Wednesday, December 30, 2009

BCS Picks Show is HERE!

The College Football Guys are back with their BCS Bowl game picks!

Can we pick BCS games right? Tune in and find out.

Join us as we also discuss Mike Leach's firing at Tech. Are there problems in Gator land? Was Alabama ever considered the "Boise State" of college football? Gather 'round for some Rose Bowl history and find out.

Finally the final score brings you a "Real Man of Genius" ad that you will not soon forget!

Click here. Press play and enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. Well ... it seems as if the PAC 10 really cleaned house this year! Who was it that thought that they were worthy of mention in the same breath as the SEC!?!? Not to mention, how "down" the BIG 10 is? It just goes to show that the PAC 10 is overrated by not only the "experts" but of course the uneducated "fan". "Speed" you say? Well, it seems as if Ohio State completely smashed Oregon's "unparalleled speed" (to that of the Big Ten and their much maligned OSU's lack of speed) right in the grill! When you have linebackers (OSU) chasing down and catching receivers in the open field, perhaps understanding what "speed" is should be re-interpreted to all of those "PAC 10 and SEC is far faster than any other conference" whiners! Just understand that the SEC will always be at or near the top when it comes to a complete conference for both speed, athletes, recruiting, size, performance and overall football play ... to think that the sunshine kids on the left coast are worthy of mention anywhere near the top is worthy of 3 chuckles and a fart!