Thursday, July 24, 2008


Rutgers Athletic Department announced yesterday just how much of a "made guy" Coach Greg Schiano is. Reported was new information stating how Schiano is compensated with monies from outside the state funds. According to this article the coach gets a $250,000 payment from an outside marketing firm, TJ Nelligan Sports Marketing.

When asked why this hadn't been brought up before, university president Richard McCormick said "I'm not sure why we didn't, but I regret it." Neither Schiano nor university athletic director Robert Mulcahy, who negotiated the deal, responded to requests for comment.

Seems to this College Football Guy that someone beefed and the boss TJ Nelligan (aka - Al Delucci) didn't want word of this on the street. Its no wonder coach ('Heavy Load' Gino) and the AD (Guido Santoro) didn't comment, they are too busy trying to find the beefer before a wise guy goes potzo and whacks someone.

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