Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sister's of the Poor Unite!

Isn't it GREAT that the NCAA expanded the number of games allowed from eleven to twelve? This extra game gives teams the opportunity to play everyone in conference, opens the door for marque cross country/conference match ups, and adds at least one more week to a great college football season! However news this week from the ACC's spring meetings validates what is actually happening with this 12th game.

The ACC coaches and AD's decided to nix a 9th conference game stating that it would hurt teams chances of getting bowl games. REALLY? They have opted instead to keep the ability to schedule 4 patsies and guarantee themselves a bowl bid. At least they are honest about it. They aren't hiding behind the pretense of helping the "sisters of the poor" like Ohio State claims they are doing for Youngstown State.

This action goes against everything that is right with sports and competition in general. You should ALWAYS want to play someone that is better if not at least the same level of competition. If you think that the BCS system stinks now wait until you have BCS conference schools that are undefeated against such schedule busters as the Citadel and South Carolina State (both schools included on Clemson's schedule this year, a program many predict to be this year's ACC champ). Allowing this lack of competition to happen waters down the NCAA product and washes away any relevance of a regular season. This is happening without even installing a playoff! This practice cannot be allowed to continue! It is only so much fun to beat up on your little sister before it becomes boring and you look like a pathetic loser.

Can you imagine the New England Patriots scheduling the University of Massachusetts because they want to help out the in state program? Or the Dallas Cowboys playing SMU? It doesn't even make sense!

For all the bad mouthing that the Pac Ten gets for being soft, or not releasing the Rose Bowl from their grips, check this out. The Pac Ten will play every single team in their conference this year like it has since the NCAA added the 12th game. Also the conference has only scheduled TWO Division I-AA SCHOOLS for 2008! They also open the year with TWO conference games, Tennessee and @Virginia! Now that's excitement from the get go! Conference programs will be playing Oklahoma, Ohio State, @Penn State, Georgia, Michigan State, Oklahoma State, Notre Dame three times, BYU twice, and @Maryland. If you want a model from which to determine a competitive, every game matters schedule, look NO further then the Pacific Ten Conference. "The Conference of Champions!"

Note to BCS conferences: GROW A PAIR and quit beating up your sister! You know, they will put you in jail eventually!


  1. It's time to bring some reality back to the Pac 10 love affair out west. Newsflash, you're conference is weak! Outside of USC and 1-2 other teams that may have a decent year, you are not strong! I will provide props to all PAC 10 teams for being willing to travel and play quality opponents on your OOC schedules. Nobody denies the PAC 10 does this the best. Howeveraaaaa(Stephen A. Smith voice), you need these games because you can't get quality wins in conference. I think the ACC should have went to 9 conference games because again, not that strong of a conference top to bottom. Don't ever think the SEC will do this either. While they play patsies, for the most part, OOC it's brutal in conference. Just to fire you up Cas, I think Ol Miss or Vandy could hang with a Pac 10 schedule!!!! hahahah

    Nuttin' but love from teh Red Stick,

  2. Last time I checked, there is no RPI in College Football. If there were Ohio State would never be playing in the BCS. Why do we need to compare the Pac-10 with the SEC? Everyone agrees that the SEC is a top (if not the top conference every year). Lets compare them with the joke that is the Big-10. What was Ohio State's signature win last season? Washington?!

  3. In a related note: LSU @ Wasington, Sept. 5th 2009, Cas and Ethan we expect you there on the shores of beautiful Lake Washington. Whoah-nellie its gonna be a barn burner!