Thursday, October 2, 2008

Warning! Trap Ahead!

It is that time of year again! The time when one's favorite college football team should be overly careful avoiding a well laid trap.

What kind of trap you ask? The kind that jumps right out and kills you while you are looking ahead to next week's "bigger and better" opponent. You know like how the Emperor lured Luke's friends into a carefully thought out trap in Return of the Jedi.

Ever wonder how that sequence would have turned out if it was in other movies...?

As we saw last week when 19, 20, and 21 year olds are told they are the greatest thing since sliced bread they tend to believe it. Once they believe it the trap is half set, all that is missing is a road game verse an "inferior" opponent and a game the kids can't wait to play around the corner.

With these thoughts in mind here are some possible trap games to look for this weekend.

Penn State @ Purdue - First off we need to know if Joe Pa has even seen the Star Wars series. We believe that 1977 (the year Episode III came out) was the same year Paterno purchased the glasses he wears today. Anyway lets get to the game! After beating up on their first quality opponent of the year, Illinois, on national television, the spot light is back on in State College. This weekend they travel to a Big Ten team with a great quarterback and wounded pride from a loss to Notre Dame. With a match up at Wisconsin looming for the Lions they should be careful they don't overlook the Boilermakers early Saturday.

Texas @ Colorado - This is the first trip outside of the state of Texas for the Longhorns this year. Colt McCoy and the UT offense have been unstoppable so far this season. However with the Red River Shootout next weekend in Dallas, don't be surprised if the Buffs give Texas fits. Let us not forget what happened last year when Oklahoma visited Boulder the weekend before Red River.

Missouri @ Nebraska - Missouri is probably not looking ahead to Okie State next weekend, but don't be too surprised if they aren't thinking about playing in Austin on the 18th. Chase Daniel will find it hard to focus the next two weeks as he finally gets the chance to go home to Texas and show everyone what they have missed. Not only is this Missouri's first conference game, it is also their first true road game. The Tigers have lost 15 straight in Lincoln and need to make sure that streak stops this weekend, or else it is bye, bye title hopes!

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