Thursday, May 8, 2008

Go to Hell?

Seems hard times in Ann Harbor have brought more than just Buckeyes making fun of the Wolverines. Charlie Weis is getting bigger than his britches lately as he said Michigan "can go to Hell" at an alumni event before this year's spring game. He is speaking like someone who personally knows how hot it is in hell.

These remarks are teamed with his recent comment that he "could get hoodlums and thugs and win tomorrow." Big talk for back-to-back beat downs from the men in "Maize in Blue." Guess Chuck thinks 47-21 and 38-0 were close enough contests to warrant big talk. I don't think he watches Patriots games anymore. Coach Butterbean, Lets just see if we can beat San Diego State, Sept. 6th.

Video gives you the speech about 40 seconds in. Don't worry about gaging on the rest of the Irish Love.

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