Tuesday, March 25, 2008

RV'ing with "The Hawk"

Not to be outdone by Martin Lawrence, Dan Hawkins is taking a college road trip of his own after the Colorado Buffs spring game to drum up local support for the team. Heading out in an RV he will be going across the state to meet with "Rocky Mountain High" Coloradans on their own turf.

This might have been how the conversation went with Athletic Director Mike Bohn when the decision was made:

Coach Hawkins: "So I was wondering if I could get an extra week off for vacation."

AD Bohn: "What! You had two weeks after finals, a week for July 4th, a week before camp starts, that's a month! That's more vacation than I get!"

Hawkins: "I am just a little bummed out."

Bohn: "A little bummed out?! This is division one football! That's it! If you want a vacation get in the Buff-mobile and plug the program!"

Hawkins: "Your right brotha. This isn't intramurals."

Hollywood hasn't come up with anything creative lately so when they heard about this upcoming event they started working on using it for RV II. They already have the posters done.

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