Friday, June 20, 2008

Dreams Do Come True!

Boobs filled with alcohol!?! Every man's dream just became a reality with the invention of the "Wine Rack." The people at Cooler Fun who brought us the "Cooler Wagon" have given us the greatest tailgate gift EVER! Who needs a flask when you can hide your alcohol in your girlfriend's breasts? Not only is it functional, but it also "lifts and separates." Now we know why TSA agents were busted for running their hands along women's bras. They were simply looking for that over 3 oz. container of liquid you were trying to smuggle past security!

Just in case you don't have a woman in your life, or one that is willing to give up her safely padded miracle bra for yours - full of beer, Cooler Fun wants to make sure you are still taken care of with the "Beer Belly." I can't think of an easier way to fool that GED striving, security guard at a college football game near you. This is sure to provide hours of enjoyment. Warning: If used more than once you will NOT look like the guy in this pic. Oh who am I kidding you don't look like him now.

Thanks to for the heads up on these magnificent creations!

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