Thursday, April 17, 2008

No Playoffs. More Bowls. Ho Hum.

Ben Franklin once said "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." It seems that the presidents of our major universities have never heard this quote. This year is no different. An inspired Michael Adams, President of the University of Georgia, pushed at the end of the college football season for a college playoff system, yet according to a USA Today article today it appears it won't even be discussed at the upcoming presidents' meetings. Not an eight team playoff. Not 4. Not even a plus one will be brought up! It will all be tabled to a later date.

One thing that will be considered is more bowl games! Isn't that exciting? This is just what I was thinking we needed at the end of last year. There were 7, bowl eligible, teams last year that didn't get to go to a bowl game. This is an injustice that needs to be addressed! These teams worked too hard to win their 4 non conference cupcakes only to be rewarded with going back home to Grandma and Auntie M for the holidays instead of such exotic locals as Salt Lake City, St. Petersburg, and DC. (Two of the purposed bowls would be played in baseball stadiums. Hasn't the Emerald Nuts Bowl taught us anything? Your right, your right, no one watches that game).

If we are going to increase the bowl games lets at least bring back some of these bowl classics.

Salad Bowl - Phoenix, AZ (1948-52)
Pineapple Bowl - Honolulu, HI (1940-52)
Glass Bowl - Toledo, OH (1946-49)
Sunflower Bowl - Winfield, KS (1982-86)
Dixie Bowl - Birmingham, AL (1948-49)
Boot City Bowl - Dodge City, KS (1970-80)
Gotham Bowl - New York, NY (1960-61)
Refrigerator Bowl - Evansville, IN (1948-56)
Cigar Bowl - Tampa, FL (1947-56)
Poi Bowl - Honolulu, HI (1936-39)
Bluebonnet Bowl - Houston, TX (1959-87)
Bacardi Bowl - Havana, Cuba (1937)
Raisin Bowl - Fresno, CA (1946-49)

Yes these are all real. We couldn't make up better it we tried. (Alright maybe after a four glasses of Makers and water). Here are many more if you want to check them out!

This college football guy is all for capitalism and the right of anyone to make an honest buck, but it seems that adding more bowls and squelching all talk of a playoff is not the way to maximize profits. University presidents might want to take head in something else the great Franklin said "A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small bundle."

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