Monday, May 5, 2008

Christ in Cleats Forgotten

The second coming of the messiah has arrived on earth. This is proof that Tim Tebow really is the Christ Child and living and dwelling amongst his people with his healing touch.

As the article states, during Tim Tebow's spring break he visited the Philippines to help his dad and other doctors give health care to those in need. He even preformed a couple of circumcisions...

It is amazing what one man will do in a bid to become a back-to-back Heisman trophy winner. I believe that after this year they are renaming the award in his honor. Note to McFadden, instead of makin' babies the last two years, maybe you should have been circumcising them.

Joe Montana may have been "Christ in Cleats" but that was merely a metaphor. Tebow is truly the Son of God. The only question I have is how does one put on a helmet over a halo so large?

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