Monday, November 17, 2008

What We Learned Week Twelve

While it was a relatively quiet weekend of college football, we here at The College Football Guys still learned some things about the sport. Now we would like to pass that knowledge on to you!

We now know that one of Phil Knight's cars must be a classy '78 Firebird. That is the only explanation we will accept for these Duck uniforms. Oregon you make this blog too easy for us.

Michigan fans, Relax! Just because you have lost 8 games for the first time in program history doesn't mean it's the end of the world. Lots of football power houses have lost eight games in a season. Washington, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, SMU, have and look how far they have come from the depths of defeat...

Colorado fans thought they were at a WWE match this weekend, as someone thought it would be cool to bring a laser pointer to the game and actually use it. I think Buff fans thought they were playing Tech this weekend.

Every weekend Notre Dame wins, they are "turning the corner" in the minds of the pundits and fans. Every weekend the Irish lose, it is "the end of the world! Charlie should be fired!" Make up your minds people!

Though not as thrilling as last year, the USC/Stanford game still came with a quirky ending. Down 45-17, Jim Harbaugh decided to use the last play of the game to kick a field goal. Seeing this USC coach, Pete Carrol called a time out to "ice the kicker." After the break Harbaugh trotted the offense back on to the field and Cardinal QB Alex Loukas threw an 18 yard touchdown pass to make the final score 45-23. The spread for the game just happened to be 23 points. Do you think someone might have reminded Jim that there are plenty of Stanford boosters and alumni that had Stanford to cover?

College TV announcers still don't know the difference between college and NFL replay rules! NCAA coaches have no red "hankies" to throw at officials. All reviews come from the replay booth, regardless if it is the last or the first two minutes of the game. Announcers, if you need to study up, here is a guide that might help.

If you look in the dictionary under jerk most SEC fans will tell you that Steve Spurrier's face is the only entry the book needs. It must be extremely gratifying for those same fans to watch Spurrier, the inventor of "style points," receive the largest beat down of his career this weekend. The defeat came at the hands of none other than his alma mater and the program responsible for his reputation. Look on the bright side Steve, plenty of golf courses have great winter rates right now!

If you paid any attention to college football this weekend you learned of a great story of Florida State's Myron Rolle and his attempt to win a Rhodes Scholarship. FSU and the NCAA have worked out a way for Rolle to attend the interview and play against Maryland on Nov. 22nd. Congrats to both for figuring this out, now it's time to come up with your best interview questions to ask Rolle.

Here is ours: "It has been said that a man's reputation is formed by the company he keeps. Explain to the committee how a brilliant man like yourself justifies playing on a team that has widespread academic fraud and teammates that recently thought it was acceptable to beat up students in the school cafeteria?"

Myron Rolle reminds us of this old Sesame Street skit:

Oregon wasn't the only ones that had some ugly black uniforms this weekend. FSU had their own ugly black uni's as well. BTW, Florida State, blackouts are only cool if black is one of your official school colors and Oregon next time you try a blackout let your fans know that they need to wear black as well.


  1. ummmm what???? why did you link to the 2006 college football rules... it is now 2008... you do your research. Coaches are allowed a challenge a game, if successful, they are allowed a second challenge.

  2. All of what you said is true and thanks for adding that. 2006 is when replay went into effect. Coaches do have the opportunity to challenge, but they aren't carrying around red hankies in their pockets like the pros. An announcer on FSN suggested the coach throw his red hankie.

    An announcer on Versus suggested that challenges within 2 minutes are booth reviewed only when in fact that is only an NFL rule. All replays are booth reviewed and coaches can challenge at anytime.