Friday, November 6, 2009

Temper, Temper! - Living in New Mexico Makes People Angry!

Oh New Mexico!

Land of Opportunity! Land of Beauty! Land of Enchantment!

And if you aren't careful, the Land of Entrapment!

Welcome to the College Football Guys FIRST EVER post about lovely New Mexico! With so many nice things to say about the place unfortunately today we have to be negative.

In a state where the very symbol and flag (Zia) stands for balance and peace, there is no harmony for the Los Lobos in Albuquerque.

In September of this year it has been alleged that new New Mexico head coach Mike Locksley was caught up in a physical altercation with an assistant on the team, that only a Raider fan would be proud of. Earlier this week word leaked that the "victim" in the altercation sent Locksley a letter asking for a half a million dollars in "silence money."

Just when you thought things could get stranger in the land of Mexico's uppity step brother, a women's soccer player, Elizabeth Lambert, had the following ESPN highlight performance that makes two coaches fighting seem like a pillow fight.

Is there a violent gene, in a human, that kicks in once you have spent too much time above 6,000 ft?

Billy "The Kid's" violent escapades were made possible by the relative ease of escape that the terrain in New Mexico offers. Unfortunately for the University of New Mexico Athletic Department even their famous "Pit" isn't going to be deep enough to escape from these transgressions.

"Paul, (Paul Krebs, UNM Athletic Director) Boise State's new PR firm is holding on line one for you."

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