Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A College Quarterback Who Dares Us To Dream

All the news in college football last week was focused on one quarterback and one coach. At a press conference in Los Angeles, Pete Carroll looked like the coach of the University of Spoiled Children after his stud quarterback Mark Sanchez announced his departure to the NFL.

Sanchez's decision was the last of several highly publicized announcements of quarterbacks staying and leaving college football.

The publicity and fanfare of these decisions drown out a decision that was made in Baton Rouge, LA Thursday. Andrew Hatch, the man that entered this year as LSU's starting quarterback chose to transfer back to Harvard and finish his degree in Cambridge.

Why is this news of any significance?

Lets start with a couple questions for you.

Have you ever had a dream that you never achieved, or better yet, you never even tried?

Is there something that you want to accomplish today but fear of failure is keeping you from acting?

Andrew Hatch had a dream and now he leaves Baton Rouge behind with no regrets, no "what-if's," or "could I have's?"

He accomplished his dream. To play quarterback at a Division I-A program. He now leaves to accomplish another goal. To earn a degree from Harvard.

Sure Hatch may have underestimated the impact of the hits he would receive in the SEC. He may not have led the Tigers to an SEC Championship, or even complete an entire season. He wasn't on the podium with Bradford, Tebow and McCoy. He didn't have a press conference to declare himself eligible for the NFL draft. But he was still a success. He started at quarterback for a SEC program! The defending National Champions none the less!

What about you?

Do you sleep well at night knowing you have at least tried to accomplish your goals and dreams?

Andrew Hatch has no problem sleeping tonight. He achieved the improbable.

Yesterday, an African American officially become President of the United States. A few months ago, a skinny, Morman, Harvard quarterback -from Utah!, started for the LSU Tigers!

What steps will you take today to sleep better tonight?

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