Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Election Day is Now!

Election time is here and your vote counts! EA Sports is opening up its Nintendo Wii NCAA '09 cover to you, the voting public! Now is your chance to rally your alumni friends and vote for for your mascot in a doomed attempt to put him on the cover of a national video game release.

Before you go to all that trouble, humor me this. Instead of showing your rabid pride and voting for a losing candidate (Harry the Husky, Cy the Cardinal?, Ron Paul, Ralph Nader), why don't you and your friends, make your vote count, and throw your support towards the most ridiculous/creative candidate available? We here at The College Football Guys have taken a great deal of time and effort to help you make an unbiased and informed decision.

If this had been a fair election, WKU's Big Red would have been our choice, but sadly he is not in the running - BOO! Our finalists were: MSU's Bully, UCF Knightro, MTSU Lightning (What is that thing anyway? A dragon? Flying "My Little Pony?"), and Mizzou's Truman the Tiger. But the most obvious choice was...!

Drum roll please.....

Toledo's Rocky the Rocket! Conceived in 1966, the heat of the "Space Race" and the hype of space travel, the University of Toledo's mascot is the worst, er best choice for a retro cover of NCAA '09!

To vote click here, and click on Mid-American Conference and make your choice! Vote early and often! Once a day until March 14th.

Haven't we had enough of the buckeyes and gators? The world is a better place without a leprechaun or longhorn on the cover of one of our favorite video games. Unite your vote for Rocky the Rocket! Besides it will bring a smile to Coach Tom Amstutz's face! Now that's a win/win proposition if you ask this college football guy.

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