Monday, February 4, 2008

Curse of The University of Phoenix Stadium?

Maybe it is the fact that the Stadium is named after a school that has no athletic team and no real campus? Maybe it's because the stadium has the word Phoenix in its title yet is located in Glendale, AZ? Maybe it's the true meaning of the word Phoenix, a bird rising from the ashes, creating something from nothing? Maybe it is a carry over from the curse on the Arizona Cardinals from the Pottsville Maroons? Whatever it is, something fishy is happening in The University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale! Since the arena opened its doors in 2006, the heavy underdogs have won EVERY single major sporting event under its roof. Here is a list:

2007 Fiesta Bowl - Boise State 43-42 over OU
2007 BCS Championship - Florida 41-14 over Ohio State
2008 Fiesta Bowl - WVU 48-28 over OU

Super Bowl XLII - NY Giants 17-14 over the 18-0 Pats

What did we learn boys and girls? When it comes to big games in the beautiful "Bell Cactus of the Desert" take the dogs and the points, heck who needs the points? Sit back and watch a great upset!

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