Monday, October 13, 2008

What We Learned Week Seven

What an EXCITING weekend of college football! For those of us who are college football fans it doesn't get much better than the deep fried treat we were served all day Saturday. Games that actually lived up to their billing and the upsets that make the game great. Oh and we also learned some things along the way.

The NBA season is back. Never was that more evident than in the Red River Rivalry. We saw Colt McCoy take the flop twice on the Texas sideline and OU's punter earn a yellow card and a running into the kicker penalty with a couple of well timed flops.

Red River Rivalry is way harder to say than Red River Shootout.

Texas might be number one right now, however the Longhorn's remaining opponents will have something to say about that as they are a combined 53-4.

For those of you that enjoyed the end of the UNC/Notre Dame game you know that the Big East referees wanted you to learn that there is indeed 3,600 seconds in a college football game, not 3,598 seconds.

The Bayou Bengals of LSU may have lost their chance to be number one in the football polls, but at least their band has the best Indiana Jones rendition in the nation!

Speaking of bands, the Badgers proved against Penn State that indeed it wasn't just the band that was missing from Camp Randall last week. Seems there is more to the problem in Madison. Maybe "three yards and a cloud of dust" is about as outdated as Georgia Tech's option offense.

Speaking of GT's vaunted offense, coach Paul Johnson must have scooped up Auburn's former offensive coordinator Tony Franklin to run their offense this weekend. The Yellow Jackets had a scoring fest in their 10-7 victory over Division I-AA Gardner Webb. Who? Gardner Webb.

Speaking of Auburn, maybe Tommy Tuberville should have fired his defensive coordinator instead of his offensive coordinator. The Razorbacks 25 points in Saturday's victory over the Tigers was just 6 points less than the 31 total they scored in their last 3 games.

Speaking of great offenses, you want to know how to stop the "high octane" spread offense? Run, run, run and run the ball some more. Stanford had the ball over 35 minutes and rushed for 286 yards in their 24-23 victory over the "Airzona" offense. Nebraska held the ball for over 40 minutes in their bid to upset Texas Tech. The Husker's mistake; they gave the Red Raiders extra time.

Instead of remodeling maybe Michigan should just rebuild the "Big House." The same end zone goal posts that gave App State their incredible victory also produced a favorable bounce for the mighty Rockets of Toledo.

Or, maybe it is time for a Coach Kevin Borseth intervention?

Adrian Grenier, Entourage's Vincent Chase = Mark Sanchez.

LSU defensive lineman Ricky Jean-Francois finds it easier to talk a big game than actually play in a big game. His words didn't seem to have much affect of Tim Tebow's Gators as they easily rolled to a 51-21 victory over the Bayou Bengals.

Speaking of a purple and gold loss, poor, poor, poor ECU. The Pirates have been beaten to a purple and gold pulp.

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