Thursday, October 16, 2008

BCS Politics

Watching the third, and thankfully final, presidential debate last night, I was thinking about this Sunday's unveiling of the first BCS ranking of the season. One singular thought went through my mind. If I was a fan of a non-BCS program, which coach would I want to plead my case in front of the voters?

We all know that in order for a non-BCS team to get their shot at money and fame a top 12 in the final BCS standings is required. We also know that the majority of the BCS is now driven by the results of the coaches' poll and the Harris poll. Much like the American voting public both polls are chalked full of voters that have limited knowledge of each individual game played on Saturday. For the most part their opinions are based off of team records, ESPN highlights and soundbites from each program.

Not only is it a necessity for a non-BCS program to finish the season undefeated it is imperative to have a coach that can promote the program to the voters. In a season where it is possible that there will be more than one option for that final BCS spot, it is critical to have a leader that can get those extra votes.

So we ask YOU the question. Which coach would you want to plead your BCS case in front of the voters this fall?

Below are the choices, complete with video footage, so even "Joe the Plumber" can figure it out.

Chris Peterson, Boise State University.

Kyle Whittingham, University of Utah. This video is not as clever as the Utes' Rap this year, but very strong, non-attack ad.

Bronco Mendenhall, BYU. After this video you might want to make this man your next president.

Brady Hoke, Ball State. He can sure get the blood going before a big bed race!

Maybe Ball State should go with alumnus, Brian Collins. Seems his first job was the same as Sara Palin's.

Todd Graham, Tulsa.

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