Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's Your Fat Girlfriend's Fault!

Here at the College Football Guys, we used to have a saying that if you couldn't perform in the big stage, got a case of the yips, you "Coug'd it." However after Texas Tech's performance this last weekend against Texas AM it appears it isn't your fault at all. According to Red Raider's coach Mike Leach it is your "fat girlfriend's" fault that you fail.

I think it is officially time to make Coach Leach my permanent "life coach." His motivation makes me want to get off the couch, break up with my "fat girlfriend", find a REAL "hottie" and stop blogging!

Maybe the reason Coach Leach's players have "fat girlfriends" is because they are taking dating advice from coach.

I wonder how his banking advise will turn out any better for you? Don't forget Husky fans, this guy was almost yours...allegedly.

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