Wednesday, April 16, 2008

211 is NEVER Enough!

At the beginning of the 2007 football season UCLA had 20 returning starters, upended cross town rival USC's bid for a championship the year before and is was looking like the Pac Ten Championship, and maybe even the BCS Championship, might come down to a December showdown with USC. Then something happened. UCLA played like they were a team of freshman instead of the "seasoned" veterans they were supposed to be. They lost to Notre Dame, 20-6! and ended the season 6-7. Some blamed it on having to deal with injuries to three QB's. The administration and university believed it was Karl Dorrell's fault and let him go at the end of the season.

The College Football Guys have done some digging and found that the true blame may not have lied with either excuse. Below you will find a sample of UCLA's football preview video for 2007. Not only is it NOT inspiring and boring, it looks EERILY similar to another video on youtube that was published in January of 2007. Actually it looks EXACTLY the same!

If this was shown to the team at ANY time during the season it would more than explain the lackluster play.

Francis Ford Coppola, Charles Burnett, David Silverman and all the other world renowned directors of UCLA lineage must be so proud. I think in college they call this plagiarism.

WAKE UP!! It's over! You can go back to work, motivated and ready to give that EXTRA degree! Hope you wore your deodorant today!

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