Monday, June 23, 2008

Fresno State...The best college cinderella ever?

As I sit here enjoying the CWS Finals between UGA and FSU, I can’t help but feel anger and aggravation at the NCAA. Fresno is the lowest seeded team to ever reach a national championship game (in this case a final series) in any NCAA sport. Period. EVER. That being said, hardly anyone in the country knows about it or has even watched the unranked Bulldogs play. We have to watch NCAA basketball on CBS for a month, which is fine, and their Final 4 championship weekend . NCAA football is a different animal and we all know we can’t get enough of BCS bowl games every year on FOX. NCAA baseball is the 3rd most popular sport I would think as far as television viewership and we can’t even watch this history making CWS finals and Fresno State team on 1 of the 4 major networks. ESPN at the very least could’ve promoted the heck out of this CWS finals series and moved it to ABC this week.

Fresno had to win their conference tourney, win the regionals as a 4 seed, win the super regional and then have come to Omaha and competed their tails off. This team’s best pitcher is at home with an injury; they are getting homeruns from guys missing tendons in their hands; and somehow they have a legitimate chance to win a National Championship. It is an absolute shame the country as a whole is not watching what is happening in Omaha. Fresno State could be the lowest ranked team to ever win a national championship and I hope people will remember what this team accomplished this year win or lose because they have competed their hearts out and deserve to at least be watched by sports fans everywhere. Win or Lose, Disney better be preparing to make a movie!!!!


  1. Cinderella wears baseball cleats and a sweat stained ball cap.

    Everyone, this is Ethan's first post! How about a nice round of applause!

  2. Well written post. I totally agree with your assessment on this year's exciting College World Series. It's a shame not many people knows about it. I couldn't believe all the upsets that happened for even the championship match!