Friday, October 3, 2008

This Weekend's ACC Cupcake (10/04/08)

While this is not officially one of the 14 FCS schools the ACC has on its schedule this year, it is close enough.

Western Kentucky is on the path to Division I-A, but they still aren't a member of a conference and are not eligible for post season play until next year. WKU was obviously not a Division I-A when this game was scheduled so we are including it as yet another cupcake (this would make 15) the ACC plays this year.

Western Kentucky University

Location: Bowling Green, KY
Founded: 1906
Nickname: Hilltoppers. Why? The school is set on a hill over a river, so any student that traverses the hill would of coarse be a "Hilltopper." Makes sense to us!
Mascot: Big Red. This red Grimace was created by student Ralph Carey in 1979 to help reflect the spirit of WKU students. We think it worked!
Conference: Just left the Missouri Valley, currently Independent and headed into the Sun Belt.
Size: 15,000 undergrads
Well known alumni: Rod "He Hate Me" Smart - Famous XFL football player who found a home in the NFL. Romeo Crennel - Cleveland Browns' Head Coach.
How you might know this school: If you've ever watch ESPN you've seen WKU's Big Red. "He" is in just about every This is Sportscenter commercial.

And don't forget the 2006 Capital One Mascot of the Year Award!

Also, Jack Harbaugh, father of Stanford head coach Jim and Raven's head coach John, coached the 'Toppers from 1989-2002. He left with a 91-68 record and a 2002 Division I-AA National Title.

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