Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Jackson takes Alabama

This year's Spring Games will bring more entertainment to the fans than just football. Gridiron Bash has started scheduling and promoting concerts for the Friday before participating program's Spring Game to make what already is a zoo into a zoo with rockin' tunes! Here is a sample of the schools and artists:

Alabama - Alan Jackson (Which event will bring more people? Concert or the game?)
WVU - Dwight Yoakam (Perfect Fit!)
LSU - Sara Evans and Kid Rock?
Texas AM - ZZ Top (Mike Sherman has already started growin' the beard)
Kentucky - Wynonna Judd (Please, please, please bring Ashley on stage!)
Arizona State - 3 Doors Down (Ricky Martin wasn't available)

Not to be outdone by the "Big Guys" the University of Washington delayed the release of their spring game date trying to book the same thing, however I think they found someone else willing to do an encore performance.

BTW - Maybe this halftime performance should have been a sign to Cal that their season had gone down the crapper. Hung, a Cal - Berkeley grad, dressed in purple, singing with the opposition's band...hmmm.

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