold for WVU?

What would you do it you have already laid out $650 for plane tickets and $140 for 2 tickets to your alma mater's home game that starts only 15 minutes before USC/OSU?

Click here. Press play. Listen and find out the answers to these questions!

Heisman Moment..?

We know it is early in the season, but could this be a Heisman Moment? I guarantee that this isn't the last we see of this highlight. This isn't grainy high school footage, this is DIVISION ONE FOOTBALL!

Monday, September 8, 2008

What We Learned Week Two

What The College Football Guys learned after weekend number two in college football.

..."Point of Emphasis" is a really neat and sophisticated term, until you hear it for the 326th time. After that we want to say, "Don't have a cow, Man!"

...Is Vanderbilt's victory over South Carolina really considered an upset when we already know the Gamecock's coach and team is overrated?

...Why is it such a big deal that "The Chosen One" went on missionary trips in the off season? Over 75% of BYU players have been on two year missions. Impress us Tim and get married! 35 Cougs are hitched.

...Mike Leach must be really jealous of Skip Holt's Purple and Gold Pirates.

...The Buckeyes still are number one in the country at playing down to the level of their opponents.

...Bon Jovi plays quarterback for the Fightin' Irish. Jimmy Clausen, bringing back the 80's one bad haircut at a time.

...San Diego State Coach Chuck Long is not sure if Notre Dame is better than Division I-AA Cal-Poly.

...U Conn's 12-9 OT victory over Bill Cosby's Temple Owls gave the Big East their FIRST victory over a Division I-A program. The "Big Easy" will have to wait and see if Thursday brings their first victory vs. a BCS conference opponent.

...Instead of having his mind on the game against the mighty Blue Raiders of Middle Tennessee, Ralph Friedgen was thinking about the case of Blue Label Coors he had waiting for him in his "fridge." With Cal coming to town this next weekend, it's CODE BLUE time Turtle fans!

...Congress and the President need to order a "troop surge" for the US Military Academy. Please just send only the ones that have ANY knowledge of the game of football.

...Miami kickers wear the purrtiest green little slippers. So SHINY! They look soo good with black dress socks!

...We like Florida State's version of those terrible Go Gator Nation commercials. (Not for children's eyes)

...When the NCAA discovers how much fun we have on this blog and podcast, they will issue us an "Excessive Celebration" penalty.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Because I Got High!

As you probably already know by now, police found a small amount of the Magical Weed in a Penn State area apartment after responding to a noise complaint on Tuesday night. Though no charges have currently been filed, mysteriously one player has been kicked off the team and three other players have been suspended for this weekend's game vs. Oregon State.

Reminds us of a song we once thought was pretty funny. Be careful though if you play this one too loud you might have police at your front door responding to the noise complaint filed by your 75 year old neighbor.

I was going to write a clever blog, until I got high.
I was going to bash all the Nittany Lions, but then I got high.
This is the best I could do, and I know why!


Because I got High!
Because I got High!
Because I got High!

I was going to make fun of ESPN, before I got high.
Was going to tell the world about overrated Joe Pa, but I got high!
Now the world still thinks the man is a media genius, and I know why!


Because I got High!
Because I got High!
Because I got High!

I was going to make fun of Spurrier's Cocks, before I got high!
Going to cheer on the mighty Commodores, but then I got high!
There is no Smelley Cock joke on this blog, and I know why!


Because I got High!
Because I got High!
Because I got High!

I am going to stop writing this entry, because I'm high.
I am destroying this whole damn blog, because I'm high!
If I get suspended for a week, You'll know why!


Because I'm high!
Because I'm high!
Because I'm high...!

ACC Cupcakes (09/06/08)

It became painfully obvious last weekend that it is a good thing the ACC decided to schedule 14 Division I-AA schools this year. If they hadn't they might have had a hard time filling all their bowl obligations, including the Humanitarian Bowl and the brand new Congressional Bowl.

This week it is more of the same as the powerful Almost College football Conference takes on five more FCS schools. In case you are in the mood to watch the ACC, let us help you learn more, as we continue to introduce you to the cupcakes of the ACC.

Western Carolina

Location: Cullowhee, NC which happens to be 60 miles past the middle of nowhere.
Founded: 1889
Nickname: Catamounts, gazoontite! Wildcats that roam the southern Appalachian mountain region.
Conference: Southern
Size: about 9,000 undergrads
Most well known alumni: Paul Johnson - current head football coach Georgia Tech. Gerald Astin - NFL ref.
Why you might know them: The Catamounts number one rival is Appalachian State as they play each other every year in "The Battle for the Old Mountain Jug."

Furman University

Location: Greenville, SC
Founded: 1826
Mascot: Paladins. The WHAT? A paragon of chivalry; a heroic champion; a strong supporter or defender of a cause; and any of the 12 peers of French emperor Charlemagne's court. (American Heritage College Dictionary) However some how they represent this with a knight on horseback.
Conference: Southern Conference
Size: 2500 undergrads. About 800 students smaller than last week's ACC opponent Charleston Southern
Most well known alumni: Sam Wyche - former NFL head coach. Amy Grant - Contemporary Christian Pop artist and wife of country singer Vince Gill.
Why you might know them: Who didn't go to high school with a kid that rocked the FU hat?

The Citadel

Location: Charleston, SC
Founded: 1842
Nickname: Bulldogs
Conference: Southern Conference
Size: 2000 cadets, 100 civilians
Most well known alumni: Tons of military commanders and Paul Maguire - commentator for ABC college football. Also "that guy that talks about the game from weird places in the stadium."
Why you might know them: On August 15, 1995, after many legal battles and much controversy Shannon Faulkner, became the first female to joined the Corps of Cadets. She resigned after only 4 hours citing physical exhaustion, and emotional and psychological abuse. The male cadets rejoiced!

University of Richmond

Location: Richmond, VA
Founded: 1830
Nickname: Spiders, the only college in the country with said mascot.
Conference: Colonial Athletic Association
Size: 2795 undergrads
Most well known alumni: William K. Howell - former President, Miller Brewing Company. Sean Casey - first baseman, Boston Red Sox.
Why you might know them: On October 15, 1992, candidates George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Ross Perot came to campus for the first-ever "town hall" televised presidential debate.

William & Mary

Location: Williamsburg, VA
Founded: 1693
Nickname: Tribe
Conference: Colonial Athletic Conference
Size: 5,700 undergrads
Most well known alumni: No one you've heard of, just Thomas Jefferson, John Tyler, James Monroe, Henry Clay. Jon Stewart - host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central. Bill Lawrence - creator of TV show Scrubs. Marv Levy - former head coach Buffalo Bills. Mike Tomlin - current head coach Pittsburgh Steelers. Jaycee Chan - Hong Kong actor/recording artist and son of Jackie Chan.
Why you might know them: In high school you received a rejection letter in the mail from this school. With a acceptance rate of 32% makes it one of the most selective schools in the nation. Also have some interesting traditions and legends.

Irish Minute, First Addition!

Great news! The Irish, of the fightin' variety, are back this weekend! (Home against SDSU, 3:30 EST, on NBC of course!)

What would a fall Saturday be without the sensation that is Notre Dame Football? Probably like last weekend when no one missed their presence.

Just to get you "geeked up" and ready, for this Saturday, here is the best promotional commercial for the Fighting Irish. Go and Play Like a Chump this weekend!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

NCAA Embraces Change!

We are reaching into The College Football Guys vault (4/21/08) to remind you of the new rule changes this year in college football. Just in case you didn't happen to catch one of the 127 times the networks discussed them this weekend.

Well it does seem that college football is a fan of at least a little change. The NCAA announced last week that there would be some rule changes for the 2008 season and beyond. The most significant of the changes includes outlawing the "horse collar" tackle made famous in the NFL by former Sooner, and current Dallas Cowboy, Roy Williams. The tackle made by grabbing another player by the back of the pads and forcing them to the ground from behind, will now be a personal foul and 15 yard penalty.

There is also some changes to the clock, again, that are designed to shorten the length of the game. Included are some other rules that make the game more in line with the pros.

One rule change of significance is there will no longer be two different penalties for facemask. Any form of grabbing the facemask will now be considered a personal foul. In the past it has been up to the referee's discretion of whether or not it is incidental or a personal foul. For those of you confused on what the differences were in the first place we have included some pictures for you.

INCIDENTAL FACEMASK: "Today's not Halloween?!'"

PERSONAL FOUL FACEMASK: "My girlfriend made me do it!" We don't think so buddy!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Number One?

In a semi WTF moment yesterday the AP and USA Today Polls were unveiled and a new number one was on top. USC became the number one team in all the land even though only ONE team in the top 25 has a loss...

East coast bias?

Not if you are the Trojans from the City of Angels.

Since preseason polls are as hard to explain as the electoral college we might as well open the vote to The People. Who do you think should be number one?

No More Balls from the Sky!

That does it! It is obvious that dropping game balls from the sky has gotten just too complicated and the practice needs to come to an end. UNC couldn't get it right and this parachutist at Cincinnati's Bearcat opener almost paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Video found from the unexpected air assault on Wallace Wade Stadium.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What We Learned This Weekend

What The College Football Guys learned the first weekend in college football is...

...in this election year, your vote does indeed matter. So far, you the fan of The College Football Guys, have correctly picked the winners of the first two major non conference games by voting on which school has the hottest women. We shall see how the rest of the season plays out.

...Rick Neuheisel, some how, some way figures out how to put his money where his mouth is. He is worth at least 3 victories a year to any program who has the guts to hire him. Washington and Colorado fans will ask you if he is worth the heartache of being left in college football's abyss once he leaves.

...Fresno State and Pat Hill have no problem playing "Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime." Tennessee and Phil Fulmer do.

...that it is East Carolina, no matter how tempted you are to call them Eastern Carolina.

...when USC's band plays Victory before kickoff, it sends a shiver down your spine and puts goose bumps on your arms as you remember how much you missed college football. When they play it for the 61st time, and it isn't even halftime, it makes you want to puke and wish desperately that UVA didn't just pretend to have a football program.

...Michigan needed Terrelle Pryor more than they let on.

...6 am wake up calls, installing digital clocks throughout the practice facility and stopping secret newsletters to boosters didn't help A & M against a Sun Belt school, in front of the mighty "12th man." Maybe the Aggies should have followed the lead of their opponent, abandoned tradition, and changed their nickname. Worked for the Arkansas State Indians...er Red Wolves.

...Idaho REALLY misses Dennis Erickson.

...that after the Sugar Bowl, June Jones saw the handwriting on the wall.

...Dr. Holtz could possibly be the worst creation ESPN has ever come up with. A close second would be those terrible 2 hour programs the "World Leader" pawned off as "movies." How does Tom Berenger say yes to all those B movies? Here it is again in case you missed the 123 times it played this weekend.

...Clemson really does resemble Two Face. Before they play a difficult opponent they flip a coin to see how they will play. The coin they flip only has one side, and it reads "terrible."

...Nick Saban might be the "The Most Powerful Coach in Sports." The LSU faithful still aren't believers.

...no one has EVER prayed harder than Ty Willingham for rain in Seattle. He hopes the water cools his seat off, so he can sit on it at least past October.

...that the ACC might do best to schedule intrasquad scrimmages the first week of the season!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Week Two for TCFGs

Week two podcast for The College Football Guys is here and ready for your enjoyment!

Listen to this week's podcast as we discuss how pathetic the ACC is? Why the 12th game has been bad for the game of college football. Plus we talk about the upsets of Clemson, Michigan, Virginia Tech and Pitt and look forward to Miami @ Florida and WVU @ ECU.

Oh, and ECU's heart is indeed "Purple and Gold!" Enjoy!

Could Things Be Worse?

If you thought after you turned off the Alabama/Clemson game that things couldn't get worse for the ACC you haven't read this article.

At the UNC home game this Saturday against McNeese State the following calamity of errors took place:

Lightning struck the press box of Kenan Stadium, shorted out the circuit board in the PA's announcing box, caused problems with cable and wireless connections, and delayed the game 2 hours in the second quarter.

A large chunk of concrete fell from the stadium stands to the ground, luckily hurting no one.

The men that were supposed to parachute the game ball into the stadium landed at Duke's Wallace Wade Stadium instead. The two parachutists touched down about an hour before the Blue Devil's kickoff against JMU. The act puzzled players warming up on the field, and brought back bad memories of "fan man."

Finally, the lone beat reporter for McNeese was stuck in the press box elevator for about two hours after the game. He was freed around 1 am, Sunday morning. Now the poor guy has to go back to Lake Charles, Louisiana and deal with Gustav!

ACC fans, things could definitely be worse.