Monday, February 25, 2008

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OU fans rejoice! Your 2005 season is vacant no longer! The NCAA has agreed to give back your 8 wins from the 2005 season. Included is a needed victory over the UO Ducks in the 2005 Holiday Bowl. This comes nearly two years after the PAC 10 officials took away an OU victory in Eugene in 2006. Finally justice is served for those Boomer Sooners. Justice? What would a mascot that glorifies the cheaters of the Oklahoma land rush know about justice? Maybe turn about is fair play?

Well now we know OU's 2005 season is complete, what of everyone else involved in the payday scandal?

Big Red Sports/Imports still alive and well. However it seems the old owner has flown the coup.

Expelled QB Rhett Bomar is a QB at Sam Houston State, however you can tell from this clip he still dreams of Norman. This after a 39-3 loss to Oklahoma State.

Bomar's partner in crime, offensive lineman JD Quinn seems to be doing great at the University of Montana. It's alright it is only your first DUI.

Seems Oklahoma got the better end of this deal.

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