Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bash Smashed!

Well it looks like Grid Iron Bash has been sacked for this year. The multi-concert, spring, pregame, tailgate is a no go! The Grid Iron folks blame NCAA rules for not being able to allow football players to attend and be apart of the fun, however the NCAA claims they weren't even asked about the event until a couple weeks ago. This college football guy thinks that the meager 1500 tickets sold for LSU's Kid Rock/Sara Evans party might be an indication that this thing wasn't getting the support it needed. Maybe the NCAA is being used as great scape goat in this case.

We here at The College Football Guys talked in our March Madness podcast about alternative activities revolving around college football spring games. Some of the ideas were carnivals, fortune tellers, wet T-shirt contests, and our favorite, dunk contests. Can you imagine Mark Mangino the subject of a dunk contest? If you can't we want to give you a quick visual.

They might want to think about using the school swimming pool...

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