Thursday, May 29, 2008

Power of Athlon!

Athlon 2008 College Football Preview hits the shelves this weekend and in The College Football Guys continued quest to find out if those shinny preseason magazines are worth the trees they destroy we went back in time again to bring you Athlon's 2007 Preseason Top 25 vs. (Final AP pole).

1. USC (LSU)
2. Texas (Georgia)
3. LSU (USC)
4. Wisconsin (Missouri)
5. West Virginia (Ohio State)
6. Florida (West Virginia)
7. Oklahoma (Kansas)
8. Michigan (Oklahoma)
9. Virginia Tech (Virginia Tech)
10. Rutgers (Texas)
11. Cal (Boston College)
12. Ohio State (Tennessee)
13. Louisville (Florida)
14. Georgia Tech (BYU)
15. UCLA (Auburn)
16. Georgia (Arizona State)
17. Penn State (Cincinnati)
18. Nebraska (Michigan)
19. Hawaii (Hawaii)
20. Tennessee (Illinois)
21. Auburn (Clemson)
22. Oregon State (Texas Tech)
23. Texas AM (Oregon)
24. Miami (Wisconsin)
25. TCU (Oregon State)

They either got 15 right or 10 wrong. What kind of person are you?

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