Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Desperate Times Call for...

Nebraska coach Bo Pelini got a reminder this weekend of just how crazy Cornhusker country is when his team's spring scrimmage sold out Memorial Stadium in Lincoln. Not only were most of the 80,000+ fans willing to pay the $10 admission price, on-line ticket broker Stub Hub were selling tickets for as much as $95, each! All this to see a scrimmage. Just goes to show the lengths that poor Cornhusker fans are willing to go to watch their beloved program win a game.

BTW boys and girls - L is for Loyalty...or Lunatic. F is for Fanatic.


  1. I thought O was for Outdated Option Offense.

  2. Guess that should be Osborne's Outdated, Option Offense. Do I get bonus points?

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