Sunday, October 11, 2009

Week Six Podcast is Up!

The 'Savior' returns and lives amongst us! Tim Tebow is back and it appears Florida and Alabama are headed for a collision course to the SEC championship game.

This week we discuss if there was anything we saw in this weekend's games that changed our minds about who is the number one team in the country. We also answered the question - "Outside of 'Bama and Florida, who is the best team in the country?"

Also outside of the preseason favorites who is do we think has a chance at this year's Heisman?

A full preview of the Red River Shootout as well as USC @ ND, Va Tech @ GA Tech, and Cincy @ USF.

All of this is yours simply by clicking here, pressing play and listening!

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  1. This week was only the second time I've listened to your podcast, and I generally like it despite that it seems to have some weird audio clipping going on. What is with that?

    Anyway, to talk about the Heisman and just basically shrug your shoulders and say, "Yeah, nobody's going to overtake Tim Tebow and Colt McCoy" is the type of lazy thinking that's brought down the prestige of this award. At this point in the season, neither one of them has done much of anything to justify that kind of status.

    Tebow (tempting the wrath of the Gods of Football by not saying "TimTebow") is unquestionably a wonderful player. But I'd say one gutsy, cooly efficient performance against LSU is tempered by a two-turnover outing at home against a Tennessee team that was supposed to be put to the wood chipper. Those are his only two marquee games, and the former barely qualifies at this point courtesy of what UT did against Georgia last weekend.

    McCoy has thrown six interceptions this year for a Texas team that is loaded with talent but has been yawning in the endzone before every opening kick. That slow starting nonsense is not only a recipe to get bitten in the rump, but it's also the mark of a team that just might not be getting the leadership it should.

    In my mind, this is one of the most wide-open Heisman years in quite a while, and I agree with looking at Tony Pike, Mark Ingram, and even Case Keenum. But to actually speak with seriousness of the "dark-horse candidacies" of Jordan Shipley and Eric Berry is a discredit to your show. Hell, Jimmy Clausen leads the country in passing efficiency, just led his team to consecutive late-game scoring drives, and is up against USC this weekend. If you're talking about people with a chance to get in the race, that's a hell of a lot more compelling for a serious Heisman discussion than Shipley or Berry.

    Whatever you do, just don't echo the tired TimTebow and McCoy talk of the mainstream media until they do something that actually earns it on the field.

    This season.

    Ann Arbor, Mich.