Thursday, May 1, 2008

Come One, Come All!

The numbers are out! According to a University of Colorado survey about attendance numbers for this year's Spring Game scrimmages. It seems that there were over 1.3 million people that attended 96 games throughout the country.

What The College Football Guys think is the most interesting about these numbers is the amount of teams that actually charge to see their teams practice. While the list isn't long it includes some surprising members. Some programs that think they are special enough to charge for a scrimmage: Ole Miss ($10), Boise State ($7), East Carolina ($5), Miss. State ($5), Southern Miss ($5-10), K-State ($5), Rutgers ($5), Marshall ($5). In all fairness some of these schools need to squeeze every penning they can get out of fans to keep up with the Jones.

One thing we have learned is that Mississippians either have NOTHING better to do, or they have a large disposable income.

Mississippi - "Come Feel Good About Your State!"


  1. Yes, Rutgers charges $5 for attendance to the spring game, but the money raised goes to two local childrens hospitals. Over the last 15 years the Spring Game has raised over $100,000 for each of these hospitals.

  2. That is cool! It is GREAT to know that Rutger's success on the field is translating into success for others. Keep up the good work in Piscataway!