Thursday, December 11, 2008

Free Swag!

The formula is fairly easy. 68 FBS programs figured it out in 2008.

Go 6-6 or better. Accept bowl invite and get free goodies!

The list of goodies that players are getting to attend bowl games this year came out this week and can be found here.

Best reward for going 7-5 on the season: Insight Bowl is giving players a 26" Vizio LCDs and Bulova watches.

Worst gift package: Watch from the Cotton Bowl. Really? That's it? To think this bowl wants to be a BCS bowl.

Most interesting gift: How about a "custom-woven" afghan from the EagleBank Bowl, or a "commemorative belt buckle" from the Texas Bowl.

You think this stuff is good, remember that each program is allowed to match the gifts in dollar value and the athletes get to pick those!

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