Saturday, March 22, 2008

Back to Class for Coaches

Penn State is starting a class this fall that examines how Joe Paterno handles the media. That gave The College Football Guys an idea. What other coaches could we study to learn valuable skills for the future, or at least get an easy A.

Here are some other class titles, inspired by college coaches, that might be successful on a campus near you.

George O'Leary, UCF - English 195 "Resume Building." Class discontinued, like this joke should be.

History 321 "Mr. Rogers affect on Popular Culture/Dress." - Jim Tressel, Ohio State

Pete Carroll, USC - Sales 401 "How to Win Games and Influence Recruits...with Money."

Physiology 350 "The Inter-workings of a Smile." - Ty Willingham, Washington

Rich Rodriguez. Michigan - Admin 150 "From Shredders to Scissors, the Ins and Outs of Office Machinery." Community college favorite.

Physical Education 110 "Yoga - The Key to Peace and Calmness to your Life" - Jim Leavitt, USF

Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State - English 205 "Intro to Newspaper Journalism"

Pat Hill, Fresno State in collaboration with Oregon's Mike Bellotti - Cosmetology 102 "The Art of a Mustache."

Lou Holtz - Managment 315 "Finding the Positive in the Worst Employees" The kids are calling it 'Talks for Jocks'. An example is given below.

Go Notre Dame! Beat Duke!

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