Friday, May 16, 2008

Pirates on the High Seas of Lubbock, TX!

I am not even sure if this article needs made fun of. I think it might just take care of itself. Maybe Mike Leach should start wearing an eye patch on the sideline... Does Johnny Depp receive free field passes to the Red Raiders' home games?

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  1. Ok, Mike Leach, this is just too damn weird... ARHHHHH, Pirates?!?!?! Seriously, are the TECH players taking a field trip to Disney World? The funniest thing about this article really shouldn't be that they're comparing this season to being a band of pirates. It should be that they actually think they can go undefeated!!!! What division do you play in? Big 12 South? Who's in that division? Oh, yeah, Texas and OU. Nuff said....