Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"Bezerkley Express"

The guys who brought you Superbad are at it again! After a mere two second absence from the big screen, Seth Rogen is back as Pineapple Express hits theaters today! What promises to be an entertaining and funny movie includes the largest budget ever for a "stoner" flick.

Big money spent on stoners reminded us of a couple other organizations that "enjoy" spending big money on potheads - the City of Berkeley, CA and the University of California. What is going on in the half baked, city by the bay?

Here is the quick and dirty bong water on the situation.

* Three hippies are left in the trees and have been there since December 2006. (Wouldn't it have been something to see that kind of commitment out of the Cal football team last year?)

* Judge Barbara Miller issued a preliminary injunction on Jan. 29, 2007, which temporarily stopped the construction of a university planned athletic training facility. Two weeks ago she issued a ruling that allows the project to go forward stating the university has addressed her main concerns about the project.

* The ruling has been appealed by two plaintiff groups keeping the injunction in place until the 13th of August.

* However the injunction could be removed as early as next week and if the state Court of Appeal doesn't grant a stay. Once removed the university is clear to begin construction.

* The university has asked for more city support to control tree protest supporters.

Below is an "informative" report from the Fan Media Network. Poor, poor football players and their extra half a mile walk to the stadium. It is obvious they don't know the meaning of 212 degrees like their UC "bear cubs" in LA.

Bottom line, this whole thing could get VERY interesting next week. My advise to the protesters, get really baked on the good ganja this week as it appears the jig is up.

When the haze settles, be careful out there. Running Wolf and his posse of regulators might be headed to your college town to stop the construction of your new multi-million dollar athletic facility. I can hear the battle cry now!

Regulators. We regulate any cuttin' of these here trees, we're DAMN good too. But you can't be any hippie off the street. You've gotta be handy with the tow lines and the pee bottles if you know what I mean, earn your keep. Regulators Mount Up!

I just hope they all at least get a cameo in Seth's sequel "Pineapple Express Tokes Again."

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