Friday, November 6, 2009

To Hell with Tradition! - More Uniform Madness!

Seems that the recent success of the University of Oregon has inspired a couple other top programs (might be a reach to refer to Florida State in such a way) to change up their uniforms for their November 21st games this year.

According to many sources on the world wide web, "The" Ohio State is going with a "throwback" uniform for its rivalry game against Michigan. The uniform is said to honor the 1954 National Title team and to include white helmets. Seems to us that the same fan base that went crazy in 2006 for the removal of a stripe from the Buckeyes home uniform will have a tough time swallowing these uniforms. Just imagine what will happen if Ohio State finds a way to lose to the Wolverines, in Ann Harbor. Columbus will be burned to the ground!

A twitpic of what these "throwbacks" are rumored to look like.

Florida State is truly on its way to becoming the University of Oregon @ Tallahassee. This link shows some VERY interesting uniform "improvements" that the Seminoles will debut against mighty FIU. The new uniform will include a BLACK HELMET!

Are these uniform changes an indication of what the future will bring, or just a desperate act to sell uniforms and gain attention?

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