Monday, November 24, 2008

What We Learned Week Thirteen

Oklahoma's destruction of Texas Tech on Saturday didn't help the College Football Guys figure out the best team in the Big-12 South, or the country, for that matter. However we did learn something this week and we feel that it is our duty to pass the knowledge on to you.

FSN's national broadcast of the Apple Cup, a battle of two teams with a combined 1-20 record, confirmed what your local news already knows - Americans LOVE train wrecks!

NBC knows this too! That's why they continue to renew their TV contract with Notre Dame. What is still unknown is which Notre Dame contract will last longer - Charlie's or NBC's?

Even though San Diego State fired head coach Chuck Long, his words from the beginning of the year may have served as prophesy. Wisconsin, playing at home, on Senior Day, needed a missed extra point attempt to beat Cal-Poly in OT, 36-35. This begs the question, "Is Cal-Poly better than Notre Dame?"

This weekend we figured out how the ACC should crown their champion.

1. Write the name of each program mathematically alive for an ACC division title on separate pieces of paper.
2. Fold them up and place them in a hat.
3. Have Doug Flutie draw a single piece of paper out.
4. The name of the program revealed will represent the ACC in a BCS game. No need for an ACC championship. It would muddy the water further and it doesn't make money anyway.
5. Then it is up to the chosen program to beg for mercy from the BCS bowl selection committee to be match against the Big East champ. This will be the ONLY way to prevent the ACC from losing another BCS game (1-9 since the BCS was created).

Not even the meteorologist in Mike Leach could predict the storm that hit the Red Raiders in Norman.

Did you know Joe Pa is getting hip replacement? Didn't know if you knew since it was only mentioned 412 times before, during, and after the Penn State/Michigan State game.

Minnesota showed us that the only way to close a stadium is the "Golden Gopher Way." After starting the season 7-1, Minnesota has dropped their last four games. Three of which were played in the Metrodome. A stadium that will no longer be the home of the mighty Golden Gophers as they move into their new digs on campus in '09. Iowa's 55-0 victory in Minneapolis, on Saturday was a COLD reminder of the team Gopher fans want to leave behind as fast as the empty Metrodome.

Andrew Aguila, kicker for the CMU Chippewas, is really Inigo Montoya. All six fingered men should be on high alert!

It is official, with a 2/OT loss to the Washington State Cougars, the Washington Huskies became the WORST 2008 team in NCAA Division I-A (FBS) football!

Speaking of NCAA worsts: Another week, another terrible uniform in college football. Vegas Gold? Can anyone tell us why?

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