Monday, September 8, 2008

What We Learned Week Two

What The College Football Guys learned after weekend number two in college football.

..."Point of Emphasis" is a really neat and sophisticated term, until you hear it for the 326th time. After that we want to say, "Don't have a cow, Man!"

...Is Vanderbilt's victory over South Carolina really considered an upset when we already know the Gamecock's coach and team is overrated?

...Why is it such a big deal that "The Chosen One" went on missionary trips in the off season? Over 75% of BYU players have been on two year missions. Impress us Tim and get married! 35 Cougs are hitched.

...Mike Leach must be really jealous of Skip Holt's Purple and Gold Pirates.

...The Buckeyes still are number one in the country at playing down to the level of their opponents.

...Bon Jovi plays quarterback for the Fightin' Irish. Jimmy Clausen, bringing back the 80's one bad haircut at a time.

...San Diego State Coach Chuck Long is not sure if Notre Dame is better than Division I-AA Cal-Poly.

...U Conn's 12-9 OT victory over Bill Cosby's Temple Owls gave the Big East their FIRST victory over a Division I-A program. The "Big Easy" will have to wait and see if Thursday brings their first victory vs. a BCS conference opponent.

...Instead of having his mind on the game against the mighty Blue Raiders of Middle Tennessee, Ralph Friedgen was thinking about the case of Blue Label Coors he had waiting for him in his "fridge." With Cal coming to town this next weekend, it's CODE BLUE time Turtle fans!

...Congress and the President need to order a "troop surge" for the US Military Academy. Please just send only the ones that have ANY knowledge of the game of football.

...Miami kickers wear the purrtiest green little slippers. So SHINY! They look soo good with black dress socks!

...We like Florida State's version of those terrible Go Gator Nation commercials. (Not for children's eyes)

...When the NCAA discovers how much fun we have on this blog and podcast, they will issue us an "Excessive Celebration" penalty.

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  1. Damnit! Why does everyone have to talk trash about Cal Poly! From hearing people say our name wrong to hearing Tony K say he only thought we had a math team its disrespectful. Turns out we have a pretty good Div I-AA program in San Luis Obispo and this is the 2nd time in 3 years that we knocked off San Diego St. Jesus Christ can we get some respect please.