Thursday, April 17, 2008

UCLA Fallout

Here is some great quotes from high school coaches that were in attendance at practice for the "over the wall" experience this week at UCLA. These are from a great article today in the LA Times

"I guess that's why they're in the Lay's Potato Chips Bowl every year," said Chris Pascal, La Palma Kennedy High's freshman coach.

"Let me put it this way, they wouldn't have done that at Fresno State," said Encino Crespi High Coach Jeremiah Ross, a former Fresno State player.

"They had recruits there, and can you imagine what they think after being driven there and being sent back onto the freeway at 5 p.m.?" Pascal said. "The four of us were standing there for a half-hour, someone could have said something. On the way home we thought about going over to USC because we knew they would be on the practice field."

Bravo Bruins! Bravo!

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