Wednesday, July 9, 2008


We here at The College Football Guys wanted to take a moment and say thanks! Thanks to SI On Campus, Colin Cowherd, and various forums for mentioning us and giving us some much appreciated exposure. More importantly, thanks to all of you for checking us out. We hope you enjoy the posts and our podcasts.

It is our desire to bring a bit of entertainment to your day. Our intention is not to break down games, or bore you with unending statistics. There are plenty of sites that provide you that knowledge if you really need it. We just want to have a little fun with the game of college football.

That is not to say we won't do our homework or research before we turn keystroke to pixel. Collectively we have been to over 200 campuses nationwide and hail from all parts of the country. We truly want to give you an interesting, witty, unbiased slant to college football.

Please enjoy and if you have any ideas for the podcast or the blog, let us know! Our email is

Thanks again for taking the time out of your busy day to read and listen to our musings!

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