Thursday, May 1, 2008

Trophies for EVERYONE!

As predicted in an earlier post the BCS commissioners got together this week and said NO to a college football playoff, but YES to two more exciting bowl games! Now 68 teams will be able to participate in bowl games this year!

Lets do some math here. There are 119 NCAA teams. 68 divided by 119...Carry the one...Add the two...57% of college football teams are going to bowl games next year! Remember when you played little league and at the end of the season EVERYONE got a participation trophy? Congrats NCAA you are getting really close to copying this format!

I was just thinking the other day about how unfair it was that Louisville (6-6), Iowa (6-6), Northwestern (6-6), Louisiana-Monroe(6-6), and Ohio (6-6) didn't make a bowl game last year. Guess what folks they will be in this year! Fantastic!

Also announced is that the NCAA had an attendance of 1.6 million people and made $222 million last bowl season. The NCAA's current TV contract a 6 year $320 million deal with FOX expires at the end of 2009. That pales in comparison to the 11 year $6 billion deal that it has with CBS for "March Madness." How interesting...

All in all, Navy really got the short end of the stick. If the Midshipmen become bowl eligible they now trade San Diego and the San Diego Credit Union/Visitors Bureau/Sea World Poinsettia Bowl for, winter in DC, playing in a BASEBALL stadium! HORRIBLE!

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