Monday, November 16, 2009

Week 11 Podcast for the College Football Guys

This week the College Football Guys discuss the massacre in the Coliseum and what it means to the mighty Cardinal and USC's future.

We ponder the question - If TCU demolishes the former MWC Champ/BCS slayer, yet no one sees it, did it really happen?

We address the age old question - Can Notre Dame be relevant again?

Could Pitt end up being the Big East champ over Cincy?

We reveal our current Heisman ballot and again ask Texas AM fans what they were drinking when they thought they were for real this year.

All that and soo much more!

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  1. You don't have to worry about TCU playing Boise St. in a BCS game. That would never happen under the current system of BCS team selection. The odds of Boise St. making a BCS game are still under 50% at this point. They have to make it as an at large selection (assuming TCU gets the automatic bid) and to do that they need to be more desirable to the BCS selection committees than the other options (they'd probably get passed over for a two loss Penn St.or Oklahoma St. at this point).

    Brian Kelly has done really well at Cincinnati, but you should give Mark Dantonio some credit as well. When he got there, Cincinnati was not even a BCS school and had not had a winning season in 23 years. Also, you guys conveniently overlooked this year's Cincinnati team's lack of defense. I think that will be a big problem for them against Pittsburgh.

  2. I do think that there are some tall odds of Boise State making the BCS, however with ND out and the Pac Ten beating up on each other it is becoming more possible. I just can't stomach a second Big Ten team or Big 12 team in BCS. Think it would be a crime.

    Dantonio did do a great deal at Cincy, however Kelly proved himself at Central Mich and Grand Valley State. He has been very impressive. I think that the Cincy Pitt game is going to be great and will be another great championship game to end the season.