Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Southern Snore

As witnessed in Auburn's stimulating 3-2 victory over Mississippi State, the thrilling SEC conference schedule is upon us whether we like it or not. A schedule chalked full of match ups so short on offense it makes even the most die hard fan reach for the remote to find Premier League or Australian Rules Football on the telly.

It's times like these I wish they would invent a TV alarm for the sports viewer.

Wouldn't it be great if an alarm sounded on your TV during those late, ESPN prime time, SEC games? One loud enough to awaken you from your slumber and let you know an SEC offensive juggernaut just broke into the red zone and is looking to score.

Maybe the red zone is a bit premature. We all know the AMAZING defenses of the SEC might just stall the drive into a missed/botched field goal attempt. What if the alarm sounded one play before a score? This way we wouldn't miss a thing and not feel guilty dozing off during the game.

If they can place a yellow line at the first down marker, record "live" television and institute instant replay in "America's pastime" then we definitely have the technology and the capability to make this happen!

I know! I know! I hear all of ya'll in the south, yelling at your collective computers. Trumpeting what you have been brain washed to believe. That 12-6 is truly a GREAT defensive battle! For you there may be no hope. But I would wager to guess that when you were watching the Auburn/MSU game, you wished there was a better way.

Here is hoping this weekend's LSU/Auburn game is not a waste of a good night's rest and more exciting than the last two played in Auburn's Jordan-Hare Stadium. Those results were hair raising 10 to 9 and 7 to 3 matches won by Auburn.

In a world without a TV sports alarm, hope is all we have.

More Fun with Auburn/MSU

Every Day Should Be Saturday brings us this great montage of the high...we mean low-lights of last Saturday's "contest" in Starkville, MS.

It is definitely good to see that ESPN is getting every penny of entertainment value out of their $2.25 billion, 15 year deal with the SEC. Walt Disney, must be rolling in his grave. I can hear him now, "You call this crap good, clean, family fun?! You idiots! My final words were 'Let's finish Disney World,' not 'Purchase The World-Wide Leader!'"

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