Monday, July 14, 2008

Good News for Notre Dame

Seems these days people can't help but heap bad news and press towards Notre Dame. We here at The College Football Guys believe that all things negative bring a positive so lets take time and reflect on the good that has come out of all this negative.

Bad News: ND lost 9 games in 2007.

Good News: They won 3 games!

Bad News: No BCS bowl, or any bowl game for the Irish in 2007.

Good News: It was the first time since 1992 that ND finished the season with 2 straight wins! They "beat up" on Duke and Stanford missed 4 field goals to hand a 21-14 victory to the mighty Irish.

The Irish also dodged the opportunity to add another loss to their amazing 13-15 all time bowl record!

Bad News: The New England Patriots were found guilty of video taping defensive signals that gave them a competitive advantage and made their offense coordinators look like geniuses.

Good News: Notre Dame has one of those offensive "geniuses" locked up trough 2015! Do you think additional "coach" cameras were required to complete the NBC deal?

Bad News: The offensive line allowed 58 sacks in 2007.

Good New: They lead the NCAA and it beat a school record by 20! The previous record was only 38 in 2002!

Bad News: Lost to Navy, 44-46 in 3 OT


Bad News: TV ratings on NBC were the lowest since the network started broadcasting the games in 1992.

Good News: Dick Ebersol, chairman of NBC sports, still thinks the XFL is cool and gave Notre Dame an extension through 2015.

Which contract will actually survive until 2015? Charlie's, or NBC's?

Bad News: Only 75 rushing yards per game in 2007.

Good News: ANOTHER school record. They beat 2006's record by 51 ypg!

Bad News: Last time Notre Dame won a bowl game was 1994.

Good News: 89 different teams have won a bowl game since then! (source: Phil Steele 2008)

Bad News: The pope came to the states and held mass in Yankee Stadium instead of making the trip to South Bend to bless Notre Dame Stadium.

Good News: Regis Philbin still loves you and loyal alumni will believe ANY story!

Will Sept. 6th game against San Diego State bring Notre Dame fans more good news? Only time will tell...

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