Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Week Eight Podcast is HERE!

Week Eight for college football has come and gone!

Join the College Football Guys this week as we discuss survival week of college football.

Iowa and Alabama hang on. TCU wins huge. Florida continues to get favors from officiating. A salute to WVU fans.

Who is going to step up and win the Heisman this year?

Is Sam Bradford making the right choice? Should the government tell college football they need a playoff?

All that and more is in store in this week's exciting edition. Just click here. Press play and ENJOY!


  1. I find myself disagreeing with almost everything you guys say. Where do you guys get most of your information? I mostly just go by the games I watch on TV plus the AP recaps of other games. Maybe ESPN or some other source puts a different spin on things.

    I don't want to go point by point through things, but I'll give one example. I know there has been a lot of inconsistent play this year, but how can Colt McCoy be considered in the top 5, 10, 25, whatever number of players at this point in the season for the Heisman? He's not even in the top 30 in QB rating. He's thrown at least one interception in every game, and Texas has had to win at least a game or two in spite of him rather than because of him.

  2. 2 Counterpoints:
    1) The award, unfortunately, is based on 2 years even though the media says it’s not. Typically, you have to impress the season prior to be high enough to have a shot the following year.
    2) When have stats ever been used to pick the award? I mean there probably have been 100s of higher rated QBs than some of the Heisman winners in the past. This is nothing new.

    Who would you rather see win the thing?