Monday, April 7, 2008

Can a Cowboy ride a Longhorn?

We made it! The College Football Guys made it back from the "Big Easy" alive and well. Maybe well is an exaggeration, but we made it through none the less!

While we were in New Orleans an interesting story emerged from the world of college football. It appears that Arkansas wishes to not add another loss to their 21-55 record versus the University of Texas as they removed them from their 2009 schedule. They have done so to make room for a series that they have worked out with - Gig' Em - Texas A&M.

While it is unfortunate that Arkansas has to put this old Southwestern Conference rivalry on the back burner this move did help open up the schedule for Texas to grab a series with, of all schools, the University of Wyoming! While that might not seem that interesting, part of this three year deal has the Longhorns and Bevo headed TO Laramie, WY. This will be, by far, the best program (sorry Colorado State) to ever set foot on campus in southern Wyoming. The game at War Memorial Stadium on Sept. 12, 2009 might just bring a few more fans to Laramie (pop. 25,566) than the last local rodeo...

Laramie, it might be time to put that stop light in...

On a serious note, both schools are doing something that needs to happen more in college football. Larger schools should be willing to travel to smaller schools. These types of series are good for the overall game of college football. In 2007, Texas traveled to UCF and Virginia visited Wyoming. Virginia's loss cost them any consideration for a BCS game and those pesky Knights at UCF nearly upset the "mighty" Longhorns. UT and U Dub keep up the good work and may you continue to serve as an example to other programs throughout the country.

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